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									 U. of Missouri   UNIVERSITY
   Tiger Gymnastics 25th Anniversary
        University ofM
                      Missouri     OF            ISSOURI
      Tradition, the creation of knowledge, a
 favorite professor, lifelong friends, and an
 outstanding education – just a glimpse of what
 more than 23,000 students, 200,000 alumni,
 10,000 faculty and staff, and countless friends
 call Mizzou.
      The University of Missouri-Columbia was
 founded in 1839 as the first public university
 west of the Mississippi. Today Missouri’s
 flagship university continues to uphold the
 belief of its founders in the great value of
 higher education that is not only accessible to
 all citizens, but contributes substantially to
 their well-being.
      Although many states fund both a research
 university and a land-grant university, Missouri
                                                       An overview the historic Francis Quadrangle at the heart of the MU campus.
 combines those roles on MU’s 1,377-acre
 campus. It’s like having Iowa and Iowa State in a single place,
 which is an efficient way to serve the citizens of Missouri and         national problem-solving competition two years in a row.
                                                                               MU also is a top academic leader in the Big 12 Conference.
 an effective use of limited resources.
                                                                         This year’s freshman class has an ACT average of 25.6 com-
      In fact, Mizzou is currently ranked 8th among national
 universities-doctoral in value by U.S. News’ America’s Best             pared with the national average of 21.4 and state average of 21.
 Colleges – schools where students can expect to get the most for Nearly one-third come from the top 10 percent of their high
 their money. Ranked above MU are California Institute of                school classes and more than half come from the top 20 percent.
 Technology, Harvard, Rice, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia and
 Yale. Ranked in 8th place with Mizzou are Dartmouth, Massa-             A LEARNING COMMUNITY
 chusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Virginia.              Colleges have long overlooked the benefit of mixing
      Currently MU offers more than 250 degrees programs                 residential life with academics. MU’s more than 100 learning
 through 20 colleges and schools, including online degrees, an           communities, which are models
 expanded evening program and lifespan learning courses for              for other institutions around the
 those over age 50. MU is committed to providing an exemplary            nation, bring students together
 undergraduate education and to continuing to build on the               who have similar interests, often
 strengths of research, graduate and professional programs.              enroll them in the same classes;
                                                                         and provide learning opportuni-
 MIZZOU STUDENTS                                                         ties only found outside the
      MU attracts talented students in all disciplines from every        classroom.
 county in Missouri, every state in the nation and more than 100               Learning communities
                                         countries. For example,         make MU’s big campus smaller
                                         two students recently won       and more intimate. Examples
                                         the annual Music Teachers       include Agricultural Residence,
                                         National Association            French House, Civic Leadership
                                         collegiate vocal champion- and Women in Engineering. So
                                         ship; two students won          far the communities are generat-
                                                                                                                 The University of Missouri was
                                         prestigious Truman              ing impressive results: higher
                                                                                                                 the first land grant insitution
                                         Scholarships, the “crown        grades and higher retention and         established West of the
                                         jewel” of college scholar-      graduation rates; a stronger            Mississippi River .
                                         ships; journalism students      foundation for freshmen; and
                                         continue to win first place     increased faculty involvement with students.
                                         awards in the Hearst
                                         Journalism Intercollegiate       I MPROVING           THE     QUALITY          OF   LIFE
                                         Competition, often called            MU ranks in the first tier of America’s fastest-growing
                                         the “Pulitzers” of college       research universities. According to the National Science
                                         journalism; and another          Foundation, new federal grant funding at MU grew by nearly 57
                                         student won the American         percent over a four-year period, more than any other public
                                         Mathematical Association’s       university in the Association of American Universities (AAU).
 Memorial Union

92                     Missouri Gymnastics Media Guide
                            2004 M      G         M
                                                ISSOURI          YMNASTICS               EDIA      GUIDE
                                                                     University of Missouri
                                                                     U              M
                                                                           NIVERSITY OF                                 ISSOURI
     MU is the state’s only public university that belongs to the
AAU, a group of the nation’s most prestigious public and private
research universities. The only other AAU member in Missouri
is Washington University AAU membership allows MU to
attract millions in federal funds to support research. In fact,
Mizzou receives 70 percent of the federal research dollars
coming into Missouri’s public universities – dollars that are used
in Missouri’s economy.
     A good portion of MU’s research dollars is focused on
improving human and animal health, food and the environment.
MU is building a $60 million Life Sciences Center where
faculty, staff and students from seven schools and colleges and
the MU Research Reactor will collaborate. The University also
is preparing to become the state’s first Comprehensive Cancer
Center at a public institution, enabling MU to bring improved        Nearly one-third of Missouri students graduated in the top 10 percent
cancer research, prevention and treatment to Missourians.            of their high school classes.

     Undergraduates in majors ranging from history to biologi-       THE WRITING UNIVERSITY
                                                                          The Center for the Literary Arts reinforces MU’s reputation
cal sciences are involved in research in informal settings and in
                                                                     as a “writing university” by uniting renowned programs in
numerous programs supported by the campus and such organi-
                                                                     creative writing, journalism and theatre to offer students an
zations as the National Science Foundation.
                                                                     interdisciplinary, community-oriented approach to writing.
     MU is one of the top public research universities in the
                                                                          In addition, the Campus Writing Program oversees the
country recognized for the number and variety of opportunities
                                                                     development of writing-intensive (WI) courses, two of which
it offers undergraduates to participate with faculty in research.
                                                                     are required for all MU students. More than 120 sections of WI
Many programs target students of color and first-generation
                                                                     courses are offered each semester at MU, representing every
college students.
                                                                     department in every undergraduate division at the University.

                                                                     CAMPUS VALUES
                                                                         The University has four values that faculty, staff and
                                                                     students integrate into their campus lives and work: respect,
                                                                     responsibility, discovery and excellence.

                                                                     GENEROSITY             OF    FRIENDS         AND      ALUMNI
                                                                          Although Missouri’s public higher education institutions
                                                                     have received annual increases in funding in most years, the
                                                                     system’s share of total state general revenue has declined from
                                                                     17 percent in 1989 to below 12 percent today. This decline has
                                                                     occurred as the cost to provide state-of-the-art technology and
                                                                     instructional support has increased.
                                                                          The generosity of alumni and friends has had a huge impact
                                                                     on the quality of University programs and facilities. They have
                                                                     made it possible for the University to be nationally competi-
                                                                     tive—which translates into better service for students and the
                                                                     state of Missouri.

                                                                     PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION
                                                                          One of only five universities in the country with medicine,
                                                                     veterinary medicine and law all on one campus, Mizzou has a
                                                                     statewide role in professional education. The University is the
                                                                     top provider of practicing physicians for Missouri. More than
                                                                     two-thirds of Missouri veterinarians are MU graduates. One-
                                                                     quarter of all attorneys in Missouri were educated at MU’s law
                                                                     school. MU’s academic medical center treats patients from
    The columns are a historic symbol of MU’s everlasting            every county.
    tradition and pursuit toward excellence.

                                           Tiger Gymnastics 25th Anniversary
                                   TIGER GYMNASTICS 25TH ANNIVERSARY                                                                         93
         University ofM
                       Missouri       OF            ISSOURI

     FACTS         AND       FIGURES                                      MU PROGRAMS
                                                    COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE,                            COLLEGE OF BUSINESS
      The University of Missouri- Columbia was      FOOD & NATURAL RESOURCES                             ADMINISTRATION
 founded in 1839 as the first public university      Agricultural Economics                         Business Administration: Economics,
 west of the Mississippi River, the first state      Agricultural Education                         Finance, Banking, International Business,
 university in Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana          Agricultural Journalism                        Management, Marketing, Real Estate
 Purchase territory.                                 Agribusiness Management
                                                     Agrisystems Management                                S CHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY
 LIBRARIES                                           Animal Sciences                                              Accounting
 Ellis (main), Engineering, Geology, Health          Biochemistr y
 Sciences, Journalism, Law, Mathematical             Food Science and Nutrition                      COLLEGE       OF   EDUCATION
 Sciences, Veterinary Medicine—3,060,509             General Agriculture                            Early Childhood Education, Educational
 volumes; 6,737,867 microforms; computerized         Hotel and Restaurant Management                Studies: Curriculum and Instruction,
 card catalog; and CD-ROMs for public use.           Plant Sciences                                 Interdepartmental, Practical Arts and
                                                                                                    Vocational-Technical Education
     The collection of the MU Libraries is the          SCHOOL OF NATURAL R ESOURCES                Elementary Education, Middle School
     largest in the state.                               Fisheries and Wildlife Forestr y           Education, Secondary Education: Art
                                                         Parks, Recreation and T ourism             Education, Behavioral Science, Biology,
 LIVING ALUMNI                                           Soil and Atmospheric Sciences              Business and Marketing Education,
 Worldwide: 214,483                                                                                 Chemistry, Earth Science, French,
 Missouri: 93,434                                         COLLEGE OF ARTS                           General Science, German, Italian,
 St. Louis: 33,362                                          AND SCIENCE                             Language Arts, Latin, Mathematics
 Kansas City: 19,059
                                                     Anthropology                                   Education, Music Education, Physics,
                                                     Art History and Archaeology                    Social Studies, Spanish, Technical
 ENROLLMENT - FALL 2003                              Biological Sciences                            Education
 Total: 26,124; In-State: 19,467; Out of State:      Chemistry
 6,657; Undergraduate: 18,43; Graduate and
                                                     Classics: Classical Humanities,                COLLEGE       OF   ENGINEERING
 Professional: 5,236. Above figures include:
 international, 1,314; minority, 3,591
                                                     Greek, Latin                                   Biological Engineering
                                                     Communication                                  Chemical Engineering
                                                     Computer Science (AB)                          Civil Engineering
                                                     Economics                                      Computer Engineering
 UNDERGRADUATE FEES                                  English                                        Computer Science (BS)
 (Based on 30 Credit Hours, FY 2001)                 French                                         Electrical Engineering
 Missouri resident: $4,887 a year                    General Studies                                Industrial Engineering
 Non-resident: $13,332 a year
                                                     Geography                                      Mechanical Engineering
                                                     Geological Sciences
 MISC. FACTS                                         German                                         SCHOOL OF HEATH RELATED P ROFESSIONS
                                                                                                               EATH ELA       ROFESSIONS
 Average ACT Score: 25.6                             Histor y                                       Communication Science and Disorders
 Freshman Retention Rate: 84.7%                                                                     Occupational Therapy, Preprofessional
                                                     Interdisciplinary Studies
 Student-Faculty Ratio: 18.2 to 1                                                                    Physical Therapy, Radiologic Sciences:
 Degrees Granted for 2000-2001: 5,349
                                                     International Studies: East Asian Studies,
                                                     Environmental Studies, European               Nuclear Medicine, Radiography, Radiation
 Budget (2002-03): $1.15 billion
 Sponsored Research Expenditures: $81.6M             Studies, International Agriculture/           Therapy T echnology, Respirator y Therapy
 Benefit-Eligible Faculty: 1,762                     Community Development, International
 Benefit-Eligible Staff: 8,909                       Business, Latin American Studies, Peace          COLLEGE OF HUMAN
                                                     Studies, Russian Studies, South Asian          ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES
 MEMBERSHIPS                                         Studies                                        Consumer and Family Economics
 MU belongs to the Association of American           Mathematics                                    Environmental Design
 Universities and has been designated Doctoral/      Microbiology                                   Food Science and Human Nutrition
 Research Universities Extensive, Carnegie           Philosophy                                     Human Development & Family Studies
 Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. MU          Physics                                        Textile and Apparel Management
 is also a member of the National Association of     Political Science
 State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges.         Psychology                                            S CHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK
                                                     Religious Studies                                           Social Work
 VISITOR INFORMATION                                 Russian
 123H Reynolds Alumni and Visitor Center             Sociology                                              S CHOOL OF JOURNALISM
 Phone, (573) 882-6333                               Spanish                                                     Advertising
 Toll-free, (800) 856-2181                           Statistics                                                Broadcast News
 Fax, (573) 882-5145                                                                                              Magazine                                            SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS                                News Editorial
                                                                      Art                                      Photojournalism
                                                                                                         SINCLAIR S CHOOL OF NURSING

94                       Missouri Gymnastics Media Guide
                              2004 M      G         M
                                                   ISSOURI       YMNASTICS                  EDIA   GUIDE
                                                          Famous Mizzou Alumni
                                                            F      M
                                                                 AMOUS    A       IZZOU       LUMNI

  BRAD PITT                          JANN CARL                  TOM BERENGER         SHERYL CROW
        Actor                    Entertainment Tonight                Actor           Singer/Songwriter

DEBBYE T AYLOR                     SAM WALTON                    LIZ VARGAS         R OBERT L OGGIA
 Miss America 1990                Founder of Wal-Mart              ABC News                Actor
                                      Stores Inc.                 Correspondant

     John Amos           Former CEO of MailBoxes, Etc.
      Linda Bloodworth-    Thomason           Screenwriter
                  Bryan Burrough
                  Bryan Burrough          Author
                   Kate Capshaw           Actor
                   Eugene Field         Author
                 Jack Germond          Columnist
             Linda Godwin           NASA Astronaut
        Alan Greenberg           Bear Stearns Company
      Harold Hook
      Harold                 American General Insurance
                James Kilpatrick        Columnist
           Stan Kroenke         St. Louis Rams Owner
          James Lehrer          MacNeil-Lehrer Report
            William Least Heat Moon            Author
     Lisa Myers        NBC Congressional Correspondent
    Marlin Perkins         St. Louis Zoo, “Wild Kingdom”
              Dick Richards         NASA Astronaut
  Fredrick Robbins
            Robbins        1954 Nobel P rize - Polio Research   MORT W ALKER        SONJA STEPTOE
                   George C. Scott         Actor                   Cartoonist         CNN/SI National
                  William Trogden         Author                                       Correspondant
             John Walsh         ESPN Vice President
              Tennessee Williams          Playwright
           Kellen Winslow           NFL Hall of Famer

                                        Tiger Gymnastics 25th Anniversary
                                TIGER GYMNASTICS 25TH ANNIVERSARY                                         95
         Columbia, Mo.
      For the person who likes to do it all, Columbia is the place
 you want to be. The city encourages and offers any type of
 lifestyle and is flexible enough in its offering to entice almost
 anyone. Historically, culturally and aesthetically, Columbia is a
 city that is second to none. The variety and quality of its cultural
 and recreational opportunities are limitless. The vast ethnicity
 and background of its residents, and the quality they bring to
 Columbia is something for all to experience first hand. If any city
 can claim to offer something for everyone, Columbia sure can.
      Columbia is located in the center of the state of Missouri,
 two hours away from both Kansas City and St. Louis and
 roughly one hour from the Lake of the Ozarks. Columbia’s
 population is 78,500. The quintessential college town, Columbia
 has been ranked among the top 10 cities to live according to
 Money Magazine during the last 10 years.
      Never is there a time that is considered “off-season” in
 Columbia. Outdoor enthusiasts can walk, jog or ride the Katy
 Trail, take a leisurely stroll around Shelter Insurance Gardens or
 go swimming or canoeing at
 Finger Lake State Park any                                                     the 13 major shopping areas in Columbia.
 time of the year. The area is                                                        Columba is known for its variety of fine, unusual and
 also known for its breathtak-                                                  popular restaurants. In warm months, outdoor dining and
 ing parks that vary to                                                         entertainment is available at a variety of locations. Columbia’s
 accomodate the weekend                                                         nightlife offers overwhelming diversity in entertainment as well.
 warrior or the Saturday family                                                 You can go to two-stepping at a country bar, strut your stuff at a
 outing.                                                                        contemporary jazz, blues or progressive dance club or just sit
      There are also many                                                       and relax at one of many fine establishments with patio seating.
 different historical buildings                                                       Columbia has welcomed political speakers, actors and
 to visit in Columbia as well as                                                actresses, sports figures as well as some of the hottest music acts
 great shopping opportunities                                                   in America from Nelly Matchbox 20 to the Red Hot Chili
 both downtown or in one of                                                     Peppers to Destiny’s Child to Bob Dylan, the entertainment does
                                                                                not stop. The addition of Missouri’s new Amphitheater at
                                                                                Mizzou, nestled in a glade on the Missouri campus, offers music
                                                                                lovers even more variety. This truly unique atmosphere has
                                                                                hosted the talents
                                                                                of B.B. King,
                                                                                The Beach Boys
                                                                                and many others
                                                                                to its beautiful
                                                                                outdoor venue.
                                                                                    The campus
                                                                                calendar is filled
                                                                                with many
                                                                                options from
                                                                                concerts, art
                                                                                lectures, dance
                                                                                and Big 12
                                                                                athletic competi-
                                                                                tion. Most
                                                                                campus events
                                                                                are free or
 In Columbia, the 4.5 mile MKT Trail joins up with the 200 mile hiking/biking
 Katy Trail (top right). Ninth Street in downtown Columbia is known for its
                                                                                offered at a
                                                                                                      The colorful Shelter Gardens is just one of several
 specialty shops, fine dining and year round entertainment opportunities        reduced cost to       around the area. In addition, is also a variety of
 (bottom left).                                                                 students.             recreational parks..

96                        Missouri Gymnastics Media Guide
                               2004 M      G         MISSOURI             YMNASTICS             EDIA     GUIDE
                                                                                 Columbia, Mo.
                                                                                  C         , M
                                                                                       OLUMBIA                        O.
                                                                                      Columbia consistently appears
                                                                                  in the national headlines. Receiving
                                                                                  kudos from across the country,
                                                                                  Columbia earns nods each year
                                                                                  from various newspapers,
                                                                                  magazines and online services.
                                                                                      Last year, Columbia was ranked
                                                                                  ninth out of 331 metropolitan
                                                                                  areas in the MSN Internet/
                                                                                  Sperling’s Best Places “Best Places
                                                                                  to Live in America” poll. In
                                                                                  addition, Columbia was ranked the
                                                                                  ninth “Healthiest City to Live” by
                                                                                  Organic Style Magazine.
9. Columbia, MO
The city of Columbia has an amazing economy, boasting the lowest
unemployment rate in the country and an extremely low cost of living.
Columbia draws much of its economic stability from the University of Missouri,
which enrolls or employs nearly half of Columbia’s 85,000 residents. The
university’s positive influence is also seen in Columbia’s impressive high
school graduation rate and high percentage of graduate degree holders. The
city also has good news for prospective homeowners: house prices and utility
costs are low. Additionally, Columbia’s climate is mild and comfortable,
commute times are short, and there’s little crime.

                                                                                           Top Left: MSN “Best Places to
                                                                                           Live in America” w ebsite.
                                                                                           Bottom Left: Organic Style
                                                                                           Magazine ar ticle.
                                                                                           Top Right: Columbia Regional
                                                                                           Economic Development

                                     Tiger Gymnastics 25th Anniversary
                          TIGER GYMNASTICS 25TH ANNIVERSARY                                                                97
     Mid-Missouri Life

                                    Columbia is in the center of the state, two hours away from both
                               Kansas City and St. Louis and roughly one hour away from
                               Lake of the Ozarks.
                                    The quintessential college town, Columbia, has been ranked among
                               the top-10 cities to live in, according to Money Magazine, during the last
                               10 years.
                                    Missouri has welcomed political speakers, actors and actresses,
                               sports figures as well as some of the hottest music acts in America. The
                               entertainment offered in both K ansas City and St. Louis, as well as in
                               the MU Hearnes Center, is always top caliber.

98       Missouri Gymnastics Media Guide
              2004 M      G
                    ISSOURI         M
                              YMNASTICS              EDIA     GUIDE
                                                                                      Mid-Missouri Life
                                                                                       M -M         LID             ISSOURI                         IFE

                                         Hinkson Cr eek                              Twilight Festival

                              Festivities buoy city                                                                     Columbia Tribune

                              By LIZ VAN HOOSER of the Columbia Tribune
                              Published Saturday, June 22, 2002
                                    From the last da y of the year to Earth Day, from the Four th of July to Martin
                              Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Columbia needs little prodding to celebrate .
                                    Our town has festivals for all four seasons, celebrating the arts, classic cars
                              and our country’s herita ge. You name it, Columbia cele brates it. Asked to explain
                              the phenomenon, Carrie Gartner had a simple r esponse: “There’s a lot of people
                              with a lot of energy that like giving back to the community.”
                                    Gartner said it also helps that “there’s a huge audience for it. Columbians love
                              to come out for festivals and fairs.”
                                    That spirit of celebration is one of the reasons that Gartner, who directs the
                                                                                                                                            Twilight Festival
                              Downtown Columbia Associations, decided to stay in town. “I’ve lived in a lot of
                              different places, and Columbia takes the prize for festivals and art sho ws, she said.
  kraP nepaC                  “It’s one of the main reasons I’ve stayed.”
                                    Now in its 12th year, Gartner helps organize the Twilight Festival, which
                              takes place every Thursday evening in June and Se ptember and typically a ttracts
                              about 6,000 people. The festivals are held downtown and feature diverse entertain-
                              ment, including jugglers, musicians, magicians and street artists.
                                    “Y ll find tha t Columbians are always willing to come out to a place where
                              they can see their friends and sit on a benc h,” Gartner said. “It reminds them that
                              they live in a community.”
                                    Many festivals take place in downtown Columbia, an area that’s considered
                              the jewel in the city’s crown. “We have a remarkable downtown,” said Lor ah
                              Steiner, director of the Columbia Convention and Visitor s Bureau. “There are not
                              too many downtown ar eas of this size that are as vital and as exuber ant as
                              downtown Columbia. … The festivals we have expose people to downtown. They                A la Champaigne
                              find tha t it’s an interesting place and want to explore the rest of the city.”
                                    Another downtown event is all about famil y-centered alter natives on New
                              Year’s Eve. In just seven year s, First Night Columbia has become a favor ite local
                              tradition, attracting thousands to downtown each Dec . 31. Fir st Night revelers buy
          Twilight Festival   passes that allow them admission to venues sca ttered throughout the central
                              business district. Last year’s festival featur ed 60 performances and indoor activities
          Broadway Shopping   at 10 loca tions in downtown Columbia.
                                    “First Night just gets big ger and more fun every year,” Gartner said. “No
                              matter how cold it is, it g ets people out there.”
                              The annual Earth Day celebration is one festival with an educational element. Not-
                              for-profit organizations with messages to spread share space with craft vendor s and
                              envir onmentally minded entrepr eneurs in the five-block street fair.
                                    Columbia festivals celebrate the area’s rural roots as well. The Boone County
                              Herita ge Festival, held in Nifong Park on the third weekend in September, star ted       Cedar Creek
                              small 23 years ago. Now, the celebr ation of 19th-century life in Boone County
                              attracts more than 10,000 visitors. Children can try their hands at old-time crafts       Twilight Festival
                              while parents browse tents full of handmade goods.
                                    Events such as the Festival of the Arts, held in and around Cour thouse Square,
                              and the Columbia Art League’s summer Art in the Park festival at Stephens College
                              are easy, free ways for families to enjoy the arts. Both festivals offer opportunities
                              for those with a creative itch to craft their own artwork.
Cherry Street Wine                                                    Boone Tavern


                                            Tiger Gymnastics 25th Anniversary
                                  TIGER GYMNASTICS 25TH ANNIVERSARY                                                                                             99
        Mizzou on theMMove
                        ON THE                      OVE

                   Making their move toward an NCAA Championship appearance, the Mizzou Tigers
                  look to enhance their record-setting 2003 marks during the upcoming season.
                                 The Missouri Tigers are on the Move in 2004!
      Sophomore All-American Alisha Robinson advanced to the             Missouri sealed a Cor vette Cup victory scoring a 195.925--the
      2003 NCAA National Championship as an individual all-              mark is Mizzou’s third-highest all-time team score and sets a
      arounder for the second straight year.                             new standard in the Cor vette Cup record books. On its way
                                                                         to the championship podium, Missouri also scored the team’s
      Junior Lindsay Davis became the third Mizzou gymnast to            highest all-time vault total with a 49.200 tally and set the
      win a Big 12 Championship title when she tied for first-place      pr ogram’s second–highest floor score posting a 49.325.
      honors on the vault scoring a career-high 9.900.
                                                                         The Tigers scored the program’s second-highest team total in
      The Tigers recorded seven of the program’s top-12 team             Mizzou’s 24-year gymnastic histor y when the team earned a
      scores during 2003, including the five-highest Mizzou marks.       196.475 to best Illinois State. Adding to the victory, Missouri
                                                                         posted a 49.175 balance beam mark setting a new team
      Assistant Coach Paul Scardina was honored as the 2003              beam record as well.
      South Central Region Assistant Coach of the Year.
                                                                         Missouri also boasts 9- of-10 top marks on the vault this
      Lindsay Davis, Alisha Robinson and Lauren Schwartzman were         season, including a two-time 49.200 team high. The team set
      honored as All-Big 12 gymnasts. Schwartzman was honored on         the Mizzou balance beam record four times in 2003 and also
      the floor exercise while Robinson and Davis earned dual            owns six of the top-10 floor scores and four of the top-10
      recognition. Robinson finished second in the all-around and        bars totals.
      the floor exercise while Davis finished fourth in the all-around
      and won the 2003 Big 12 vault title.                               Mizzou won the 23rd Annual Cat Classic title setting three
                                                                         meet records including the all-time vault and balance beam
      Missouri wrapped up the regular season with a third-place          scores. Mizzou posted a 49.150 collective on both events to
      finish at the Big 12 Championship--it is the highest finish by a   set the records and topped the evening scoring a 195.875 to
      Mizzou program since the inception of the new conference.          post the highest team score in the meet’s prestigious history.
      Missouri’s 49.200 vault score was the highest team total           The mark ties the fourth-highest team total in Mizzou
      scored on the event. In addition, the Tigers set a new school      program history.
      record scoring a 196.700 in the meet.
                                                                         Mizzou defeated four ranked opponents during the 2003
      On their way to their highest conference championship finish,      season topping then No . 15/18 Iowa State twice, No. 10
      the Tigers recorded some of the top event scores in MU             Arizona and No . 20 BYU.
      program history. Mizzou scored the second-highest vault
      score with a 49.175, the third highest uneven bars score with      The Tigers recorded their first Big 12 victory in six years
      a 49.175 and the fourth highest floor and balance beam             defeating the Iowa State Cyclones 192.575-192.000--Missouri
      scores with a 49.275 and 49.075, respectively. All of              first victory over ISU since 1995. Missouri went on to extend
      Missouri’s marks are new Tiger Big 12 Conference Champion-         its series record over the Cyclones to 26-18 topping ISU at
      ship highs.                                                        the Big 12 Championship as well.

      The Tigers scored a 195.875 victory on the road against            Four Mizzou gymnasts were named to the 2003 academic
      Arkansas to tie Missouri’s fourth-highest program total.           All- Big 12 teams. Alina Hamm, Andrea Nervig and Lauren
      Mizzou defeated the Razorbacks to bring their series record        Owca were each honored as first team members, while
      to 1-1and tied the Tiger’s second-highest beam score in school     Rachael Dombart was named to the second team.
      history with a 49.150.

100                    Missouri Gymnastics Media Guide
                            2004 M      G         M
                                                ISSOURI          YMNASTICS         EDIA     GUIDE
Kelley Andersen          Miranda Boeckman             Rachel Bridges           Whitney Crater                   Lindsay Davis
 So.  Omaha, Neb.         Fr.   Okeene, Okla.       Sr.  Des Moines, Iowa      Fr.   Little Rock, Ark.          Sr.   Derby, Kan.
 Cahoy’s Gymnastics      Bart Connor Gymnastics       Cardinal Gymnastics      River City Gymnastics           Folger’s Gymnastics

Rachael Dombart           Lindsey Eckhouse            Alicia Gilmore                  Heinicka
                                                                                Jodie Heinicka                        Nervig
                                                                                                               Andrea Ner vig
Jr. Woodstock, Ga.          Fr.    Dallas, Texas    Fr.  St. Charles, Mo.      So.   Seminole, Fla.      Sr.     Colorado Springs, Co.
Gwinnett Gymnastics           Infinite Bounds      All-American Gymnastics     LaFleur ’s Gymnastics           National Gymnastics

Julie O ’Donnell            Lauren Owca                    Pezzullo
                                                    Amanda Pezzullo                Erin Riley                         Robinson
                                                                                                               Alisha Robinson
Fr.  K ansas City, Mo.     Sr.  Wheaton, Ill.         Fr.    Wheaton, Ill.    So.  Fort Reading, N.J.       Jr.   Bates City, Mo.
Kansas City Gymnastics    Naperville Gymnastics       Illinois Gymnastics      Worldwide Gymnastics       Great American Gymnastics

                             K atie Roets                  Lauren                 Sarah Zigler
                           So .    Austin, Texas       Schwartzman             So.   Franklin, Tenn.
                         Capital-Austin Gymnastics So.   San Antonio, Texas    Westside Gymnastics
                                                    South Texas Gymnastics
Kelley Andersen          Miranda Boeckman             Rachel Bridges           Whitney Crater                   Lindsay Davis
 So.  Omaha, Neb.         Fr.   Okeene, Okla.       Sr.  Des Moines, Iowa      Fr.   Little Rock, Ark.          Sr.   Derby, Kan.
 Cahoy’s Gymnastics      Bart Connor Gymnastics       Cardinal Gymnastics      River City Gymnastics           Folger’s Gymnastics

Rachael Dombart           Lindsey Eckhouse            Alicia Gilmore                  Heinicka
                                                                                Jodie Heinicka                        Nervig
                                                                                                               Andrea Ner vig
Jr. Woodstock, Ga.          Fr.    Dallas, Texas    Fr.  St. Charles, Mo.      So.   Seminole, Fla.      Sr.     Colorado Springs, Co.
Gwinnett Gymnastics           Infinite Bounds      All-American Gymnastics     LaFleur ’s Gymnastics           National Gymnastics

Julie O ’Donnell            Lauren Owca                    Pezzullo
                                                    Amanda Pezzullo                Erin Riley                         Robinson
                                                                                                               Alisha Robinson
Fr.  K ansas City, Mo.     Sr.  Wheaton, Ill.         Fr.    Wheaton, Ill.    So.  Fort Reading, N.J.       Jr.   Bates City, Mo.
Kansas City Gymnastics    Naperville Gymnastics       Illinois Gymnastics      Worldwide Gymnastics       Great American Gymnastics

                             K atie Roets                  Lauren                 Sarah Zigler
                           So .    Austin, Texas       Schwartzman             So.   Franklin, Tenn.
                         Capital-Austin Gymnastics So.   San Antonio, Texas    Westside Gymnastics
                                                    South Texas Gymnastics
Jan. 11           Iowa State                                                              Columbia, Mo.            2:00 P. M.
Jan. 16           New Hampshire                                                           Durham, N.H.             7:00 P. M.
Jan. 25           Southeast Missouri State                                                Columbia, Mo.            2:00 P. M.
Jan. 31           Nebraska                                                                Lincoln, Neb.            7:00 P. M.
Feb. 6-7          State Farm Cat Classic (Kentucky, BYU, Penn State)                      Columbia, Mo.            7:00 P. M.
Feb. 13           Arkansas                                                                Columbia, Mo.            7:00 P. M.
Feb. 20           Utah State & Boise State                                                Logan, Utah              7:00 P. M.
Feb. 23           Brigham Young                                                           Provo, Utah              7:00 P. M.
Feb. 29           Oklahoma                                                                Columbia, Mo.            2:00 P. M.
March 6           Mizzou Invitational (Centenary, Illinois State, Northern Illinois)      Columbia, Mo.            2:00 P. M.
March 12          Texas Woman’s Invitational (Kentucky, Penn, TWU)                        Denton, Texas            7:00 P. M.
March 20          Big 12 Championships (Iowa State, Nebraska, Oklahoma)                   Des Moines, Iowa         7:00 P. M.
April 3           NCAA Regional                                                           TBA                      7:00 P. M.
April 15-17       NCAA National                                                           Los Angeles, Calif.            TBA

All home meet s are listed in bold and held at the Hearnes Center. All meet times & dates are subject to change.

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