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					                                § 9008.16                                                               11 CFR Ch. I (1–1–07 Edition)

                                manner. The length of time of any ex-                       (b) Definition of host committee. A host
                                tension granted hereunder shall be de-                    committee is any local organization,
                                cided by the Commission and may be                        such as a local civic association, busi-
                                less than the amount of time sought by                    ness league, chamber of commerce, real
                                the committee in its application.                         estate board, board of trade, or conven-
                                  (d) If a committee fails to seek an ex-                 tion bureau, that satisfies all of the
                                tension of time, exercise a right or                      following conditions:
                                take a required action prior to the ex-                     (1) It is not organized for profit;
                                piration of a time period prescribed by                     (2) Its net earnings do not inure to
                                11 CFR part 9008, the Commission may,                     the benefit of any private shareholder
                                on the committee’s showing of excus-                      or individual; and
                                able neglect:                                               (3) Its principal purpose is the en-
                                  (1) Permit such committee to exer-                      couragement of commerce in the con-
                                cise its right(s), or take such required                  vention city, as well as the projection
                                action(s) after the expiration of the                     of a favorable image of the city to con-
                                prescribed time period; and                               vention attendees.
                                  (2) Take into consideration any infor-                    (c) Definition of municipal fund. A mu-
                                mation obtained in connection with                        nicipal fund is any fund or account of a
                                the exercise of any such right or taking                  government agency, municipality, or
                                of any such action before making deci-                    municipal corporation whose principal
                                sions or determinations under 11 CFR                      purpose is the encouragement of com-
                                                                                          merce in the municipality and whose
                                part 9008.
                                                                                          receipt and use of funds is subject to
                                § 9008.16 Stale-dated                   committee         the control of officials of the State or
                                    checks.                                               local government.
                                  If the committee has checks out-                        [68 FR 47417, Aug. 8, 2003]
                                standing that have not been cashed,
                                the committee shall notify the Com-                       § 9008.51 Registration and reports.
                                mission. The committee shall inform                          (a) Registration by host committees and
                                the Commission of its efforts to locate                   municipal funds. (1) Each host com-
                                the payees, if such efforts have been                     mittee and municipal fund shall reg-
                                necessary, and its efforts to encourage                   ister with the Commission by filing a
                                the payees to cash the outstanding                        Statement of Organization on FEC Form
                                checks. The committee shall also sub-                     1 within 10 days of the date on which
                                mit a check for the total amount of                       such party chooses the convention
                                such outstanding checks, payable to                       city, or within 10 days after the forma-
                                the United States Treasury.                               tion of the host committee or munic-
                                                                                          ipal fund, whichever is later. In addi-
                                                                                          tion to the information already re-
                                Subpart B—Host Committees and                             quired to be provided on FEC Form 1,
                                   Municipal Funds Representing                           the following information shall be dis-
                                   a Convention City                                      closed by the registering entity on FEC
                                                                                          Form 1: The name and address; the
                                § 9008.50     Scope and definitions.                      name and address of its officers; and a
                                  (a) Scope. This subpart B governs reg-                  list of the activities that the reg-
                                istration and reporting by host com-                      istering entity plans to undertake in
                                mittees and municipal funds rep-                          connection with the convention.
                                resenting convention cities. Unsuccess-                      (2) Any such committee, organization
                                ful efforts to attract a convention need                  or group which is unsuccessful in its ef-
                                not be reported by any city, committee                    forts to attract the convention to a
                                or other organization. Subpart B also                     city need not register under this sec-
                                describes permissible sources of funds                    tion.
                                and other permissible donations to                           (3) Each host committee and munic-
                                host committees and municipal funds.                      ipal fund required to register with the
                                In addition, subpart B describes per-                     Commission under paragraph (a) of this
                                missible disbursements by host com-                       section, shall submit to the Commis-
                                mittees and municipal funds to defray                     sion a copy of any and all written con-
                                convention expenses and to promote                        tracts or agreements that it has en-
                                the convention city and its commerce.                     tered into with the city, county, or


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                                Federal Election Commission                                                                     § 9008.52

                                State hosting the convention, a host                      lated to a Presidential nominating con-
                                committee, a municipal fund, or a con-                    vention shall file, by letter, a state-
                                vention committee, including subse-                       ment with the Commission reporting
                                quent written modifications to pre-                       the total amount spent to provide fa-
                                vious contracts or agreements, unless                     cilities and services for the convention
                                such contracts, agreements or modi-                       under 11 CFR 9008.52(b), a list of the
                                fications have already been submitted                     categories of facilities and services the
                                to the Commission by the convention                       government agency provided for the
                                committee. Each such contract or                          convention, the total amount spent for
                                agreement or modification shall be                        each category of facilities and services
                                filed with the first report due under                     provided, and the total amount de-
                                paragraph (b) of this section after the                   frayed from general revenues. This
                                contract or agreement or modification                     statement shall be filed on the earlier
                                is executed.                                              of: 60 days following the last day the
                                   (b) Post-convention and quarterly re-                  convention is officially in session; or 20
                                ports by host committees and municipal                    days prior to the presidential general
                                funds; content and time of filing. (1) Each               election. Categories of facilities and
                                host committee or municipal fund re-                      services may include construction, se-
                                quired to register with the Commission                    curity,    communications,      transpor-
                                pursuant to paragraph (a) of this sec-                    tation, utilities, clean up, meeting
                                tion shall file a post convention report                  rooms and accommodations. This para-
                                on FEC Form 4. The report shall be                        graph (c) does not apply to any activi-
                                filed on the earlier of: 60 days following                ties of a State or local government
                                the last day the convention is officially                 agency through a municipal fund that
                                in session; or 20 days prior to the presi-                are reported pursuant to paragraph (b)
                                dential general election. This report                     of this section.
                                shall be complete as of 15 days prior to
                                                                                          [59 FR 33616, June 29, 1994, as amended at 68
                                the date on which the report must be
                                                                                          FR 47417, Aug. 8, 2003]
                                filed and shall disclose all the informa-
                                tion required by 11 CFR part 104 with                     § 9008.52 Receipts and disbursements
                                respect to all activities related to a                        of host committees.
                                presidential nominating convention.
                                   (2) If such host committee or munic-                     (a) Receipt of goods or services from
                                ipal fund has receipts or makes dis-                      commercial vendors. Host committees
                                bursements after the completion date                      may accept goods or services from
                                of the post convention report, it shall                   commercial vendors under the same
                                begin to file quarterly reports no later                  terms and conditions (including report-
                                than 15 days after the end of the fol-                    ing requirements) set forth at 11 CFR
                                lowing calendar quarter. This report                      9008.9 for convention committees.
                                shall disclose all transactions com-                        (b) Receipt of donations from busi-
                                pleted as of the close of that calendar                   nesses, organizations, and individuals.
                                quarter. Quarterly reports shall be                       Businesses (including banks), labor or-
                                filed thereafter until the host com-                      ganizations, and other organizations or
                                mittee or municipal fund ceases all ac-                   individuals may donate funds or make
                                tivity that must be reported under this                   in-kind donations to a host committee
                                section.                                                  to be used for the following purposes:
                                   (3) Such host committee or munic-                        (1) To defray those expenses incurred
                                ipal fund shall file a final report with                  for the purpose of promoting the suit-
                                the Commission not later than 10 days                     ability of the city as a convention site;
                                after it ceases activity that must be re-                   (2) To defray those expenses incurred
                                ported under this section, unless such                    for     welcoming      the    convention
                                status is reflected in either the post-                   attendees to the city, such as expenses
                                convention report or a quarterly re-                      for information booths, receptions, and
                                port.                                                     tours;
                                   (c) Post-convention statements by State                  (3) To defray those expenses incurred
                                and local government agencies. Each gov-                  in facilitating commerce, such as pro-
                                ernment agency of a State, munici-                        viding the convention and attendees
                                pality, or other political subdivision                    with shopping and entertainment
                                that provides facilities or services re-                  guides and distributing the samples


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