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					                                                                                PRODUCT PROFILE

• Promotes a better sleep

• Cocooning revolutionary RAM™ (radial-axis magnetism) Technology

• Adjustable firmness – choose your ideal degree of comfort

• Orthopaedic support for correct spinal alignment

NIKKEN Discover it. Live it.

Naturest® Pillow
Key Features and Benefits

It’s only in the stages of deep sleep (as opposed to the earlier       But what really makes this different from any other pillow is the
stages of lighter sleep) that your body begins to replenish itself,    neodymium magnets of Nikken’s patented RAM Technology.
your brain starts to recharge, and energy is restored.                 As you sleep, they envelope you in a three-dimensional magnetic
                                                                       field equivalent to the Earth’s own natural flow.
As soon as your head touches the Naturest Pillow, you feel more
relaxed, as if the day’s stress is already flowing out of you.         Each of the three core elements of the Sleep Solution –

                                                                       the Naturest Pillow, the Naturest Kenkopad®, and the
Whereas an ordinary pillow tends to soon fall flat, the                KenkoDream® Quilt – naturally functions outstandingly in its
naturally-firm shredded latex filler of the Naturest Pillow can        own right, but combine to create the perfect sleep environment.
either be added to or subtracted from, so you can choose just how
firm or soft you want it to be. A specially designed internal collar
also ensures the correct and most comfortable position for head,
neck, and spinal alignment, while the exceptional ventilation and
temperature regulation of the natural-fibre cover keeps you
comfortably cool.
                                                                         PRODUCT PROFILE

Item Codes, Dimensions and Recommended Retail Price (inc VAT)

                Code             Size (cm)        RRP
                1115             46.5x62          £98.00

Naturest Sleep Solution (containing Naturest Kenkopad®, KenkoDream Quilt, Naturest Pillow)

Featured Nikken Technology
RAM Technology

Gauss Strength – 3,200

Materials Contained In Product
Synthetic latex: 48%; natural latex: 21%; charcoal: 22%; wool batting: 9%
Magnetic Discs
Outer Cover – Natural fibres; a mix of organic cotton and bamboo

NIKKEN Discover it. Live it.

Latex’s natural, open cell structure provides a self-ventilating airing system, while its resistance to heat and moisture
build-up ensures it remains dry.

Bamboo fibre’s unusual ability to breathe means it both dissipates moisture and keeps cool in summer, warm in winter.
It also possesses natural anti-bacterial qualities (such as a bacteriostasis bio agent).

How to Use
Naturest® Pillow

Place the Naturest Pillow on the bed with the zipper on the bottom right-hand side, so that the orthopaedic support
and RAM magnetic disks are in the optimum positions.

Product Information

2-year warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Care Instructions
Spot clean only, using mild detergent and warm water. Do not oversaturate. Air-dry at room temperature away from
sunlight or excessive heat.

                                           For more information or to purchase
                                    please contact your Independent Nikken Consultant

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