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Initiative                       Geographic      Sponsors and Funders                          Description/Goals                                          Timeframe
Ecosystem Relationships in       Focus
                                 Gulf of Maine   Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA),    Key questions:                                           Collaborative report 1
the Gulf of Maine: Combined                      Coastal Ocean Observing Center at the         What do the ecosystems in the Gulf of Maine look like?   published August 2006
Expert Knowledge of                              University of New Hampshire (COOA),           Which components of the ecosystem – species,
Fishermen and Scientists                         Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System          environmental factors, relationships between them –
                                                 (GoMOOS)                                      should be a part of ecosystem-based approaches to
                                                                                               fisheries management?
                                                                                               Which types of oceanographic information are relevant
                                                                                               to fisheries – for both fisheries businesses and
                                                                                               How do seasonal, interannual and long-term variability
                                                                                               in the ocean affect various species?
                                                                                               How does the North Atlantic Oscillation affect Gulf of
                                                                                               Maine fisheries?
                                                                                               How can a regional observing system support fishery
                                                                                               decision-making, management, and fishermen?
Modeling Needs for Ecosystem- Gulf of Maine      RARGOM                                        Identified (1) priority management needs that could      Took place on 1/30/06
Based Management in the Gulf                                                                   be addressed by multidisciplinary models which use
of Maine Workshop                                                                              observing system data, and ways to link these needs
                                                                                               more closely with model development, (2) critical issues
                                                                                               for moving regional multidisciplinary modeling forward
                                                                                               and, (3) critical data needs for model development and

Theme Session on                 Gulf of Maine   Regional Association for Research on the      Identify the distribution and condition of regional        Took place on 11/15/06
Development of Ecosystem                         Gulf of Maine (RARGOM),                       habitats for assessment, protection and restoration
Indicators for Multiple                          Gulf of Maine Council Ecosystem Indicators    Consider methods to combine various data types
Management and Research                          Partnership                                   Comment on the level of detail and specificity required
Needs                                                                                          to achieve index development goals

Collaboration on Indicators of   National        Resources for the Future                      Provide comprehensive, consistent statistical reporting    Panel discussion held at
the Nation's Environment                                                                       on environmental conditions in the U.S, in order to        RFF on 11/1/06
                                                 (Project funded by the National Council for   improve the scientific basis for environmental decision-
                                                 Science and the Environment)                  making.

Roger Williams University        New England     Roger Williams Law School,                    The Evolution of Ecosystem Based Management: From          Took place from 10/19-
Marine Affairs Institute 6th                     RI SeaGrant                                   Theory to Practice                                         20/2006 in Bristol, RI
Marine Law Symposium
                                                                                               Analyze challenges and successes of ecosystem based
                                                                                               management used in balancing use and protection of
                                                                                               the marine environment, in order to move from EBM
                                                                                               theory to practice

Initiative                       Geographic      Sponsors and Funders                          Description/Goals                                          Timeframe
Maine Bay Management Study   Maine          Maine Department of Marine Resources          Explore and document potential new and innovative          Begun May 2004; final
                                                                                          concepts for the management of Maine’s embayments          report to be submitted
                                            Steering committee includes reps from:                                                                   by 1/15/07
                                            Maine Sea Grant
                                            Bowdoin College
                                            University of Maine
                                            Soft Shell Clam Advisory Council
                                            GOM CoML
                                            TNC; also
                                            Retired CEO, Supreme Alaska Seafoods
                                            Harbormaster, St. George
Narragansett/Mount Hope Bay Massachusetts   MA Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Write and encourage participation in the Watershed      Regional Open Space
Watershed Action Plan       Rhode Island                                                 Action Plan.                                            Plan written in 2000
                                                                                         Restore water quality and habitat through river and
                                                                                         wetland restoration
                                                                                         Improve fish passage at Shad Factory Dam on the
                                                                                         Palmer River in Rehoboth.
                                                                                         Strengthen interstate coordination at the project and
                                                                                         policy levels.
                                                                                         Implement the Regional Open Space Plan.
                                                                                         Plan for the future water supply needs of the
RI Marine Resources          Rhode Island   RI CRMC                                      The vision of the MRDP includes:                        Adopted 1/10/06
Development Plan                                                                         properly functioning bay and lagoon ecosystems;
                                                                                         abundant and sustained fishing and fisheries resources;
                                                                                         successful coastal places; and marine-based economic
                                                                                         The plan outlines strategies for improving the health
                                                                                         and functionality of the state’s marine ecosystem, and
                                                                                         for providing appropriate marine-based economic
Ongoing Initiatives

Initiative                   Geographic     Sponsors and Funders                          Description/Goals                                          Timeframe
13th International           Focus
                             Global         Interdisciplinary Environmental Association   Promote research that spans the boundaries of              To be held from 6/30-
Conference on the                                                                         traditional disciplines to frame environmental problems,   7/1/2007 in Portland, ME
Environment                                                                               propose working models, or address field, community,
                                                                                          or academic issues.
                                                                                          Areas of interest:
                                                                                          Environmental issues in New England and the Maritime
                                                                                          Political decision-making and environmental policy
                                                                                          Coastal resource management
                                                                                          Sustainable communities
                                                                                          Agriculture and natural resources
                                                                                          Economic, legal and business strategies pertaining to
                                                                                          the environment
                                                                                          Urban/environmental health
                                                                                          SPECIAL TOPIC: Accreditation of environmental
EBM Tools Network                Global          NatureServe,                                 Develop a knowledge base of coastal-marine EBM tools. Ongoing
                                                 Duke University,                             Increase information about, access to, and honest
                                                 EcoTrust,                                    evaluation of EBM tools.
                                                 NOAA,                                        Determine tool functionality necessary for EBM.
                                                 NCEAS,                                       Promote the development of tools to fill gaps in EBM
                                                 The Nature Conservancy,                      tool functionality.
                                                 Orton Family Foundation,                     Develop tool engineering guidelines to promote the
                                                 The David and Lucile Packard Foundation,     development of sustainable and interoperable tools.
                                                 Princeton University,                        Develop best practices for effectively and appropriately
                                                 Sea Around Us Project,                       using tools in EBM projects.
                                                 University of Queensland,                    Build capacity for effectively and appropriately using
                                                 Pacific Marine Analysis and Research         tools by provide training and toolkits for EBM
                                                 Association                                  implementers.
                                                                                              Work with willing tool developers to develop suites of
                                                                                              interoperable tools for EBM.
                                                                                              Provide support for EBM tool use in field EBM
Gulf of Maine Council (GoMC)     Gulf of Maine   Canadian Federal (Environment Canada         implementation projects. development
                                                                                              Ecologically sustainable                                 Ongoing
                                                 Atlantic Region, Environmental Conservation The Council seeks to meet the region's current social,
                                                 Branch; DFO)                                 cultural, and environmental needs without
                                                 Canadian Provincial (New Brunswick           compromising the needs of future generations. Working
                                                 Environment, and Agriculture, Fisheries and in partnership with others, it strives to sustain
                                                 Aquaculture; Nova Scotia Agricuture and      ecological processes and enhance the region's quality
                                                 Fisheries, and Environment and Labour)       of life.
                                                 US Federal (Army Corps New England           Ecosystem-based planning and management
                                                 District and Waterways Experiment Station; The Council supports collaborative management that
                                                 FWS; NOAA NMFS and Coastal Services          integrates economics and ecological values and
                                                 Center)                                      objectives, emphasizing natural rather than political
                                                 US States (ME Dept. Marine Resources and     boundaries.
                                                 State Planning Office, MA Office of CZM, and Environmental protection through precaution
                                                 NH Dept. Environmental Services              The Council supports conservation of the coastal and
                                                                                              marine environment, and urges its members to
                                                                                              proceed with caution when scientific information is
                                                                                              incomplete to avoid environmental degradation.
                                                                                              Public information and participation-based
                                                                                              planning and management
                                                                                              The Council is committed to a participatory process that
                                                                                              informs and engages the public in setting priorities,
Gulf of Maine Council Regional   Gulf of Maine   GOM Council                                  Define policies, and how to fill them
                                                                                              forming data gaps andpursuing efforts to conserve the    Date TBD, sometime
Ecosystem Characterization                                                                    Define and optimize data management systems              early 2007
Workshop                                                                                      Determine how to use ecosystem indicators to track
                                                                                              progress on overarching goals
                                                                                              Develop ideas for a multi-year, comprehensive
                                                                                              strategy for the region

Gulf of Maine Mapping            Gulf of Maine   GOM Council,                                Conduct comprehensive seafloor imaging, mapping,        Ongoing
Initiative (GOMMI)                               NOAA > NMFS > NEFSC > Ecosystems            and biological and geological surveys
                                                 Processes Division
Gulf of Maine Ocean Science       Gulf of Maine   Northeast Sea Grant Directors               Oversee the development of and help secure funding         Next meeting to be held
Council                                                                                       for a Gulf of Maine Regional Research Plan in support of   1/25/07 in Cambridge,
                                                  (Project funded by the National Sea Grant   ecosystem-based management.                                MA

US Fish & Wildlife Service Gulf   Gulf of Maine   US Fish and Wildlife Service                Identify and assess, protect and restore habitat           Ongoing
of Maine Program

Bridging the Divide Project       National        NatureServe                                 Integrating databases of ecosystem-based and         2 years of funding; fellow
                                                                                              community planning tools and processes into a single hired in September 2006
                                                  Funded by the Orton Family Foundation and   resource.
                                                  the David and Lucile Packard Foundation     Identifying coastal areas under significant growth
                                                                                              Applying the tools and techniques identified and
                                                                                              created by the Fellow through pilot projects.
                                                                                              Share the lessons learned from these projects with
                                                                                              others to assist in integration of science-based
                                                                                              management and community planning on a larger scale.

Ecosystem Goal Team               National        NOAA                                        Protect, restore, and manage the use of coastal and        Ongoing; Program began
                                                                                              ocean resources through an ecosystem approach to           in 2005
                                                                                              management that is geographically specified, adaptive,
                                                                                              takes account of ecosystem knowledge and
                                                                                              uncertainties, considers multiple external influences,
                                                                                              and strives to balance diverse societal objectives.
                                                                                              Implementation will need to be incremental and

                                                                                              Ecosystem Goals include: Aquaculture, Coastal &
                                                                                              Marine Resources, Corals, Ecosystem Observations,
                                                                                              Ecosystem Research, Enforcement, Fisheries
                                                                                              Management, Habitat, Protected Species
Ecosystem Indicator Workshop National             Coastal States Organization (CSO),          Reach a consensus on National Core Indicators to tell a    To be held from 5/1-
                                                  National Oceanic and Atmospheric            more coordinated and comprehensive story about the         2/2007 at The
                                                  Administration (NOAA),                      state of the nations coasts by:                            Conference Center at the
                                                  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)                                                                  Maritime Institute,
                                                                                              Examining indicators currently used in coastal             Linthicum Heights, MD
                                                                                              assessments at local, regional, national and
                                                                                              international levels
                                                                                              Identifying commonly used indicators
                                                                                              Identifying gaps
                                                                                              Exploring possibilities for “new” indicators
EPA Ecoregion Mapping         National      US EPA, National Health and Environmental       The ecoregions and subregions are designed to serve as       Ongoing - Level IV
                                            Effects Laboratory (NHEERL), the U.S.           a spatial framework for environmental resource               determinations drafted
                                            Forest Service, Natural Resources               management. The most immediate needs by the states           for CT, RI and MA; still to
                                            Conservation Service, and a variety of other    are for developing regional biological criteria and water    be completed for NY, NH,
                                            state and federal resource agencies             resource standards, and for setting management goals         VT and ME
                                                                                            for nonpoint-source pollution.

Implementing Ecosystem-       National      Environmental Law Institute                     Identify and advance legal and regulatory tools used         2 years of funding
Based Management:                                                                           to implement and enhance EBM                                 starting Fall 2006
Governance Conflicts, Gaps,                 (Project funded by The David and Lucile
and Needs                                   Packard Foundation)

National Undersea Reseach     New England   NOAA                                            Observe/characterize Atlantic cod population on              Ongoing
Program Fisheries                                                                           Georges Bank (1998, 1999) in support of mitigating
Management Projects                                                                         effects of fishing on EFH; surveys of lobster distribution
                                                                                            to improve population assessments (1997, 1999, 2001)

New England EBM Workshop      New England   COMPASS                                         Forum to bring diverse stakeholders together to discuss      To be held from 3/26-
                                                                                            EBM concepts, get everyone on same page, ID                  28/2007 in Durham, NH
                                                                                            divergent viewpoints, bridge gaps between science and
                                                                                            policy, and to identify steps needed to move EBM
                                                                                            forward in New England.

Northeast Fisheries Science   New England   NOAA/NMFS                                       Conduct ecosystem-based research and assessments          Ongoing
Center                                                                                      of living marine resources, with a focus on the
                                                                                            Northeast Shelf, to promote the recovery and long-term
                                                                                            sustainability of these resources, and to generate social
                                                                                            and economic opportunities and benefits from their use.
                                                                                             The Ecosystem Processes Division seeks to understand
                                                                                            the effects of natural and human-induced
                                                                                            environmental factors on fishery resources. The Office
                                                                                            of Marine Ecosystem Studies conducts scientific studies
                                                                                            of marine ecosystems in support of marine resource
                                                                                            stewardship responsibilities. Also contains an
                                                                                            Ecosystem Surveys Branch.

Nonpoint Education for                      University of CT; CT DEP; CT Office of Policy   The mission of the National NEMO Network is to               Ongoing
Municipal Officials (NEMO)                  & Management; CT SeaGrant; NASA; local          help communities better protect natural
                                            Municipal Boards; Center for Watershed          resources while accommodating growth. This
                                            Protection; NOAA Coastal Services Center        assistance will be rendered through non-
                                                                                            regulatory, research-based educational outreach
                                                                                            programs that emphasize natural resource-based
                                                                                            land use planning and better site design. NEMO
                                                                                            was created because of the relative lack of
                                                                                            information available for managers to make local
                                                                                            land use decisions.

The Nature Conservancy
Marine Initiative
Initiative                     Geographic          Sponsors and Funders                          Description/Goals                                            Timeframe
Long Island Sound Study        Focus
                               Long Island Sound   CT, NY, US EPA                                Protecting and improving the health of Long Island           Plan written in 1994 and
(LISS) Comprehensive                                                                             Sound while ensuring compatible human uses within            refined in 1996 and
Conservation and                                                                                 the Sound ecosystem.                                         2003; Ongoing
Management Plan                                                                                  Seven issues:
                                                                                                 (1) low dissolved oxygen (hypoxia), (2) toxic
                                                                                                 contamination, (3) pathogen contamination, (4)
                                                                                                 floatable debris, (5) living resources and habitat
                                                                                                 management, (6) land use and development, and (7)
                                                                                                 public involvement and education.
Massachusetts Ocean            Massachusetts       MA Office of CZM (lead agency), Executive     Examine evolving ocean uses and develop a                    Ongoing; Massachusetts
Management Initiative                              Office of Environmental Affairs               comprehensive approach to managing ocean resources.          Ocean Management Task
                                                                                                  Projects include: An Assessment of the Coastal and          Force published
                                                   Funded primarily by state capital funds and   Marine Economies in Massachusetts and Existing and           recommendations in 2004
                                                   the MA Environmental Trust                    Potential Ocean-Based Energy Facilities and Associated
                                                                                                 Infrastructure in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Ocean            Massachusetts       Funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore          Catalyze stakeholder involvement in ocean                    Ongoing; Strategic
Partnership Fund                                   Foundation and the Massachusetts              management discussions and activities                        Planning Group meeting
                                                   Environmental Trust                           Promote the integration of natural and social science        held October 2006
                                                                                                 information into ocean management decisions to reflect
                                                                                                 an ecosystem management approach
                                                                                                 Create partnerships and collaborative approaches that
                                                                                                 will coordinate ocean planning and research activities
                                                                                                 and reduce duplication of efforts
                                                                                                 Establish a funding network to support relevant
                                                                                                 management, research and planning activities
                                                                                                 Cultivate ocean literacy and build an interested and
                                                                                                 informed constituency among marine sectors and the
                                                                                                 general public.

Massachusetts Ocean            Massachusetts       MA Office of CZM                              Create a comprehensive database of all information           Begun in 2000, phases
Resource Information System                        MA Division of Marine Fisheries               necessary to balance the impact of human activities          1&2 are complete, 3-6
(MORIS)                                            MA Dept. of Environmental Protection          with the protection of coastal and marine resources,         are ongoing
                                                   MA Dept. of Geographic and Environmental      including GIS mapping of jurisdictional areas, physical
                                                   Information                                   oceanography, water quality and shellfish-suitable
                                                   (Project funded by NOAA OCRM and OAR)

Stellwagen Bank NMS            Massachusetts       NOAA                                          This Action Plan strives to adopt this approach by           EBM Action Plan
Ecosystem-Based                                                                                  detailing a series of actions that will lay the foundation   approved October 2004;
Management Working Group                                                                         for effective ecosystem-based management.                    Draft Sanctuary
                                                                                                                                                              Management Plan
                                                                                                 1.   Need for comprehensive ecosystem protection             forthcoming
                                                                                                 2.   Zoning in the SBNMS including no-take zones
                                                                                                 3.   EBM practices
                                                                                                 4.   Boundary Modification

Reducing Nitrogen Loading in   Massachusetts,      Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research       Mitigate symptoms and develop and implement                  Ongoing
the Waquoit Bay Watershed      Cape Cod, Waquoit   Reserve                                       strategies to address source influences
                               Bay                 NOAA
New York Ocean and Great     New York         State of New York                         Coordinate state efforts to protect our ocean and           Council created in August
Lakes Ecosystem Conservation                                                            Great Lakes resources.                                      2006; ongoing
Council                                                                                 Define the executive and legislative actions necessary
                                                                                        to integrate ecosystem-based management with
                                                                                        existing programs, and lays out a plan with a schedule
                                                                                        and funding opportunities to implement the executive
                                                                                        Ensure that accurate information about the state of
                                                                                        the ocean is available at all levels of government by
                                                                                        creating an ocean and coastal resources atlas.
                                                                                        Establish a research agenda that identifies priority
                                                                                        issues in need of further research.
                                                                                        Develop projects in eastern Lake Ontario and Long
                                                                                        Island Great South Bay to show the benefits of
                                                                                        managing on an ecosystem basis.
                                                                                        Identify opportunities for developing regional solutions
                                                                                        to ocean and coastal resources problems with
                                                                                        neighboring states and the federal government.
                                                                                        Recommend actions to preserve, restore and protect
Aquidneck Island Partnership   Rhode Island   RI Sea Grant                              submerged aquatic vegetation.
                                                                                        Identify islanders' common interests and implement          Ongoing
                                              University of Rhode Island Coastal        activities that protect the island's unique character and
                                              Resources Center                          quality of life.

                                              Eighteen organizations both on and off-
                                              island are members of the Partnership.

RI Coastal Resources           Rhode Island   State of Rhode Island                     Preservation, protection, development and where             Created in 1971; ongoing
Management Council                                                                      possible the restoration of the coastal areas of the

RI CRMC Special Area           Rhode Island   RI CRMC                                   These plans are ecosystem-based management                  Ongoing
Management Plans                                                                        strategies that are consistent with the RI CRMC's
                                                                                        legislative mandate to preserve and restore
                                                                                        ecological systems. (5 SAMPs: Metro Bay, Greenwich
                                                                                        Bay, Narrow River, Great Salt Ponds and Pawcatuck
Eastern Scotian Shelf   Scotian Shelf   Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)   The four overarching objectives of the Initiative are:      Regional Advisory
Integrated Management                                                       Integrate the management of all measures and                Process (RAP) Workshop
(ESSIM) Initiative                                                          activities in or affecting the ESSIM planning area;         held June 2000; 3rd
                                                                            Manage for conservation, sustainability and responsible     ESSIM Forum Workshop
                                                                            use of ocean space and marine resources;                    held February 2005; plan
                                                                            Restore and maintain natural biological diversity and       development is ongoing
                                                                            productivity; and
                                                                            Provide opportunities for economic diversification and
                                                                            sustainable wealth generation to foster social well-being
                                                                            for coastal communities and stakeholders.
Audience                Constraints   Contact Information            More Information
scientists, fishermen

Resource managers           
and marine
research scientists                                        


Users of ecosystem            
indicators:                                                          NT_ID=141
practitioners and

Public and private                    National Council for Science
institutions and                      and the Environment            Indicators.cfm
individuals                           1707 H Street, NW
                                      Suite 200            
                                      Washington, DC 20006           =1189
                                      General Phone Number: 202-
                                      General Fax Number: 202-628-
Scientists,                           Kristen Fletcher     
practitioners                         (            a/sixthMLS.aspx

Audience                Constraints   Contact Information            More Information
Joint standing                      Vanessa Levesque   
committee on                        ( .htm
Marine Resources
(ME legislature)

RI and MA state           
legislatures and                                                 MtHope/narragansettMtHope.htm

RI General Assembly                                    

Audience              Constraints   Contact Information          More Information
students, and all
interested persons
regardless of
EBM tool             Sarah Carr, Ph.D.  
developers,          Program Coordinator
practitioners, and   Ecosystem-Based Management
training providers   Tools Program
                     1101 Wilson Blvd, 15th Floor
                     Arlington, VA 22209
                     Phone: 703.908.1892

Participating        Michele Tremblay    
agencies (see
Sponsors and
Funders column)      David Keeley


Management of        Dr. Sara Ellis      
fisheries and        Coordinator, Gulf of Maine
aquaculture,         Mapping Initiative
hydrocarbon          98 Old Pine Hill Rd.
exploration and      Berwick, ME 03901
development,         USA
Marine Protected     207.698.1636
Areas, pollution,
and climate change
                     Thomas Noji
                     Chief, Ecosystems Processes
                     Division NEFSC
Researchers,           Judy Pederson /     
managers, private      Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
and public             Director, Sea Grant College
stakeholders           Program
                       Doherty Professor of Ocean
                       Science and Engineering
                       Massachusetts Institute of
                       77 Massachusetts Avenue, E38-
                       Cambridge, MA 02139
                       (617) 253-7131

Other federal and      U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
state agencies, non-   Gulf of Maine Coastal Program   x.htm
government             4R Fundy Road
conservation           Falmouth, Maine 04105
groups, willing        phone: 207-781-8364
landowners and         FAX: 207-781-8369
other local partners

Scientific             Susan Crow (Orton/Packard
community,             Fellow)                         Page.viewPage&pageID=620&parentID=491&gr
decision-makers                                        andparentID=512&nodeID=1
and the public

NOAA line offices      Steve Murawski - Acting 
(NESDIS, OAR, NOS      Ecosystem Goal Team Lead
and NMFS)              Emily Menashes - Deputy Goal
                       Team Lead
                       Beth Norton - Fisheries Biologist
                       Katie Dombrowski -
                       Communications Specialist
                       Marjorie (Maggie) Ernst -
                       Environmental Protection
                       Phone: (301) 713-9075
                       Fax: (301) 713-9083
Scientists, managers   Jennie Harrington
                       MRAG Americas
Federal agencies,     Principal Investigator
state agencies, and   James M. Omernik
nongovernment         U.S. Geological Survey
organizations         c/o U.S. EPA
                      200 SW 35th Street
                      Corvallis, OR 97333
                      Phone (541) 754-4458
                      Fax (541) 754-4716
EBM scientists,  
managers, and

Fishery managers      National Undersea Research
                      Center for the North Atlantic
                      and Great Lakes     
                      UConn - Avery Point

                      Verna DeLauer

Fishery               Donna Busch         
Management            Researcher, Ecosystems
Councils              Processes Division  
                      NOAA's National Marine
                      Fisheries Service
                      Northeast Fisheries Science
                      166 Water Street
                      Woods Hole, MA 02543-1026
                      Phone: (508) 495-2000
                      Fax: (508) 495-2258
Municipal Officials   John Rozum, Director
                      345-5225 Middlesex County
                      Extension Center
                      1066 Saybrook Rd. BOX 70
                      Haddam, CT 06438

Audience                 Constraints   Contact Information            More Information
States of                              EPA Long Island Sound Office
Connecticut and                        888 Washington Boulevard       n.htm
New York and the                       Stamford, CT 06904-2152
US EPA                                 Phone: (203) 977-1541
                                       Fax: (203) 977-1546

MA State agencies                      Susan Snow-Cotter, Director
and legislature                        251 Causeway Street, Suite     ndex.htm
                                       Boston, MA 02114-2136

Diverse ocean and            
coastal zone

MA coastal zone                        251 Causeway Street, Suite
users                                  800
                                       Boston, MA 02114-2136

Stellwagen NMS                 
Sanctuary Advisory                                                    nggroups/ecomgtwg.html

Sources of ntirogen                    Doris Grimm
fertilizer users etc.)
NY state agencies       New York Department of
and legislature         Environmental Conservation    ntdec/2006b/conscouncil080906.html

Aquidneck islanders     Leon Cammen         
and users               Research Director, NOAA Sea   _data.php&actid=134

                        Coastal Resources Center
                        University of Rhode Island
                        Narragansett, RI 02882

                        (401) 874-6224 phone
                        (401) 789-4670 fax
Local, state and        Coastal Resources   
federal                 Management Council
governments;            Stedman Government Center -
actors within the       Suite 116
coastal zone            4808 Tower Hill Road
                        Wakefield, RI 02879-1900
                        (401) 783-3370 Voice
                        (401) 783-3767 Fax

Local municipalities,                       
agencies and
Government, First   Glen Herbert                  http://www.mar.dfo-
Nations, ocean      (902) 426-9900      
industry and
resource users,     Scott Coffen-Smout
environmental       (902) 426-2009
groups, coastal     ESSIM Planning Office
communities, and    Oceans and Coastal
university          Management Division
researchers.        Fisheries and Oceans Canada
                    (Maritimes Region)
                    Bedford Institute of
                    Mail Stn B500, PO Box 1006
                    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
                    B2Y 4A2

                    E-mail: essim@mar.dfo-
                    Fax: 902 426-3855

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