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									                          Teacher Assessment Resources

1. Reeves, Douglas. Transforming Professional Development with Student Results, ASCD,
2. Marzano, Robert. The Art and Science of Teaching, ASCD, 2007.
3. Hall, Pete and Simeral Alisa. Building Teacher’s Capacity for Success, ASCD, 2008.
4. Tucker, Pamela D. and Stronge, James H. Linking Teacher Evaluation and Student
    Learning, ASCD, 2005.
5. Training Kits
        a. Qualities of Effective Teachers, ASCD, Presenter Guide and DVD, 2004.
        b. 21st Century Skills DVD, ASCD, (Dr. John Brown).
6. Du Four, Richard and Du Four, Rebecca. The Collaborative Teacher: Working Together as
    a Professional Learning Community, Solution Tree, 2008.
7. Allen, Richard Howell. Impact Teaching, Allen and Bacon, 2002.
8. Fisher, Douglas and Frey, Nancy. Better Learning Through Structured Teaching. ASCD,
9. Aseltine, James M., Faryniarz, Judith O. and Rigazio – Di Gilio, Anthony J. Supervision for
    Learning, ASCD, 2006.
10. Glickman, Carl D. Leadership for Learning: How to Help Teachers Succeed, ASCD, 2002.
11. Danielson, Charlotte. Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework For Teaching 2nd
    Edition, ASCD, 2007.
12. O’Neill, Jan and Conzemius, Anne. The Power of SMART Goals: Using Goals to Improve
    Student Learning. Solution Tree, 2006.
13. Educational Leadership, ASCD issues
14. Improving Professional Practice, March 2006, Vol. 63, No. 6
15. Teachers as Leaders, September 2007, Vol. 65, No. 1
16. The Key to Changing The Teaching Profession, May 2010, Vol. 67, No. 8

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