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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen_


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									Johnson John’s Speech

Thank you Kendra for your kind words and for telling our story. You say that I am your Hero – however,
it is you that truly is my Hero. I’m not sure all spouses out there would really give up a kidney and go
through a kidney transplant operation like you did. Thank you and I love you!

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for inviting me to speak here today at your 50 Anniversary Celebration!

As my beautiful wife has mentioned…. I have been a diabetic for over 25 years now (I know… I know…
your all thinking…. he only looks 25 years old! HA HA) Like many others with diabetes…I have suffered
long term complications from this disease including kidney failure.

Throughout the years… Kendra has found me several times unconscious… suffering from very low blood
sugars and has needed to call 911…There would be police officers, firemen and paramedics in my room
each time when I would awake.

What I don’t understand is this?? Exactly how many times does one have to call 911 to get 8 men into
your bedroom?

Imagine if you will… here we are newly married, and I go for a much needed check up with a new doctor.
The results were not good…his prognosis was that I was in a stage of kidney failure. I looked at my new
bride and said… for better or for worse…in sickness and in health… r-i-g-h-t?

The next week I was in surgery having a catheter inserted into my abdomen in preparation for peritoneal
dialysis. Well… I didn’t need to use the catheter until 8 years later. This truly was a blessing!

For 8 years we visited with our kidney specialist almost weekly, then bi-weekly and eventually monthly. I
say “WE” because Kendra came to each and every doctor’s appointment with me…Apparently she never
trusted me to tell her everything or exactly everything when I returned home from my appointments. The
doctor’s all got a kick out of this.

By eating well, exercising and staying positive… I was able to prolong the start of my peritoneal dialysis
for 8 years, until I started to get very tired and sick.

I didn’t realize how sick I was… but Kendra would sure remind me that she remembered a time when I
use to be able to clean the house!!!

It was time to start dialysis. It was time to meet a new team of doctors it was time to meet the dialysis
On September 11 , the doctors were preparing me for dialysis. They were ready to extract my catheter.
Now… remember…this is the same catheter that was inserted in my abdomen 8 years earlier!! I was a
little concerned about this… OK…maybe a lot concerned!

Normally this catheter is extracted and used all in the same day… However, 8 years of a foreign object in
your body, tends to be covered with a fair amount of tissue and fibres, as we quickly learned. This
catheter was NOT going to work today.

After many complications, and one more surgery later to reposition and clear the catheter, I was ready to
start dialysis.

The toxins had built up in my body so much by now… that I just couldn’t stay awake during my training.
Apparently I snore! Apparently!!?? All the nurses and staff would walk by my hospital room and laugh on
a daily basis. I truly believe…and stand by this today it was the toxins in my body causing me to snore!

This is where I learned about peritoneal dialysis and twin bagging. This was a very scary time for me. I
didn’t know what to expect, how it would feel or really how to handle this. How was this going to effect
me, how was this going to effect my wife, our relationship…my family, my work? What do we do? How
do we do it? And where do we go from here?

Between my sleeping…and freezing (as you may know it’s sometimes cold in hospitals)… I still managed
to learn a lot. Baxter’s training materials for peritoneal dialysis really helped me. They were quick
reminders to remember all the steps I needed to perform. They really were Dummy proof…I mean if I can
learn them…then anybody can!!

We’ve all heard the saying “do you want the bad news or good news first”. With the bad news… comes
some good news. The bad was not having my catheter work and needing surgery to fix it. The good
was… that because of my surgery and me needing time to heal… I was able to go right to the cycler
method for my dialysis treatments! Most people wait months before this privilege.

Each and every night I would retire to my bedroom by 8:00 PM and check my blood pressure, check my
weight, setup my dialysis solution bags and then connect for a 9 hour period of peritoneal dialysis

Thank you Baxter for creating my cycler, which allowed me to still live a normal life. I could still go to work
and I did so each and every day.

I felt very comfortable with all of Baxter’s equipment and supplies. The Baxter staff has been
outstanding… always going that extra mile for “ME”…their client.

When ordering my medical supplies and dialysis solutions, the customer service that was extended to me
I felt to be outstanding and they always put my mind at ease. My orders were always delivered on time
and as requested.

The Baxter Help line was fantastic – only twice did I need to use it when awakened by my cycler’s alarms,
and when I’d call for help...within minutes…my problem was resolved and I was back to finishing my
treatment for the night. Baxter…be proud… you truly have a great and knowledgeable staff that works for
your corporation.

What a YEAR!... I went from diabetes…to renal failure…to dialysis…through to a kidney transplant! What
a ride!!!

But I made it and I’m happy to be here and celebrate with you and to tell you that YOU made a world of
difference in our lives.

THANK YOU BAXTER… for making a very stressful time in my life easier, thank you for making my
dream come true…for helping me to get to Hawaii with my family, and for helping me run in my marathon!
These are the memories I will cherish my whole life.

Although, I have moved on with a new kidney and may not use your products and services anymore,
please - Keep up the great work your doing – many others still count on you!

So from the JOHN family to all of you at Baxter…. Thank you and God Bless you All!

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