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									                               MAST ACADEMY
                         AP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE
                                MS. BRANTON
                         POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

                            COURSE DESCRIPTION
The purpose of this course is to study the interaction of man with the
environment. The content will include scientific analysis, fundamental principles
and concepts about the interdependence of earth’s systems, population
dynamics, distribution, ownership, and use degradation of renewable and
nonrenewable resources, environmental quality, global changes and their
consequences, environment and society, and choices for the future.

                                    CLASS RULES
1. Be in seat and ready for class when the bell rings.
   Every three tardies will result in lowering of conduct grade. First block
   students arriving to class after 8:00 a.m. must have a pass from the
   attendance office.

2. Bring all required materials to class.

3. No eating or drinking in class.

4. No using profanity or language that is offensive to others.

5. Remain seated until the dismissal bell rings.

6. Refrain from any behavior that disrupts the learning environment in any way.

7. Electronic devices of any type including, but not limited to, cell phones, digital
   cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), BlackBerry smart phones,
   Bluethooth-enabled devices, MP3 players, i-Pods, email-messaging devices,
   and any other electronic or communication device are not to be worn and/or
   used in class. First time offenders will receive a warning. Second time
  offenders will have their property confiscated until the end of class.

8. Follow all school rules.

Whenever a student is absent it is the student’s responsibility to make up work
missed within one week of the return date. Make-up work will only be accepted if
the absence is excused. This includes tests. The same applies for indoor/outdoor
suspension. Excessive absences and/or tardiness will negatively affect your final
Laboratory experimentation and exploration are a large part of this course. It is
vital that the students follow all laboratory procedures and safety rules/guidelines.
Failure to comply with behavior expectations can result in removal from the lab

                                     LAB FEE
Every student enrolled in an AP Science class will be assessed a fee of twelve
dollars to defray the costs of lab materials.

Students will have assigned seats arranged alphabetically. You are to sit in your
assigned seat everyday.

                              RESTROOM PASSES
Restroom passes will only be given in cases of emergency. Each student will be
given four passes to the restroom each grading period. Students must sign in
and out on a restroom log to keep track of the passes given.

Students will be assigned one chapter from the Miller: Living in the Environment
textbook each week. A quiz will be given at the end of the time allotted. Each
quiz will be worth one grade.

Students are required to have a three-ringed binder with dividers in class every
day. Notebook should be used only for Science and should not contain work
from other classes. Students will use the notebooks to organize their notes in
chronological order. Notebook checks will be conducted periodically without prior
warning. Notebook checks are worth one grade each.

                              ACADEMIC INTEGRITY
The penalty for plagiarism or cheating is an automatic zero for the assignment,
notification to parents, and full implementation of the disciplinary routine specified
in most recent MDCPS Code of Student Conduct. The first infraction carries a
minimum penalty of parent notification and referral to administration.

Quarterly grades will be based on the student’s performance on assignments,
homework, quizzes, tests, labs, notebook checks, and projects. Students will also
be given a class participation grade that will be averaged in each grading period.
Miami-Dade County Public School’s grading scale is as follows:

90-100% - A                                   60-69% - D
80-89% - B                                    under 60% - F
70-79% - C
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