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Observation Quiz
     How observant are you?

Do you walk around ‘with your eyes closed’?

The next 5 questions are pieces of packaging
 that you might see in a sweetshop…….
Q1. What is this?
Q2. What is this?
Q3. What is this?
Q4. What is this?
Q5. What is this?
•   Q1.   Mars Bar
•   Q2.   Quality Street
•   Q3.   Snickers
•   Q4.   Smarties
•   Q5.   Malteesers
         How did you do?

The next 5 questions are TV adverts….

Do you actually ‘watch’ them or go to
 put the kettle on?

  What is this an advert for?
Q7. What is
this advert

              Clue: Migrating fruit
Q8. What is
this an
advert for?
Q9. What is
this an
advert for?
Q10. What
is this an
advert for?
              Answers 6-10
•   Q6. Sony Bravia high definition TV
•   Q7. Ribena
•   Q8. Lynx (Bom Chicka Wah Wah)
•   Q9. Orange – Reserve Tank
•   Q10. Ford Mondeo
Well…. How did you do on those?

The next 5 questions are ‘tag lines’

            Good luck!
• Q11.

 ‘Every little helps’…..
• Q12. ‘Always low prices’
• Q13 ‘More reasons to shop at…..’
• Q14. ‘I’m lovin it!’
• Q15   ‘Lick the lid of life’
               Answers 11-15
• Q11. Tesco

• Q12.Asda

• Q13. Morrisons

• Q14 McDonalds

• Q15 Muller
So…. How you doing?

10 more questions to go…

And for the next 5…. Look at the next
 picture for 1 minute… try to remember as
 many details as possible……
• Q16. What is the name of the farm where
  the produce comes from?
• Q17 How many people are there in the
• Q18 What colour are the table coverings?
• Q19 Which vegetable is in the basket in
  the bottom right corner?
• Q20 What are the red and yellow
  vegetables that share a basket?
             Answers 16-20
•   Q16   Sweetleaf Organic Farm
•   Q17   3 people
•   Q18   Blue
•   Q19   Aubergine
•   Q20   Peppers or capsicums
So… how are you doing
 now?…………….how many out of 20 have
 you scored?

Here are the last 5 questions but first you
 need to study the photograph coming up…
 you should now have a better idea of the
 sort of questions you may be asked….
• Q21 How many bikini tops are there in the
• Q22 How many flamingos can be seen in
  the photograph?
• Q23 What colour bikini is the ginger cat
• Q24 Is the pink bikini striped or spotted?
• Q25 How many arms can be seen in the
             Answers 21-25
•   Q21   8 bikini tops
•   Q22   2 flamingos
•   Q23   Blue
•   Q24   Striped
•   Q25   4 chair arms (cats don’t have arms!)
            So… add ‘em up…
25 – 20 Excellent, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re a

15-19   Good try, you are very observant!

10-14   Not bad at all!

5-9     Hmmmm…Could do better!

0-4     Oh dear! Do you walk around with your eyes shut?

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