James Bond by pengxiuhui


									• Outside your venue: Meet & greet characters to
WoW guests as they arrive.
• Inside your drinks reception: Artists and
musicians to create the definitive James Bond
• Once guests are seated for dinner: Dance
• WoW Performers dressed in a 2nd amazing
• Living Statues to flank the speech maker
• Post dinner: Incredible stage shows
• Artists to provide unique photo opportunities for
guests as they take to the dance floor.
• Bands, DJ’s & Tributes.
• Fun Den-Interactive Entertainment.
• Room Décor & Theming.
• Testimonials/FAQ’s.
 Outside your venue: Meet & greet characters
        to WoW guests as they arrive

                            Spoof Paparazzi

Living Statues
                 Fire Tricksters (Dance Into The Fire!)
 We provide unbiased, unrivalled and
 truthful advice about genuine look-
   alikes. We search the country for
character actors who actually look like
their famous double and who can play
 the role of your favourite star. Thus,
an injection of celebrity ‘wow’ factor is
 generated by all of our Dead Ringer
      The ultimate drinks reception!
        Artists to create the definitive 007 Atmosphere!

                              Close Up Magicians
Balloon Modellers                                               Stilt Walkers

            Glitter Artists
                                            Feather Showgirls
   Gold Fingers are an internationally
    renowned close up magician and
   caricaturist with the suave manner
 associated with the British Super Spy!
Tuxedo wearing performers who provide
  excellent souvenirs for people to take
   home as well as a wealth of exciting
What could be better than to inject the sounds of live sax into your event! Ideal
music for a Bond theme dinner and reception events. One of our solo performers
will provide live sax music to specialist backing tracking & will do his utmost to
                    accommodate your schedule and briefing.
  Sophisticated background music performed by one if the UK’s
 most versatile ensembles. There’s nothing like live music to set
   the tone and mood for an extraordinary evening! Listen and
watch an awesome collection of material with musicians dressed
in elegant evening wear. Bond Classics and standards are always
well received. The standard line up features Female Vocals or Sax
     plus keyboards and double bass, with larger formats also
Once guests are seated for dinner:
    The 007 Dance Cabaret

  A treat for singing and dancing enthusiasts!
  This cabaret show features exciting and innovative dance choreography
  (with option of stunning live vocals).
  Choose a show from our wide range of existing routines or, if you
  require something a little more specialised, talk to us about designing
  and creating your own show.
  All shows feature option of male, female or mixed line ups, female
  vocalist and multiple costume changes.
          Once guests are seated for dinner:
         WoW Performers dressed in a 2nd amazing costume!
•   Artists to create a unique
    atmosphere as guests wine &
•   Watch your guests take photos
    with their camera phones of
    themselves with our performers!
•   Artists to provide assistance with
    any fund raising activities          Bond Walkabout Artists

                                                                     Giant Spies!

                                             James Bond adventurer
        Drinks Vixens
                                             riding Emus
Living Statues to flank the speech maker
                                                        “My name is Bond”, you know the rest. What you
                                                        didn't know is that they come in threes AND they
                                                        sing! Tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, James,
                                                        James and James smoothly and hilariously get
                                                        amongst the audience whilst belting out an array of
                                                        magnificent tunes, as memorable as they are unique.
                                                        Diamonds are Forever, Thunderball, Goldfinger, Live
                                                        and Let Die, the list goes on!

“Absolutely sensational... You're terrific!”            We've shaken in lashings of charm, stirred in some
The Honourable John Howard, Australian Prime Minister   slick moves and more one-liners than Bond could
                                                        poke his stick at! On top of it all, audiences discover
                                                        just who the REAL Bond is... OOH James!
  03300-500 777 info@77events.co.uk
Post dinner: Incredible stage shows
                 • The Snow Show: Arctic
                   Explorers shower the dance
                   floor with fake snow (don’t
                   worry it’s ‘dry’ and non-slip
                 • Dance & Grind Show: Artists
                   shower each other with ‘cold’
                   angle grind sparks as they
                   dance to the D.J.’s 1st tracks;
                   an amazing spectacle and
                   better than indoor fireworks!
                 • Glow, Fire & Grind Shows:
                   Great UV effects!
The theming of events is now one of the most important
   factors in the success of a party. This band know the
importance of providing fantastic entertainment which
 is why companies including Microsoft, Red Bull, BMW
  etc have experienced the magic of The Band with the
Golden Touch. This is a stunning 5 piece band who have
       thrilled audiences all over Europe with their
 choreographed mayhem, energetic stage performances
                    and excellent music!
     Energy and enthusiasm from a 5 piece live
     band which specialises in the conference and
     private party entertainment. The Party
     Animals have built their awesome
     reputation on playing identifiable hits that
     people love to dance to. They deliver a
     bespoke approach to hit-playing: young or
     old, music buffs or not, everyone enjoys a
     Party Animals performance because their
     repertoire is as varied as chart history itself.
     The band’s 1st set will feature 007 classics;
     they will then move into a party set!!

“Music perfect for the night…” Silkstone Golf Club
Surely’s sensational tribute show captures all the power, passion and glamour of
                            Dame Shirley in her prime!
A truly unforgettable experience and Surely can perform her show in a number
of formats, including Solo, with a pianist and as a Frank Sinatra & Shirley Bassey

   "Thanks so much for coming, everyone really enjoyed your performance, and it really
       helped the night go with a swing!" Liz West, MGM organiser - Los Angeles

 "I thought you really made the evening happen so thanks a million and hope to work with
          you again some time soon" Kate Bradford, Freelance organiser - London
          Party Bands, Tributes & D.J.s
      •                in-                        UK’s
          Tap into our in-depth knowledge of the UK s music scene
      •   A packed dance floor will ensure the best party ever!!

Bogus Brothers       BroadBand          Funtime Frankies      Northern Xposure

              Tribute Bands & Artists                        Discos
          Contact us to view specific artist publicity via our websites
           The band strikes up or the D.J. begins:
            Our artists burn up the dance floor!

Electric Butterflies                        Bond Feather Girls
                         Dancing Emus
            •Artists to provide unique photo opportunities as guests
            reach for their camera phones!
            •Guests are given a dance of a lifetime with our unique
            WoW Performers
   Taking the concept of Fun Casinos out of the dark ages, our
              presentation features ‘flare’ croupiers!
 We offer full size self contained tables, with choices including
    Roulette, Chinese Crapps, Crapps, Poker and the casino is
    complete with all the necessary gaming equipment. Great
 compliment for guests who don’t enjoy dancing and a brilliant
money spinner for fund raising events. The Casino Manager will
  allocate every guest with a £10,000 Fun Money note. Guests
   then exchange this for gaming chips at the table – with the
croupiers providing the laughter and the instructions of how to
Loopy Weddings!              Fun Casino                  007 Scalextrix                    Wii
Couples queue for                                                                      Wii games
                       Our professional                  Our unique
 our crazy Vicar to                                                                   equipment
                        croupiers host                Scalextrix track
  marry them in a                                                                    installed and
                        games such as                  supervised by
 specially created                                                                  supervised for
“Love Chapel” and
                        Blackjack and                     our 'Stig'
                                                                                   the enjoyment of
     leave with            Roulette.                   lookalike from
                                                                                   queuing guests.
      wedding                                         Top Gear – ask
     certificate                                      about including
      souvenir!                                          Bond cars!
            Our operators are in control at all times and are covered by Public Liability Insurance
 Retro Games         Fun With Food &                 Video Karaoke                  Bouncy Ents
Choices include                                      Our D.J.s take
                                                                                    Rodeo Bulls,
Pac Man, Space         Chocolate &                   requests from
 Invaders, Pin           Bailey’s                      'have a go'
                                                                                    Jousts, Surf
 Ball and Table       Fountains, Ice                  contestants.
   Football.           Sculptures,
                                                                                    Human Table
                     Tequila Slammer
                                                                                   Football, Giant
                        Girls etc.
                                                                                    Twister etc..
          Our operators are in control at all times and are covered by Public Liability Insurance
                                 Our 007 Theme
                                  Sets include:
                                  • Stage Sets
                                    • Bespoke
      Contact us for a free consultation & site visit
Am I limited to the artists/suggestions that are featured in this proposal and on your website?
No. We have an in depth knowledge of the UK event scene. Thus, contact us with your instructions and we will then direct you to specific
artist websites until you find what you are looking for.

How do I know that the suggestions in this proposal are suitable for my event?
We have an incredible client retention rate: this shows that we deliver the ultimate service and the best advice. Please call us anytime so we
can explore all the event solutions available to you.

Do your artists travel?
The artists on our “tried and tested” list travel to all parts of the UK and have vast event experience.

Am I paying a premium rate?
We will save you time and money: We deliver the most competitive prices because of our buying power and negotiating skills with artists. We
offer a price comparison service. We also provide invaluable advice about production and event logistics which often leads to cost savings.

What other benefits do you offer with your service?
We offer a full event management service. Reliability, punctuality and professionalism are guaranteed with the confirmation documentation that
we provide. In the unlikely event of artist illness, we will work around the clock to ensure suitable cover.
Venue Finding Service                Chart Acts & Celebrities

Décor & Room Layout Service          Team Building

Catering Solutions                   Background Music

Dead Ringers                         WoW Factor Impact Performers

Conference Speakers & Awards         Children’s Entertainment
Presenters                           Party Bands

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