N E W S L E T T E R Fall 2010 Welcome to Mercy Glen by dfgh4bnmu


           N E W S L E T T E R
Heart of Mercy                                                                                                       Fall 2010

Welcome to Mercy Glen floor - six single
                      bedrooms and three
The anticipation has been building through the construction,      double bedrooms, dining
painting, decorating and landscaping...and finally... MOVE IN     room, kitchen, laundry,
DAY is here! Four new homes, located on the Misericordia          living room and den.
                                    Campus, are complete and      Each home has a
                                    ready for 48 new residents.   spacious, comfortable
                                    The Conrad, Peterman and      and completely decked
                                    McNerney Homes will           out rec room in the
                                    each accommodate twelve       basement and an elevator
                                    men and The Coleman           to accommodate those who have mobility challenges.
                                    Home will be home to 12       Everyone living at Mercy Glen will have full access to the
                                    women.                                                              network of services
                                                                                                        provided on campus
                                    Dedicated to providing a                                            such as day programs,
                                    continuum of care as many                                           work opportunities,
                                    of our residents age, the                                           therapies and, of
                                    homes in Mercy Glen                                                 course, social
                                    were designed with the                                              activities! Staff will
                                    challenges they may face                                            be available 24 hours a
in mind. With the goal always being to support maximum                                                  day.
independence, all of the main living areas are located on one

    John R. Conrad Home           John Paul Peterman Home         Coleman Foundation Home        Walter & Shirley McNerney Home

 Schmechtig Lights Up Misericordia                                Misericordia Online...has it been a while since you
                                                                  visited? www.misericordia.org has a new look! Thanks to
 Social responsibility is a key component in many companies’
                                                                  our friends at American Eagle, our new website is easier to
 business practices. Schmechtig Landscapes, in Mundelein, is
                                                                  navigate and has loads of helpful information!
 a great example of this! Schmechtig is proud to announce
 their donation of holiday light decorating for several           Check out our new
 locations on Misericordia’s campus including the newest          and improved
 addition, Mercy Glen! In addition to lighting up campus,         Twice Blest
 Schmechtig Landscapes is also donating a beautifully             (thriftshop) pages
 decorated Christmas tree for all to enjoy.                       on the website.
 Thanks to President Michael Schmechtig, who was so moved         Monthly specials
 by a recent tour he took of misericordia’s campus, that he has   and promotions
 decided he will donate 10% of all proceeds from the              galore! Thank you
 company’s holiday decorating sales to Misericordia. This         to our faithful
 offer begins on October 18th - visit 312gardens.com to see       website committee
 the companies holiday offerings or call Schmechtig at 312-       for all of your hard
 gardens (427-3367).                                              work!
                             A message from the Director

                              Dear Friends,

                              Recently a person who took a two-hour tour of Misericordia had this to say:
                              “If you want your faith in Human Nature to be restored, take a tour of
                              Misericordia.” Why was he so impressed?

                              Misericordia is truly a “home” founded by believers who hold that children
                              and adults with special needs not only have a right to life but to one worth
                              living. Our Misericordia Family knows God’s work will only be
                              accomplished through their efforts, and they believe they are called to be
                              involved and make a difference. This Family includes our loving residents,
                              our dedicated and committed families, our competent and caring staff, and our
                              many generous and loyal volunteers.

By the end of 2010, Misericordia will be home to 600 children and adults. Yes, we are big but every person
in our care is treated as a unique individual with special needs, aspirations, challenges and gifts. They are
all “precious treasures” and we know how privileged we are to share life with them.

Misericordia is one of the few agencies which provides the “full continuum of care,” from our skilled
nursing home and various other residential areas on campus to seven homes in the neighborhood. Our
numerous programs on campus are comprehensive and life-giving, and we have 60 residents employed
outside in the community! We also have an outreach program for children and adults living in their own
homes and have limited space in our day programs for adults. Our campus is truly beautiful and provides a
secure environment that enhances our residents’ lives.

We are bringing the year 2010 to a close knowing if we are to have a viable future, and we will, we must
become more independent of Government funding. At this point in time we need the Government’s support,
as we have in the past – no matter how delayed the payments are. But the only way we have been able to
provide a wonderful life for every child and adult in our care is through our success in private fundraising.

Thus, we face 2011 with great faith in God and in you, our friends. You have never disappointed us and you
truly are co-ministers of our mission. You are believers and have responded generously to God’s call to
reach out to those in need. We are truly grateful you have found your way to Misericordia. As I’ve said
many times, the very presence of our residents among us teach us for some happenings in life, there are no
answers but there are answering people. You are truly answering people who reflect God’s love for us.
How blessed we are to claim you as our own.

May your Christmas be a blessed one and the New Year filled with God’s good gifts. Thank you for
believing in us and do enjoy the holidays.


P.S.    If you’re interested in a tour, they are scheduled on Tuesday from 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 or Thursday
from 1:00 – 3:00 P.M Please call Mary Doherty at 773/ 273-4177. I know you won’t be disappointed!
                                          30th Annual Family Fest:                                  2010 Family Fest
                                          A Celebration of Life                                      Raffle Winners
                                          It was a fabulous day of live entertainment, food,
                                          drinks, auctions, raffles, games and PERFECT             Early Bird Cash Raffle:
                                          WEATHER (thank you for the prayers, Terry!)              $3,000 - Charles & Lorraine
                                          More than 18,000 friends and family came together        Norgle;
                                          on Misericordia’s campus to celebrate the 30th           $1,000 - Michael Boehm; Ed
                                          Annual Family Festival on Sunday, September 12.          Boyle
                                          Backyard Games and Gift It Again made their
                                          debuts at the Fest this year and were a smashing         CASH RAFFLE:
                                          success! Backyard Games included Bean Bag Toss,          $50,000- Francis Slack;
                                          Bocce Ball and other family favorites. Gift It Again     $15,000-George McCabe;
                                          was a high-end “re-gift” boutique featuring new or       $10,000- Peter Polansky;
                                          gently used finer things.                                $ 2,500- Anna Wisneski;
                                          We are so incredibly grateful to our corporate           Mae Dompke;
                                          sponsors, food donors, entertainers, carpenters, and     $1,500- Corry Cooper;
                                          all the volunteers who gave the gift of their time to    Arthur J. Hausman, Jr;
                                          make Fest happen. We are proud to say that Fest          $1,000-Local 597 Boys;
                                          2010 raised over $1,275,000.                             Carolan Family;Joan
                                          Special thanks to Andy Francis and Jerry Gleason of      Pearson; Jack Molloy; Bill &
                                          Evergreen KIA for donating a 2010 Kia Soul for the       Kathy Ritter; Randy Singer;
                                          car raffle. We are so blessed to call you our friends.   Tom Lynch; Kay, Grace &
                                          We thank the following legislators for joining us at     Aine Byans; James Coyne;
                                          Family Fest this year: Pictured top to bottom:           Michelle Michelsohn;
                                          Daina Lyons and Forrest Claypool enjoy a cookie          $500-Maureen Prendergast;
                                          from The Hearts & Flour Bakery with Sister               Lucien Zygmunt; Lititia
                                          Rosemary. Governor Quinn and Father Jack Clair
                                                                                                   Kozial; Mr. & Mrs. Leonard
                                          enjoy the sunshine. US Representative Jan
                                          Schakowsky and Susan Axelrod join Lois Gates and
                                                                                                   Wolniak; Terry Cieslak;
                                          Sister Rosemary for a ride on the infamous golf          Lorraine, Al & John
                                          cart. Not pictured: Senator Ira Silverstein and          Andrews; Jim Oglesby; Mr.
                                          Representative Mark Kirk.                                & Mrs. Mark Skowronski

                                          REMEMBERINGAND HONORING                                  CAR RAFFLE:
                                          The Joan M. Corboy Gardens at Misericordia offer         Tillman Temple
                                          opportunities for honoring and remembering loved
                                          ones. The Gardens can provide a permanent tribute to     We sincerely thank Pauline
                                          the special people in your life and, at the same time,   Greco and the entire raffle
                                          help the children and adults with developmental          committee for their tireless
                                          disabilities enjoy happy, challenging lives at
                                          Misericordia Home. For more information or to make       commitment to Misericordia.
Illinois Senator Bill Brady is pictured
with Brian and Dana Battle and Sister     a gift in honor or remembrance, please contact Tiana     We are forever grateful!
Rosemary.                                 Benway at 773-273-2732 or tianab@misericordia.com

 Bequests & Annuities
 To those friends who wish to help assure the continuation and growth of Misericordia by mentioning Misericordia in your will,
 the following general form is suggested: “I give, devise, bequeath to Misericordia Home, an Illinois not-for-profit organization
 located at 6300 N. Ridge, Chicago Illinois, the sum of $ ___________ (or percentage, or specifically described property).” If
 you decide to do so, you are invited to join the Heart of Mercy Society. Contact Kevin Connelly at 773-273-4167 or visit the
 planned giving page at misericordia.org. Additionally, gift annuities will give you an opportunity to receive an annual fixed
 income for the rest of your life, as well as possible tax deduction in the year the gift is made. Gift annuities require a gift of
 $5,000 or more and the donor must be at least 65 years of age.
GRAND SPONSORS                                                      $2,500 or more
$25,000+                                                            Air Duct Cleaners
                                                                    Anheuser Busch/City Beverage (3,000)
                                                                    Bigane Paving
City of Chicago Employees
                                                                    William Blair and Company
Com Ed / An Exelon Company
                                                                    CT Corp / Matt Halpin
Covaria                                                             Chicago Board of Trade Foundation
Susan & Gary Garrabrant                                             Joan & Norman Chapman Foundation (3,000)
The Hartemayer Family                                               Honorable Richard M . Daley
IBM Employees                                                       Dominick’s
Laborers’ District Council                                          In Honor of Michael Early
    Charitable Foundation                                           F.N.B.C. of LaGrange
In Honor of Sister Rosemary                                         Bridget Flanagan
Fred B. Snite Foundation                                            Alfred Gruen
The Walsh Group                                                     ILIASIU (4,000)
Wetoska Packaging              $5,000 or more                       Madden Funds
                               Ashley Furniture
                               Augie’s on Wrightwood ($6,000)
                               The Edmund Boyle Family
                               Bruno & Tim’s Lounge ($7,500)
                               Corboy and Demetrio
                               The Brigid Dee Family
                               The Philip Doran Family
                               Flood Brothers
                               Gonnella Baking Company
                               Thomas J. Higgins Co.
                               H P Products / David Shuel
                               Huen Electric, Inc.
                               M & O Insulation
                               Marc Sargis Memorial Golf Outing

$10,000 or more
                                                                    Mahoney, Crowe & Goldrick, P.C.
                                                                    In Honor or Jesse Marymont
Alcatel-Lucent                                                      In Honor of Jack McDermott, Jr.
AON                                                                 The McDonald Group
Fred Barbara Investments                                            Timothy J. McDonough, MD
Castleark Management                                                J. M. McGann & Co
                                                                    Midwest Mechanical
The Hanley Family (12,000)
                                                                    Dr. Mittleman
The Mortensen Family
                                                                    The Para Family
The Peterman Family (20,000)
                                                                    Dr. Mittleman
Rabjohn’s Financial Group                                           The Para Family
Ram Racing / Northshore Half                                        Riordan & Scully Insurance
Marathon (12,000+)                                                  Softer Lite Windows
UNO Students (13,506.46)       McKinsey & Company                   Sport Events / David Shuel (4,000)
U S Foods                      McMahon Food (7,000)                 Wells Fargo
                               Misericordia Family Association      The Walter Zegers Family
                               Misericordia SIBS
                               Misericordia Women’s Auxiliary
                               James W. Palmer Family
                               Family of Margaret M. Pittroff
                               Reyes Brothers Event
                               Simms, Blakely & Brown (7,500)
                               Terry Sullivan/Cliffs of Moher Pub
                               Walgreen Co.
                               Wilkin Insulation
                               Zia’s for Misericordia
                      2010 CORPORATE SPONSORS
                                         Citizens for Richard Devine
                                         Devon Bank
                                         Donation Deals
                                         Donovan Food Brokerage
                                         Gallaher State Farm Insurance
                                         Dr. Dennis Gates
                                         The Geller Family (2,000)
                                         Gibson’s Steakhouse
                                         Jeff Giovannetti & Teri Corcoran   LSV Asset Management
                                         The John Gleason Family            McKesson Foundation
$1,000 or more                                                              Merrill Lynch – Patrick Nimrod
Abbey Resort & Avanti Spa                                                   Dr. Joseph Messer
Ancient Order of Hibernians in America                                      The Craig Miller Family
Anonymous                                                                   In Honor of John & Peg Moriarty
Tom Arundel                                                                 Mullen Law Offices
Associated Landscape Management                                             In Honor of Andrew Myers
The Babjak Family                                                           Nagurski Kiddie Rides
S. J. Bacik Construction Company                                            Nash Brothers Construction
In Honor of Heidi Bauman                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Parsons
        and her sister Julie                                                PBX Social Club (2,000)
Dr. Richard T Beaty (2,000)                                                 Mark Porter
Marvin Bloom, Attorney at Law
Carl Buddig Meats                        Gleneagles Country Club (2,000)
                                         Joe & Joanne Grano
                                         Tim & Wendy Grano
                                         Great Lakes Advisors / Tom Kiley
                                         Dr. Steven Hersh
                                         Thomas Hynes & Carol Jones
                                         Infratel (1,750)
                                         J B Pizza
                                         Jamerson & Bauwens
                                         Jeffrey Jasica                     Print Post
                                         Jennings Chevrolet                 Priority Printing
                                         Jennings Volkswagen                Progressive Communications
                                         Michael & Brandon Kanter           Projex Inc. / Jack & Judy Althoff
                                         John Kofler                        Lorrie R.
Dr. Glenn Cabin                          Land & Lakes / The Cowhey Family   Red Rock Builders
Richard D. Cagney                        Lipkin & Higgins                   Riggio’s
Carpenter’s Local 58                                                        David & Julie Russo
Carpenter’s Local 80                                                        St. Francis Hospital
Carpenter’s Local 181                                                       Samathas Foods
Chicago Beverage Company                                                    The Semla Family
Chicago Show / The Snediker Family                                          Shoreline Sightseeing
Chicago Zoological Society                                                  Mary and Terry Smith
Children’s Care & Development Center                                        SONOMA
Dr. Sydney Choslovsky                                                       Standard Provisions
CIENA                                                                       D. Phyllis Stefan
Classic Party Rental                                                        Sunrise Electric Supply
Marlo and Mike Cohen                                                        Sylvester Construction Services
Michael T. Collins                                                          In Honor of Wayne Taveggia
Columbus Food                                                               The Viswanathan Family
The Robin Cox Family                                                        Watra Church Goods
Cozzini Inc.                                                                Westell
           In Memory
 The practice of asking for donations to a favorite
   charity in lieu of flowers to commemorate the
  death of a loved one is very thoughtful. In the
  past few months, such requests have resulted in
  donations that benefit Misericordia. We thank
     those benefactors and their families, and
 respectfully ask that you remember them in your                  THE BELLISSIMA OPERA, made up of Christine Steyer,
                thoughts and prayers.                             soprano, Franco Martorana, tenor and Paul Geiger, bass-baritone,
                                                                  made a visit to Misericordia for a special performance on
    Margaret “Doll/Nana” Baran; Herbert Berman “The               September 28. Special thanks to Ann Marie and Giuseppe Quercia
   Chief”; Helen T. Bross; Eugene “Jim” J. Carney; Mary           of Freddy’s Pizza and parent Patty Ramirez for bringing this
   Colette “Lolly” Considine; Cassie Daley; Lena Parrulli         wonderful trio to Misericordia! Pictured above: Franco, Paul and
   DiMonte; Marita Grady Dolan; Patrick J. Doyle; Rev.            Christine of Bellissima Opera are pictured with excited concert goers.
  Joseph “Bud” Edward Duggan; Anna E. Ebner; Thomas
   E. English; William R.”Bill” Fahey; Eileen E. Gerber;
  Sandra E. Haffey; Mary O’Malley Hall; Mary Kathleen
 Hickman; Nona P. Hoag; Norman G. Holmstrom; Angela
 A. Ignasiak; James E. Johann ; Rose M. Klenn; Christine
 “Sis” Lavelle; Adam Lehman; Eleanor Luciew; George J.
  Matthews; James R. McDonald; William D. McDonald,
   Jr.; Robert S. McLean; Martin V. Munster; Evelyn M.
 Palmer; John Conrad Plimpton; Jennie A. Potocky; Marie
 Antonia Quinlan; Edward T. Rickert; John F. Riley; Lois
    Rochford; Joseph Edward Rossi; Adeline D. Sargant;
     Mary Ann Teretta; Rita P. Tiberi; Lorraine Wallace;
  Patricia M. “Tricia” Walsh; Mary Bridget Whitty; David
                       Zbaraz, M.D.                               GO CHICAGO BEARS!
                                                                  Oh yes! That is real! That is Edmund, Joe and Bernadette Boyle
                                                                  with Coach Lovie Smith at Soldier Field. Joe was tapped to act as
                                                                  honorary captain for the coin toss at the September 12 game
                                                                  against the Detroit Lions by none other than Lovie Smith himself!
                                                                  A giant THANK YOU to Lovie for donating tickets for
                                                                  Misericordia residents to attend Bears games at Soldier Field
                                                                  throughout the season and making the dreams of so many of our
                                                                  residents come true!
                                                                                                               Thank you to
                                                                                                               RAM Racing
                                                                                                               for naming

HEARTRACERS SET THE PACE!                                                                                      Misericordia as the
                                                                                                               beneficiary of the
Thank you to the 43 runners who made up the Misericordia
Heartracers Team. Each runner set a goal of raising $1,000                                                     annual Northshore
for Misericordia AND completing the 26.2 grueling miles                                                        Half-Marathon and
that make up the Chicago Marathon. We are happy to                                                             donating over $12,000!
report that all runners lived to tell about it! As you know,
this marathon doesn’t end at the finish line...Runners are
still accepting donations on the website in case you missed              The Internal Revenue Service requires receipts for
your chance to throw some support their way! Support                     donations of $250 or more. Receipts for individual
your favorite Heartracer at misericordia.org. Special thanks        donations under that amount can be requested or we would
to Margaret Feller for donating the Heartracer t-shirts for all      be happy to send a summary of all donations at the end of
of our runners, Tom Zipprich, Jenny Frain and Therese                            the year. Please contact Tessa at
Loftus for coordinating the Heartracers. Job well done!                        773-273-2768 or tessag@misericordia.
 is rolling around soon!
 Hosted by the Misericordia
 Women’s Board, under
 the leadership
 of event
 Bennetta Kelly and Women’s Board
 President Michelle Laughlin,
 this black-tie-optional event features
 spectacular auction items, a lovely sit-down
 dinner, an enthusiastic performance by the
 Misericordia Heartbreakers and dancing to the live music of the Ken
 Arlen Orchestra.
 The Women’s Board has chosen to honor John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe
 with the Heart of Mercy Award and Alderman Edward M. and Justice
 Anne M. Burke with the Sister Rosemary Connelly Medallion.
 Don’t miss your chance to be part of the Heart of Mercy Ball on Friday,
 November 12 at the Four Seasons Hotel. For more information or to
 make a reservation, please call Bennetta at 773-580-9808.

 Calling all employees of federal agencies! Please remember that
 Misericordia is eligible for your 2010 campaign contribution.
 Thanks to all who designated us in 2009, $16,000 was pledged to            Grab your team and join us for an evening you
 support our children and adults. Our CFC Code: 43851.                      won’t want to miss! On March 19, the
                                                                            Misericordia Women’s League will be hosting their
GET THE NEWSLETTER VIA EMAIL                                                15th annual fundraiser, Misericordia March
Switching to the electronic version of this newsletter will save            Madness, at the Chicago Marriott Southwest in
Misericordia postage and help the environment! Please email your            Burr Ridge. More than 500 friends and supporters
request to newsletter@misericordia.com. To stop receiving the               of Misericordia will enjoy an evening including a
paper newsletter, you must include your name, address, and zip code or,     lovely dinner, DJ music, live and silent auctions
if available, the 5 or 6 digit ID number located to the right of your       and exciting games. Guests will be able to watch
address on this newsletter.                                                 their favorite college teams on big screen TVs
                                                                            throughout the entire night in a casual, fun setting.
                              HARVESTING HOPE                               If you need additional information, contact
                                                                            Elizabeth Pyle at epyle2000@yahoo.com
                              More than 300 staff, residents, parents and
                              friends came to Misericordia’s Campus for
                              the 6th annual Harvest of Hope Walk held
                              on Sunday, October 17.
                                                                             SAVE THE DATE!
                                We who live and work at Misericordia are             HEART OF MERCY BALL
                                blessed to have such tremendous support           Friday, Nov 12, 2010 - 773-273-4177
                                from our community and beyond. The
                                Harvest of Hope Charity Walk was                        HOLIDAY BRUNCHES
                                developed as a way for the residents and       Sundays, Dec 5 & 12, 2010 - 773-273-4189
their loved ones to recognize this
gift and give back to others in
                                                                                    FIRST LOOK FOR CHARITY
need in their own way.                                                           Thursday, Feb 10, 2011 - 773-273-4175

The proceeds will go to “A New                                              WOMEN’S AUXILIARY SPRING BENEFIT
Day Cambodia,” a charity that                                                     Friday, March 4, 2011 - 773-273-4160
helps feed, clothe and educate
impoverished children of                                                     WOMEN’S LEAGUE MARCH MADNESS
Cambodia.                                                                        Saturday, Mar 19, 2011 - 773-273-4175
C H R I S T M A S C H E E R IS H E R E !
                                                                      COFFEE FROM THE HEART
                                                                      Brand new this year! What could be better
                                                                      than a warm cup of freshly ground coffee?
                                                                      Freshly ground and packaged at
                                                                      Misericordia, that is. Visit us online to
                                                                      place your order! You can also pick up
HOLIDAY CARDS MADE AT MISERICORDIA                                    a sampler pack, 12 oz bag or a full pound
Residents who participate in our Art Studio Work                      at the Greenhouse Inn Restaurant. The
Opportunity Programs create beautiful paintings used for our          Restaurant is open Tuesday - Friday from 11:00 a.m. until
cards. Our cards are 5”x7” and come in packs of 10                    2:30 p.m. and Sunday from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.
(envelopes are included). Imprinting is available and orders
can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. To see our full selection                                      HOLIDAY BRUNCHES
and place your order visit us online! For more info, please                                       Toast the holidays with family and
call 773-273-2763 or email tinas@misericordia.com.                                                friends at Misericordia’s
                                                                                                  Champagne Brunches, to be held
                        HEARTS & FLOUR                                                            on Sunday, December 5 & 12 in
                        BAKERY GIFT BOXES                                                         the Jean Marie Ryan Center at
                        You are only a click away from                                            Misericordia! $55 for adults,
                        sending a gift box full of goodies            $12.95 for children 6-12 yrs. Call 773-273-4189 or email
                        made by the bakers in the Hearts &            nancy.turry@misericordia.com to make your reservation.
                        Flour Bakery. We hope you will                Limited seating still available!
                        choose our Bakery as your gift giving
                        option all year long! For more info,          SANTA IS STILL A SECRET
                        please call 773-273-4759 or email             Be a Secret Santa for a child or adult at
                        bakery@misericordia.com.                      Misericordia. Contact Theresa Rooney
                                                                      for our wishlist at 773-273-4161 or
AMARYLLIS KITS                                                        theresar@misericordia.com.
Our gardeners nurture and love the plants
and flowers that grow in our Greco Gardens                                                         LEND A HOLIDAY HAND
and Greenhouse. For the holiday season,                                                            The spirit of the season is evident,
they team up with the artists in our Studio                                                        as Misericordia is buzzing with
Arts programs to create Amaryllis Kits. The                                                        our caring volunteers. To
kits include one Amaryllis bulb, soil pellets,                                                     volunteer, contact Theresa Rooney
hand-painted pot and care instructions. Add                                                        at 773-273-4161 or
a little water and love and beautiful flowers                                                      theresar@misericordia.com.
are yours to enjoy! Our gardeners will gladly package and
ship our Amaryllis Kits from our home to yours.
                                                                      SHOPPING GUILT-FREE
THE PERFECT PRESENT                                                   Our Heartstrings gift shops offer
Fretting over what to buy for those hard-to-please friends and        something for everyone. We’re
family members? Make a donation to Misericordia and a                 open Tuesday-Friday and Sunday
beautiful card, created by residents of Misericordia, will be         between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30
sent to the recipients to let them know you made a gift in            p.m.Christmas Shop opens
their honor. Visit us online at misericordia.org or call Tessa        Tuesday, November 9.
at 773-273-2768.
    Misericordia is a residential facility serving children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities from diverse ethnic,
   religious, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds. A not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, Misericordia is operated by the Sisters of
 Mercy under the auspices of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago. Misericordia is located at 6300 N. Ridge, Chicago, IL 60660, 773-
 973-6300. You can find Misericordia on the Internet at misericordia.org or misericordia.com. The Misericordia Newsletter is published
            quarterly and is written and designed by Susan Whitwell. Please send any comments about the newsletter to Sue at
     sue@misericordia.com or to 6300 N. Ridge Ave., Chicago, IL 60660. If you would like to add, remove or change your contact
           information on the newsletter mailing list, please contact Tessa Garcia at 773-273-2768 or tessag@misericordia.com.

   MISERICORDIA u 6300 North Ridge Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660                           u   773-973-6300      u    misericordia.org

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