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					                                                          Continuation for Davis/Weber/Morgan TBI Resources
                                                                          Concerns and Issues
                          Match concerns or issues to the most appropriate category(s) and provide guidance to all the professionals listed under that section

                                                                         A trained specialist that specializes
                                                                         in traumatic brain injury and
                                                                         performs psychological analysis,
    Neuropsychologist                        Audiologist                 therapy, or research                           Craniosacral Therapy                 Occupational Therapist
Is a psychologist who has             A trained specialist who                  Mood changes                        A type of therapy where light              Ophthalmologist
additional training in brain          evaluates hearing and                     Feeling sad, anxious                touch and delicate manual
functioning and evaluates             vestibular function of the                Easily agitated                     techniques are used to                Physician trained to
the relationship between              inner ear                                 Lack of motivation                  relieve undue pressure on             evaluate optical and
brain and behavior;                                                             Behavioral changes                  the brain and spinal cord             perceptual conditions
conducts extensive testing                Vestibular ~
(thinking, memory,                         concerns regarding                                                        Blue DragonFly                        Optometry
                                                                         David Newbold
judgment, emotions,                        systems of the                                                            Kim Nielsen                           Michael M. Judkins, OD
                                                                         Clearfield, UT 84015
behavior, and personality),                inner ear concerns                                                        1496 E. 5600 S. Ste 5                 Frank L. Salimeno, OD
                                                                         (801) 776-1954
and counseling; does not                  Balance                                                                   South Ogden, UT 84403                 5331 S. Adams Ave.
prescribe medication                      Processing                                                                (801) 547-4490                        Parkway Ste. B
                                                                         Tom Fairbank
                                           information                                                                                                     Ogden, Utah 84405
Mark Corgiat, PHD                                                        Layton, UT
4590 Harrison Blvd.                       Acquity                                                                                                         (801) 479-7850
                                                                         (801) 773-1954
Ogden, Utah 84403
(801) 621-6100


                                                                                                                                                           Herm Olsen
                                                                                                                                                           Hillyard, Anderson &
                                                                                                                                                           Olsen PC
                                                                                                                                                           175 E 100 N
                                                                                                                                                           Logan, UT 84321
                                                                                                                                                           (435) 752-2610
                                                          DAVIS/WEBER/MORGAN COUNTY TBI RESOURCES
                                                                       Concerns & Issues
                             Match concerns or issues to the most appropriate category(s) and provide guidance to all the professionals listed under that section

                        After the individual has voiced concerns and/or issues, it is recommended that the caller be asked if he/she has seen a Physiatrist.
           If the caller has not met with a Physiatrist, suggest he/or she visit one (local or other) as a first step. Give the caller contact information for Physiatrists.

 Medical and Emergency                     Physician and                    Physical Therapy                     Speech-Language Pathologists                        Neurologist
         Room                               Physiatrist                     Decreased physical                           Cognitive                           Physician who
    Loss of                         Physiatrist is a                        mobility                         Evaluates and provides cognitive                diagnoses and treats
     consciousness                   rehabilitation director                Weak trunk                      retraining to those who have suffered a          disorders of the nervous
    Severe headache                 who oversees the entire                Loss of balance                 head injury. Evaluates and treats                system
    Decrease or loss of             treatment plan with a                                                   swallowing disorders                                  Seizures
                                                                       Wasatch Therapy, Inc.
     function                        team of medical                   Wasatch Center                             Swallowing difficulty                           New onset of
    Motoric/language                professionals                     Ernie Chavez, PT                           Slurred speech                                    migraines
    Combative                            Persistent                  Melissa Ita’aehae, DPT                     Difficulty expressing self                 Dr. Arif Chowdhury
    Confused language                     headache                    5349 S. Adams Ave., Ste A                  Slowness in thinking, speaking,               Tanner Clinic
    Open wound of head                   Neck pain                   Ogden, UT 84405                             or reading                                    1221 N. 1700 W.
Seek out medical treatment                Fatigue                     (801) 479-9865                            Short-term memory loss                         Layton, UT
as soon as possible                       Change in sleep                                                       Difficulty paying attention or                 (801) 773-4840
                                           pattern                                                                 concentrating                              Center for
                                          Loss of balance                                                       Difficulty organizing and                   Neurological Services
                                          Blurred vision                                                          completing daily tasks                     Dr. Navin Varma, MD
                                          Ringing in the ears                                                   Difficulty making decisions and             (Neurology)
                                          Concerns with                                                           solving problems                           1452 Ea. Ridgeline Dr.
                                                                                                                 Difficulty in school                        Suite 151
                                           bowel and bladder
                                                                                                                 Lack of emotional response                  Ogden, Utah 84405
                                          Equipment needs                                                                                                    (801) 479-7009
                                          Lack of emotional                                                 Stewart Rehabilitation Center
                                           response                                                          Alan Keller- Rehab Manager
                                          Recent injury to                                                  3903 Harrison Blvd. Suite 400
                                           head or neck                                                      Ogden, UT 84403
                                                                                                             (801) 387-2080
                                     Bradley R. Melville,                                                    (801) 387-6610 Fax
                                     M.D. / Physiatrist                                                       *Provides neurological Occupational,
                                     McKay Dee Hospital                                                      Physical and Speech/Language
                                     (801) 387-2800                                                          rehabilitation services.

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