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					Larry Keith Advisory Colleges

           Georgette Dent, MD
   Associate Dean for Student Affairs
 Distinguished Medical Alumni Teaching
   Associate Professor of Pathology &
          Laboratory Medicine
             Larry Keith

• A life –long educator, administrator and student advocate
• Assistant dean for admission
• Associate director of the Office of Educational
• Director of special programs including the Medical
  Educational Development Program

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       Goals of Advising System

 • Provide a pool of diverse and well trained
   faculty to serve as advisors for medical
 • Foster a relationship between each student
   and a faculty member where students can
   receive guidance and counseling in order to
   be successful in their endeavors to create
   their own physician identity.
 • Promote a relationship which is free from
   conflicts of interest which might preclude
   open and honest communication.

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 • Students are required to meet with Advisors
   once each semester.
 • Additional meetings can be scheduled as
 • Students are strongly encouraged to attend
   Advisory College Brown Bag Lunch Series.
 • Our hope is to establish a community – your
   participation in required meetings, social
   events, etc. is vital!

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What can the advisors do for you?
        Preclinical Years
 • 1st Year
     » Adjusting to medical school
     » Study skills resources
     » Life/school balance
     » How do I start preparing for a competitive
     » What should I do this summer?
 • 2nd Year
        » 3rd year schedule
        » Should I do a research, MPH or other
            graduate study year?
        » How can I access resources for Step 1
            preparation?                            5
What can the advisors do for you?
          Clinical Years

• 3rd Year
   » Adjusting to clinical training
   » Due process issues
   » Mistreatment issues
   » 4th year schedule
   » Should I do an away elective during my 4th year?
• 4th Year
   » Get advice on the Match (career goal advisors,
      personal statements, how many programs should I
      apply to, etc.?)
   » Will write Dean’s Letters (Medical Student
      Performance Evaluations/MSPEs)

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         Medical School is both
       Rewarding and Demanding!
• Our goal is to create an environment to help
  you succeed
• The practice of medicine is a high stress
  environment which may expose hidden
     » E.g., anxiety disorders, depression, eating
       disorders, learning disabilities, attention deficit
• Advisors provide a safe environment where
  you can ask for help if needed
• Other resources include Drs. Ingersoll as well
  as Dr. O’Barr and his colleagues
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  Potential Conflicts of Interest
• Advisors are trained to be “specialty neutral”
• Some advisors have multiple roles:
     »   Course directors
     »   Clerkship directors
     »   Program directors
     »   Small group instructors
     »   Clinical preceptors
• Multiple roles give them incredible knowledge
  but can also create conflicts of interests
• Program has built in redundancy
• We make every attempt to not have advisors
  in a role where they are directly evaluating you
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          UNCSOM Faculty Advisors

Keith Amos, MD   Kevin Biese,    Alice Chuang,    Elizabeth B.    Craig Fowler, MD
                  MD, MAT         MD, FACOG       Dreesen, MD,

                                                                   Amy Weil, MD
                 Lisa Hightow-      Edward
   Robert E.
                   Weidman        Kernick, DPM   Erin Malloy MD
  Gwyther, MD,

 • 5 Advisory Colleges
 • 10 Advisors
       » 2 Advisors per college
 • 11 Student Advocates from each year
       » 1 Chief Advocate for each year
       » 2 Advocates per college for each year
 • 1 Administrative Coordinator
 • Corresponds with 5 Berryhill labs and 5

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                 Cefalo College

•     Named for Robert C. Cefalo MD, PhD

•     Professor emeritus of obstetrics and gynecology in the UNC School of Medicine
•     Director of the medical residency and fellowship programs at UNC hospitals for 25 years.
•     A Boston native who earned his undergraduate degree at Boston College, his medical
      degree from Tufts University and his PhD from Georgetown.
•     In 1956, he entered the U.S. Navy where he completed his residency training and served
      until he joined the UNC faculty in 1979.
•     In 2007, he received the Courage to Lead Award from the American Council on Graduate
      Medical Education.
•     Dr. Cefalo embodies the leadership skills and commitment to educating future physicians
      that we hope to nurture in our students.

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             Cefalo College
 • Advisors:
    » Alice Chuang, MD
    » Edward “Ed” Kernick, DPM

 • Advocates:
    » Andrew White (MS2)
    » Amarpreet Kaur (MS2)
    » Thomas Brinkley (MS3)
    » Lauren Rust (MS3)
    » Amber Franz (MS4)
    » Fortune Egbulefu (MS4)

 • Berryhill Lab: 401
 • Homeroom: 322 MacNider Hall
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             Dimock College
•   Named for Susan Dimock, M.D.

•   Born 1847 in Washington, North Carolina
•   As a child she borrowed medical books from the local physician, Dr. Solomon Sampson Satchwell,
    and followed him on his rounds.
•   Moved with mother to Massachusetts after father died in the Civil War.
•   Enrolled at the New England Hospital for Women & Children, which allowed women to receive
    medical training but did not grant degrees.
•   Was admitted to the University of Zurich in 1868 where she became one of seven women who helped
    revolutionize women's medical education between 1864 and 1874, opening the door to full
    coeducation of male and female students.
•   She wrote her dissertation in 1871 receiving her medical degree with honors.
•   Became known for her surgical skills and for developing the first graded school of nursing in the
    United States.
•   She was also the first woman to be admitted to the North Carolina Medical Society.
•   Dr. Dimock died on May 8, 1875 at the age of 28 when the steamship SS Schiller ran aground in fog
    off England's Scilly Isles.
•   Dr. Dimock embodies the pioneering spirit and commitment to patient care and education of future
    health care providers
             Dimock College
 • Advisors:
    » Elizabeth “Liz” Dreesen, MD
    » Craig Fowler, MD

 • Advocates:
    » Amber Kernodle (MS2)
    » Joe McLellan (MS2)
    » Jacob Wang (MS3)
    » Daniel Watford (MS3)
    » Tyler Jones (MS4)
    » Mastafa Springton (MS4)

 • Berryhill Lab: 411
 • Homeroom: 18 MacNider Hall
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              Simkins College
•   Named for George Simkins Jr., DDS

•   A dentist in Greensboro as well as a civil rights activist who was president of the local
    NAACP chapter from 1959 to 1984
•   He and several other black men were arrested in 1955 for trespassing after playing nine
    holes at the Gillespie Park Golf Course
•   He and the other men appealed their convictions all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court,
    which ruled against them by a 5 to 4 vote.
•   Their sentences were eventually commuted by Governor Luther Hodges.
•   Simkins also sued to desegregate Wesley Long Community and Moses Cone hospitals,
    the public libraries, and the municipal tennis and golf facilities.
•   He embodied spirit of diversity and the pursuit to achieve equality of access for all
    people which we hope to nurture in our students.

              Simkins College
             Simkins College
 • Advisors:
    » Keith Amos, MD
    » Amy Weil, MD

 • Advocates:
    » Indira Gowda (MS2)
    » Nathaniel Slater (MS2)
    » Mary Campion (MS3)
    » Ronnie Milam (MS3)
    » Trevor Royce (MS43)
    » Elizabeth Reichard (MS4)
 • Berryhill Lab: 404
 • Homeroom: G010 Bondurant Hall
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           Smithies College
•   Named for Oliver Smithies, PhD

•   He was born in England in 1925 and earned a bachelors degrees in physiology and
    chemistry at Balliol College in Oxford and earned a doctorate there in 1951.
•   An Excellence Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of
    North Carolina at Chapel Hill
•   Co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2007 along with Mario
    Capecchi of the University of Utah and Martin Evans of Cardiff University.
•   Credited with the invention of gel electrophoresis and the simultaneous discovery with
    Mario Capecchi, of the technique of homologous recombination of transgenic DNA with
    genomic DNA the technique behind targeting and knockout mice.
•   Dr. Smithies dates his love of science back to an early fascination with radios and
    telescopes. He is still actively working and pursuing his hobby of flying airplanes.
•   Dr. Smithies embodies the work ethic , spirit of innovation and the pursuit of knowledge
    that we hope to nurture in our students.

             Smithies College
 • Advisors:
    » Robert Gwyther, MD
    » Erin Malloy, MD

 • Advocates:
    » Jake Stein (MS2)
    » Michael Dorry (MS2)
    » Joseph Grubbs (MS3)
    » Charlie Pagels (MS3)
    » Angela Vandegrift (MS4)
    » Mihir Patel (MS4)
 • Berryhill Lab: 408
 • Homeroom: 2030 Bondurant Hall

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              William College
•   Named for Hugh Williamson M.D.

•   Born on Oterara Creek, in West Nottingham Township, Pa., on December 5, 1735
•   and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia in 1757.
•   He was a professor of mathematics in the College of Philadelphia and then studied medicine
    in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Utrecht, Holland.
•   Best known for representing North Carolina at the Constitutional Convention.
•   A signer of the Declaration of Independence
•   One of the original trustees of the University of North Carolina.
•   Returned to Philadelphia where he practiced medicine and engaged in business.
•   He was a member of the American Philosophical Society as well as a member of the
    commission to observe the transits of Venus and Mercury in 1773. At the time of the “Boston
    Tea Party” he was examined in England by the privy council. He returned to America
•   in 1776 settled in Edenton, N.C. where he engaged in mercantile pursuits.
•   During the Revolutionary War he was surgeon general of the North Carolina troops from
•   Dr. Williamson embodies the spirit of civic pride and service that we hope to nurture in our

                William College
 • Advisors:
       Kevin Biese, MD
       Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD

 • Advocates:
       »     Kaleigh Lindeman (MS2)
       »     Anna Rodenbough (MS2)
       »     Rachel Adams (MS3)
       »     Gary Burke (MS3)
       »     Nat Bailey (MS4)
       »     Neeti Doshi (MS4)
 • Berryhill Lab: 402
 • Homeroom: G074 Berryhill Hall
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   AC Lunch Curriculum – Save
           the Dates!
 • September 2, 2012 – Study Skills for a Successful
   First year
 • November 3, 2011 – Finding Idenity as a Medical
 • December 1, 2011 – Balancing Relationships in
   Medical School
 • February 23, 2012 – Careers in Medicine
 • March 1, 2011 – Wellness Check-In
 • April 5, 2012 – Transition to Second Year

10/20/2011                                             21
     Career Opportunities Series
              Thursday Meetings 2011-12
 •   August 25 – Pathology/Radiation Oncology/Radiology

 •   September 22 – Medicine (General & Subspecialties)

 •   October 27 – Family Medicine/Pediatrics/Medicine-Pediatrics

 •   November 10 – Anesthesiology/Emergency Medicine

 •   January 26, 2012 –Neurology/Neurosurgery/Psychiatry

 •   February 23, 2012 – Surgical Subspecialties (Ophthalmology,
     Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery, Urology)

 •   March 29, 2012 – General Surgery/Obstetrics & Gynecology

 •   April 26, 2012 – Dermatology/Orthopaedic Surgery/Physical
     Medicine and Rehabilitation
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• Keith Amos –
• Kevin Biese –
• Alice Chuang –
• Liz Dreesen –
• Robert Gwyther –
• Ed Kernick –
• Erin Malloy –
• Craig Fowler –
• Amy Weil –
• Lisa Hightow-Weidman –
• Assistant to Dr. Georgette Dent and Administrative
  Coordinator for the Advisory Colleges – Jeri Copeland – or 962-8334
• Georgette Dent –
• Advisory college website –
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