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                    SHELF-LIFE OF FRUIT

                S. Suvachittanont, P. Sangtherapitikul and P. Wityapinun
   Department of Chemical Engineering, Kasetsart University, 50 Phaholyothin Road,
                          Chatuchak, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand
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Bagasse is an abandant waste products from manufacturing of sugar industries from sugar
cane. Bagasse could be useful sources of biodegradable packaging materials. Bagasse
can be used as a raw material to make a food packaging. It is able prolong shelf- life fruit
and agriculture products. This food packaging are made of bagasse fiber that interact
with plasticized to form a nice well packaging paper, which will form a wonderful
composition of starch matrix and shows a unique machanical properties (tensile strength).
Excellence water resistance of their machanical properties by the behavior of hydrophobic
character. By the meantime, if the oxygen absorbing agent is attached to the
incorporating composite packaging materials. It will definitely prolong shelf-life of the
foods or fruits contained inside this packaging container. In creating this packaging we
use the composite matrix by the reaction of bagasse fiber and starch with plasticizer at
quite high temperature. The result of this composite packaging materials showed an
improvement of water resistance by reinforcing plasticized starch film with cellulose
microfibrils. This behavious is related to the hydrophobic characteristic of the cellulose
fiber in comparision to starch hydrophalic properties. The aim of this paper is to add
oxygen absorber to attach to the packaging in order to extend the shelf-life of agriculture
products egg. lemons, oranges or vegetables for export purpose with environmental
friendly concept.

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