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									     Redesigning the


  Matt “The Cat” Pittner

Dr. Carl “Arizona” Rebman
          MSIT 573
       Summer 2005

• Small-, privately-owned consulting
• Current Website deployed Jan 2005
  – Avg. 50 hits/mo
  – Need e-commerce capability
  – Must improve means of meeting client/visitors’

      Propose to redesign Website

• Website has not grown with the business
• Fails to take advantage of technology that will
   – E-commerce
   – Promote book sales
   – Provide an interactive experience for visitors

• Failure to address these shortfalls will result in
  lower productivity and missed profit
                   Project Objective

• Redesign the Company’s Website to
  create a database-driven Website with an
  e-commerce capability to promote book
  sales and provide an online career
  transition forum for Ruehlin Associates’
                                  Project Scope

• Develop the following Website elements/
  –   Database table of book selections
  –   Database table of registered users
  –   Database table of Website administrators
  –   Client and administrator login pages
  –   “New client” registration page
  –   “Client Area” pages, including a “Client Forum”
  –   Administrator page
  –   Page to allow visitors to browse available books
  –   A “shopping cart” feature
  –   Online payment system
                                 ROI Analysis

• Expected Costs
                          Expected Project Cost
                   Design                    $4,600
                   Development               $5,150
                   Deployment                $1,000
                   Reserves (20%)            $2,150

• Expected Benefits
                    Expected Annual Cost Savings/Profits
                  Increased Productivity      $50,000
                  Online Book Sales            $1,080
                  (What’s Next)
                  Online Book Sales            $1,275
                  (Via Amazon)

                $52,355  $12,900
         ROI:                      306 %
                             Measures of Success
• The team will need to accomplish all tasks in the allotted time, taking
  into account quality Web programming techniques, security,
  documentation, and ease of navigation and positive experience for
  the Website visitor
• The Website must attract an average of more than 50 visitors per
  month during the first year
• Administrative workload associated with responding to
  client/company requests and inquiries must be reduced by at least
  one day per month over the first year
• An average of more than three books (What’s Next) per month must
  be sold online. (Note: Book sales via are not
  considered as a measure of success.)
• Compare with Competitors
                               Feasibility Study
Technical Feasibility
   – None of the Website characteristics or requirements described
     are beyond the capabilities of existing programming techniques.
     Active Server Pages (ASP or will suffice to create the
     functionality necessary to achieve the project goals.
Economic Feasibility
   – Time, resources, and funds are available in order to implement
     the project successfully.
Operational Feasibility
    – Ruehlin Associates continues to receive numerous requests for
      information and book sales. Redesigning the Website will
      address these needs and provide a more effective and efficient
      means of conducting business. Ruehlin Associates will not be
      required to acquire any new special skills or knowledge to
      operate/maintain the Website beyond initial training for its
                                   Risk Assessment

Risk associated with redesigning Website
    – 65% Redesigned Website will realize benefits
    – 35% Redesigned Website will not realize benefits
Risk associated with not redesigning Website
    – 76% Save cost of redesign without penalty of hindering business
       (maintain “status quo” and invest money at 7% for one year)
    – 24% Save cost of redesign (invest money), but miss out on benefits

                         Success   $52,355 – $12,900 = $39,455      $39,455 x .65 = $25,646
                         Failure   $0 – $12,900 = – $12,900        – $12,900 x .35 = – $4,515


                         Success   $13,803 – $0m = $13,803          $13,803 x .76 = $10,490
                         Failure   $13,803 – $52,355 = – $38,552   – $38,552 x .24 = – $9,252
                              Main Team Task/Roles
•   Project Manager – Aside from his role on the design and implementation
    teams, the project manager will also direct the project through its lifecycle;
    ensuring tasks are completed on time, within budget, and at the appropriate
    level of quality. The Project Manager will communicate with the Company
    CEO and Operations Officer to define/clarify requirements

•   Assistant Project Manager – Provides assistance to the Project Manager,
    and also serves on the design and implementation teams. The assistant
    project manager is also available for interaction with Company CEO and
    Operations Officer if the Project Manager is not available.

   Design and Implementation (D&I) Team – This team will be made up of
    two members: the Project Manager and the Assistant Project Manager. The
    team will create the Website plan, and plan and coordinate each
    phase/process of implementation. Both members are experienced in Web
    development and are proficient in HTML and ASP. The team will perform
    the actual development of the Website, Website testing, write the
    documentation, and train the Company Website administrators.
Project Tracking
                    Implementation Method

Design Phase
• Refine business requirements and help define Website
  content requirements. A brainstorming session will be
  used and will include a review of the Company’s existing
Development Phase
• write code and produce a functional Website
Deployment Phase
• Launch Website (cut over)
                            Final Analysis/Evaluation
 • Low-risk project that has the potential to deliver relatively high
 • Success of the project will be determined by the overall number of
   visitors and the number of buyers who order books from the Website
   versus the number of buyers who continue to order via telephone or
 • A “Customer Satisfaction” survey may be included to validate
   customers’ impressions of the Website features and online
   purchasing process/experience

The project Website represents a significant improvement over the existing
Ruehlin Associates Website. The added features will better serve the needs of
the Company’s clients by providing a meaningful and educational experience for
visitors undergoing career transition. At the same time, the project Website will
improve Ruehlin Associates’ Web presence and help promote sales of their book,
What’s Next, by introducing a convenient and efficient e-commerce capability

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