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					                                        Plastic Pointers
                                       The Newsletter on Repairing & Refinishing Automotive Plastics

 Spring 2006 / Issue Number 22

New Wall Chart Makes it Easy to Select Refinishing
   With the introduction of our new                                                           TEO) bumpers that often come from
Prime Time catalyzed waterborne                                                               Toyota, Nissan, Kia, and Subaru, our
adhesion sealer in September                                                                  tried-and-true Bumper & Cladding
2005, we now have a product to                                                                Coat Adhesion Primer is the ticket.
address virtually every problem that                                                          With the Bumper & Cladding Coat,
body shops face when refinishing                                                              scuffing is optional. The surface
replacement plastic bumpers.                                                                  needs only to be cleaned with our
   Prime Time is designed for the                                                             1000 Super Clean plastic cleaner.
refinish of OEM primed bumpers.                                                                   We’ve got the products, but
These bumpers usually have a slick                                                            you’ve got to know when to use
black primer that is difficult to                                                             them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if
sand. Prime Time makes it easier                                                              a bumper is raw TPO or if it has a
to prepare these bumpers for paint                                                            primer. For example, usually GM
because the surface only has to be                                                            bumpers have a slick black primer.
scuffed with our 1020 Scuff Magic                                                             But the made-in-Australia Pontiac
and a red scuff pad.                                                                          GTO has a raw TPO bumper.
   Prime Time also works very well                                                                To help you decide which product
on the raw polyurethane (PUR)                                                                 is right for the job at hand, we have
bumpers that come from Toyota                                                                 created a wall chart that you can
(example pre-2001 Camry). The                                                                 hang on the wall in your mixing
only preparation step required is to                                                          booth. At a glance the wall chart
                                              You can easily determine the correct refinish
scuff the surface with our 1020 Scuff                                                         gives you bumper identification tips,
Magic prep soap and a red scuff pad.              procedure with our new wall chart.          surface prep procedures, and refinish
   For the raw TPO (PP/EPDM,                         Call today for your free copy!           procedures.

Technical Bulletin: OEM Primed Bumpers Must Be Scuffed
                    Prior to Application of Prime Time
    When Prime Time was first released, the only preparation that was recommended
was to clean the surface of the OEM primed bumper with 1000 Super Clean plastic
cleaner. Due to the recent discovery of a single bumper that did not respond to this
preparation technique, we must now recommend that all OEM primed bumpers be
scuffed with our 1020 Scuff Magic prep soap and a red scuff pad.
    Despite successfully testing the product over a two-year development period
on many different OEM primed bumpers (several from each manufacturer), it was
impossible to test the Prime Time on every single bumper in existence. In early

                                                                                               25% OFF!
January, we heard two reports of customers having problems with the Prime Time
sticking to a Ford Crown Victoria bumper. We purchased this bumper and discovered
that Prime Time did not stick adequately to the unscuffed primer.
    Because there may be other bumpers with this type of primer out there that we              1020 Scuff Magic
have not tested, we decided to recommend that all bumpers be scuffed with 1020
Scuff Magic prep soap and a red Scotchbrite scuff pad (or equivalent). This would              Plastic Prep Soap
replace the requirement for 1000 Super Clean plastic cleaner, so there is still only one
cleaning step required.                                                                           Offer expires: April 30, 2006

                            Tech Support & Ordering Information 800-633-3047
    This easy-to-read wall chart
measures 24” wide by 36” tall and       No Catalyzed                             recommended.
                                                                                     We have discovered another
it’s available free to you for the
asking. If you’re a current user of
                                        Basecoats on                             incompatible type of topcoat:
                                                                                 catalyzed basecoat systems. We have
our refinishing products, you’ll find
the wall chart a valuable resource
                                        Bumper & Cladding                        had a handful of problems in the field
                                                                                 with catalyzed basecoats, particularly
for bumper identification tips. And
if you’re just thinking about using
                                        Adhesion Primer                          from Glasurit.
                                                                                     We are not sure of the reason why,
                                           Bumper & Cladding Coat
our products, the chart will show you                                            but for some reason the catalyzed
                                        Adhesion Primer is one of our
how simple our procedures really are                                             basecoat is peeling from the Bumper
                                        most popular products due to its
and hopefully convince you to try us                                             & Cladding Coat. The adhesion of
                                        outstanding adhesion to raw TPO.
out.                                                                             the Bumper & Cladding Coat to the
                                        Because it has a 1K formulation,
    Please call 800-633-3047 today                                               underlying TPO does not seem to be
                                        some topcoats cannot be used over
and ask for your free wall chart!                                                affected.
                                        Bumper & Cladding Coat. For
                                                                                     Here is our recommendation:
                                        example, single-stage urethanes
                                                                                 If you want to take advantage of
                                        and 2K primer surfacers are not

     Telling the Difference Between a Primed
TECH and a Raw TPO Bumper
Because OEM primed and raw TPO bumpers require different preparation steps, it is important to be able to tell them
apart. This is sometimes difficult to do because many OEM primed bumpers are so smooth that they look like they’re raw.
Here’s a brief lesson on how to tell an raw bumper from a primed one. For more complete information, call 800-633-3047
and request a free wall chart.

                       1128 Kirk Rd., Rainsville, AL 35986 Fax 800-824-0087
the adhesion benefits of Bumper &        Model 5. At a suggested User price            Finally the Book describes our
Cladding Coat Adhesion Primer,           of $159.95, it’s also a good choice       adhesive repair systems, especially
then do NOT use the catalyst in the      for the budget-minded repairman.          focusing on our exclusive PlastiFix
basecoat. However, if you feel more         For more information on the            repair kit for rigid plastics. It
strongly about the importance of         MicroWeld, please call us. Here’s a       concludes with a section about how
the catalyst in the basecoat, then do    quick look at the specs:                  to identify new replacement bumpes
NOT use Bumper & Cladding Coat            MicroWeld 100 Specifications             and the best product to refinish them
Adhesion Primer.                          100 W Heating Element w/ temp control
                                                                                   with. Bonus sections include bumper
                                                                                   tab and padded dash repair.
                                          2045W        Stainless Steel Mesh
New Welder for the                        6027HT       Tube Welding Tip
                                                                                       What would you expect to pay
                                                                                   for such valuable, money-making
Do-It-Yourselfer!                         5003R1
                                                       Polyurethne Welding Rod
                                                       Polypropylene Welding Rod
                                                                                   information? $30? $100? No, the
                                                                                   Book is absolutely FREE! We hope
    We are proud to announce the          5003R3       ABS Welding Rod             that by educating you about plastic
availability of our new MicroWeld         5003R4       Polyethylene Welding Rod
                                                                                   repair that you’ll do it and buy your
100, a new welder designed for the                                                 supplies from us! Please call today to
                                          5003R9       PVC Gray Welding Rod        get a copy of the new Book!
    The MicroWeld 100 is the              5003R12      HDPE Welding Rod
first airless plastic welder with an      Welding Stand & Carrying Case
integral temperature control switch.
Adjustable temperature settings
                                                                                   Urethane Supply
allow for use of heat-sensitive rods
                                         New Book of                               Celebrates 25th
like ABS and polyurethane.
    We designed the MicroWeld 100
for do-it-yourselfers, agricultural,
                                         Automotive Plastic
and industrial repair because the        Repair Available                              It’s hard to believe that 25 years
                                                                                   have gone by since Jim Sparks
                                           Hot off the presses is our latest       invented the Mini-Weld airless
                                         update of the classic “Book of            plastic welder and pioneered the
                                         Automotive Plastic Repair.” We’ve         field of automotive plastic repair.
                                         expanded the Book to 16 pages from        Even though the field has grown and
                                         12 to make room for new information       become more complex over the past
                                         on hot air welding and our new            quarter century, Urethane Supply is
                                         bumper refinishing products like          focused only on plastic repair and
                                         Prime Time and Bumper & Cladding          refinishing, so you can count on us
                                         Coat.                                     to keep up to date with the latest
Mini-Weld Model 5 is often overkill         The Book                               changes.
for these more simple applications.      takes you step-                               To help celebrate our 25th
For this reason, it comes with           by-step through
PVC and HDPE rod, which are not          the entire repair
common automotive plastics.              process for
   For automotive use, the Mini-         virtually any
Weld Model 5 is the best choice,         type of plastic.
since it comes with our popular          First is a very
FiberFlex universal welding rod,         complete plastic
which works very well on TPO             ID chart that
bumpers. It also comes with nylon,       gives you the ID symbols, common
which is essential for the repair of     applications, and suggested repair        anniversary, we’ve printed up a
radiator tanks, intake manifolds, etc.   methods.                                  limited edition t-shirt. We’re selling
The Model 5 is more fully featured,         The Book then describes in             the shirts for $9.95, but we’re giving
and for this reason, the Model 5         detail the three different types of       them away for FREE to our good
continues to be the most popular         airless welding processes, including      customers.
plastic welder in the automotive         FiberFlex universal rod. There’s a           Please see the coupon on the
repair industry.                         new section on hot air welding that       last page of the Plastic Pointers
   However, the MicroWeld 100 is         lets you know about this high-speed       for details on how to get your free
a great option for those who can’t       repair technique that’s taking the        t-shirt!
justify moving up to the Mini-Weld       bumper recycling market by storm.

                          Tech Support & Ordering Information 800-633-3047

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