My Flash Storyboard by liamei12345


									My Flash Storyboard

    By Suraj Chahal
                            SCENE 1 - CRASH

This will be my first scene. It is where a Van is driving past slowly and a
fast out of control car crashes into the back of it.
                            SCENE 2 - BANG

This will be my 2nd scene it shows a comic book style bang flashing to get
the viewers attention.
                            SCENE 3 – INJURY CLAIM

This will be my 3rd scene. It will show text saying,

Been involved in an accident? not your fault? Wondering what you can
                         SCENE 4 - WONDER

This will be my 4th scene it shows the text “WONDER NO MORE” with a
flashing background.
                            SCENE 5 - CLAIM

This will be my 5th scene. It will show two lorries driving on opposite ends
of the screen with “CLAIM 2DAY” written on one lorry and “Call 0800 247
                            SCENE 6 - Call

This will be my 6th scene. It shows a telephone and text flying in from
different angles.
                             SCENE 7 – TURN
                             THAT FROWN

This is my 7th scene. It shows a sad face turn into a smile with text saying,
“turn that frown, upside down”
                            SCENE 8 - WITH

This is my final scene. It shows flying text saying “with, CLAIM 2DAY. The
accident specialists.”

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