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					                  SOFTBALL TRY OUT LETTER
Dear Softball Candidates and Parents,

        Welcome! Thank you very much for your interest in trying out for the 2009-2010
Softball season. The coaching staff is very excited to meet the girls and get their gloves
dirty. Our goal as a coaching staff is to give all girls an opportunity of a fair try out and
place them on the appropriate team. Once teams are in place our goal will be to win
games, work hard, and most importantly have a terrific softball experience.

         The Concorde District is extremely competitive which is why during the off
season it is essential to work on your softball skills and keep in shape. It is strongly
encouraged and recommended that you play on a travel team to improve your individual
skills, however it is not a requirement to make the team. Any local Facilities such as
frozen ropes would also be an excellent alternative to work on your hitting and position
specific skills. Playing travel ball during high school season is acceptable, but you
may not miss high school ball for travel games or practices. If you do miss, there
will be game penalties.

        The offseason is also a great time to work on your overall conditioning. The trend
at Chantilly High School Athletics and other neighboring schools are to condition
together, (weight train & cardio) during this time so that you are in shape and ready for
tryouts. This also shortens practice time so that we aren’t having to “work it in during
regular season practices” and we can concentrate on softball specific skills.

        I cannot make this a requirement and can only strongly recommend it, but it will
be your choice in the end to participate in off season conditioning sessions. My
expectation for all girls trying out is that we condition every Monday of each Month
(Dec, Jan, Feb) from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the small weight room. If a holiday falls on a
particular Monday, we will move that session to Tuesday of that week during the same
time. If something happens and you need to miss more than one session per month, then
you must reschedule that session with me before that month is over. Important:
Attending all sessions does not automatically put you on the team, just acts as a
substitute for the fitness test during tryouts.

        Missing more than one session per month without rescheduling it with me will
require you to do the fitness test during tryout week. You would complete this at 2:30pm
on Monday and the rest on Tuesday at 2:30pm of tryout week. The fitness test will be, 1
mile run, 6-4-3 line sprints in the required time set by me, 50 full push ups without rest, 1
complete pull up, and 100 meters of lunges with your bat above your head. Our
organized conditioning sessions will work on the majority of these basic muscle groups
that you will demonstrate during the test. I strongly suggest you make the personal
commitment to the team sessions and not choose to do the skills test, since this will be a
great opportunity for you to get in shape and get to know you’re coaches & potential
teammates before the season.

       Every person trying out must turn in a signed Team Tryout Letter, FCPS
Emergency Care Form & Virginia High School League (VHSL) Physical Form dated
after May 1st of 2009 to me no later than 2:05pm on Friday, Feb 19th. VHSL requires a
physical performed by a physician once a year and I will not let you tryout for my team if
you have failed to turn it in to me by the above due date, no exceptions. Physicals are
very hard to schedule since everyone needs them, so please do it now before the rest of
the county beats you to it. Blank Physical & Emergency Care forms can be accessed on Other forms that will be required on that date will be: FCPS
Extracurricular Participation Policy & My Team Policy.

        Tryouts will be the week of Monday, February 22nd thru 26th and could be outside
(from 2:30pm-5:00pm) or inside (Indoor time- TBA). Depending on the amount of girls
trying out, first cuts will most likely be on Wed, 24th evening. If there are more cuts
needed, then the final cuts will be made Thurs, 25th evening. If we stick to our plan
weather permitting, Friday, 26th will be the first official practice with their appropriate

         During Tryouts you are required to attend all days on time bringing your glove,
cleats, sneakers, and bat. Proper attire is mandatory and each candidate is expected to
wear either a purple or white plain shirt with your last name pinned to the shirt. No
athletic wear showing travel teams that you’ve played on are allowed to be worn during
tryout week to ensure an equal and fair opportunity for all candidates. Each player will
be graded on a point scale of 1-5 by all coaches on your hitting technique, basic fielding
skills, conditioning commitment or fitness test, and demonstrating knowledge of the
running & fielding game. Hustle, motivation, and attitude can award you points as well.
If you are interested in becoming a captain, your opportunity to show your natural
leadership skills to your potential teammates will be during this time. Voting for captains
will take place shortly after the week of tryouts by teammates and coaches. So it is very
important to demonstrate your wonderful leadership skills early on when no one expects
you to.

        If you make the team, practices will be everyday after school from 2:45pm to
5:00pm. Rainy day practices will be TBA by email, website, or via text at last minute.
Game cancellations are also communicated that same route. The softball schedule can be
accessed on the softball website (coming soon). Spring break commitment will be
required for all varsity players. Some JV players may be pulled up and invited to play
with us. Spring break commitment will be March 27th thru March 30th. There will be no
other commitments that week after Tuesday, March 30th. Please plan any vacations
accordingly. Failure to attend practices and games will result in game penalties. Refer to
the team policies for further clarifications on attendance rules and expectations if you
make the team.

       I have read and understand that I must return this form along with my other
required forms listed above no later than Friday Feb 19th no later than 2:05 pm. I
understand that I must be on time and present for each day of tryouts. Failure to do so
could forfeit my opportunity in trying out and making the team.

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