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Senior Guide by nuhman10


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Senior Resource Guide
          for the
    Babylon Rotary Club
       Service Area

                                              Compiled October 2009
The Babylon Rotary Club is a service organization aiming to support our local
residents in a variety of ways, including the creation of this Senior Resource Guide
(with the help of professional Suffolk County librarian Norma S. Nelson). In these
difficult economic times, this guide hopes to help connect our local seniors with a
wide assortment of available resources in the Babylon Rotary’s service area
including: Babylon Village, North Babylon, West Babylon and West Islip.

Disclaimer: The Babylon Rotary Club does not necessarily endorse any of
the following resources listed.

Topics in this guide include:
                                HEALTH RESOURCES
                                FOOD AND CLOTHING OPTIONS
                                SOCIAL SERVICES
                                FINANCIAL RESOURCES
                                SOCIALIZATION OPTIONS
                                TRANSPORTATION AID

[―To wish to be well is a part of becoming well.‖ Seneca quotations, mid
century, AD]

• Our local libraries host many health related workshops. Call your local
library for details on upcoming health related events. Recent offerings have

— Babylon Public Library
   24 South Carll Avenue, Babylon, NY 631 669-1624
Free Blood Pressure Screening, ―Get Fit While You Sit,‖ Tai Chi for
Arthritis, Mental Health Clinic

— North Babylon Public Library
   815 Deer Park Avenue, North Babylon, NY 631 669-4020
Alzheimer’s and Caregiving

— West Babylon Public Library
    211 Route 109, West Babylon, NY 631 669-5445
Arthritis Awareness, Meditation for Everyday Living, Hearing Aids and
Hearing Loss for Seniors, ―Is Your Sleep Keeping You Awake?‖ Learn to be
Tobacco Free, Celiac Disease

— West Islip Public Library
   3 Higbie Lane, West Islip, NY 631 661-7080
The ABC’s of Diabetes, Boost Your Immune System Naturally, Free Blood
Pressure Screening, Tot Savers (CPR on children), Herbs for Winter Health,
Arthritis Support Group, TOPS 258 – Take Off Pounds Sensibly, American
Parkinson’s Disease Association’s West Islip Support Group

• GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL Montauk Highway, West Islip ( 631
376-4444) offers many health related screenings, workshops, lectures and
support groups. Recent offerings have included:
     Cholesterol and Glaucoma Screenings, ―How to Improve Balance and
Prevent Falls,‖ Bariatric Support Group, Prostate and Breast Cancer Support
Groups, Chronic Pain Support Group, Drop in Bereavement Support Group,
Free Community Health Fair

• Houses of Worship often host 12-step AA meetings, such as:
  — Christ Episcopal Church, 12 Prospect St., Babylon – Tues. 7am, and 7:30pm,
Fri. 7am
 — Church of Saint Joseph, 39 North Carll Ave., Babylon – Wed. 8pm
 — Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 576 Deer Park Ave., Babylon – Fri.
  — United Methodist Church of Babylon, 21 James St., Babylon – Mon. & Thurs.
  — Our Lady of Grace, 666 Albin Ave., West Babylon – Wed. 8pm, Fri. 7
and 8:00pm,      also Fri. 8:15pm and 9:15pm
  — Our Lady of Lourdes, 455 Hunter Ave., West Islip – Mon. & Tues. 8pm, Sat.
2 & 7pm
  — Westminster United Presbyterian Church, 109 Udall Rd., West Islip – Wed. &
Sun. 7:30pm

• AA meetings are also held at:

  — Bridge to Sobriety, Captree/Overlook, Babylon – Sun. 7am
  — Babylon Town Hall, Phelps Lane, North Babylon, Rm. 17 – Mon.
7:30pm, Tues.,
       11am & 6:30pm, Wed. 7pm, Thurs. 7:30pm, Fri. 11am & 7:00pm,
Sat. 9:30am and Sunday 3pm
  — Good Samaritan Hospital, Montauk Highway, West Islip – Sun.
  — Our Lady of Consolation, 111 Beach Drive, West Islip – Mon, Thurs.
& Fri. 8pm
  — Town of Islip Senior Center, 90 Higbie Lane, West Islip – Mon. 6:30pm,
Thurs. 8pm

• For more information on AA meeting locations, call Suffolk Intergroup
Association at 631 654-1150

 • Al-Anon Meetings are held at:
     — Christ Episcopal Church, Thurs. 10am
     — Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Sat. 7pm
     — United Methodist Church, Babylon, Tues. 8pm
     — Our Lady of Grace, West Babylon, Mon. 9:30pm
     — Our Lady of Lourdes, West Islip, Wed. 9:30am

• For additional Al-Anon info. call Al-Anon Suffolk Information Service,
631 669-2827, located at 666 Albin Avenue, West Babylon

• For Crisis Response Hotline call 631 751-7500
• Families Anonymous (for those concerned about a family member who
appears to have an alcohol, drug or behavioral problem.), held at Our Lady
of Grace School, West Babylon, Room 116, Sat. 9:30am, room 115 & Wed.
8pm, room 116. For more information call Donna at 631 589-3790 or Julia
at 631 587-5921

• Narcotics Anonymous meets at Our Lady of Grace, West Babylon,
Thursdays, 8:00 to 9:00pm

• Other 12-step program contact numbers:
   — Gamblers Anonymous 631 665-6660
   — Narcotics Anonymous 631 827-9500
   — Overeaters Anonymous 631 924-0440

• Long Island Teen Challenge at 30 Farmingdale Rd., West Babylon, NY
offers addiction counseling, abuse recovery and residential treatment for all
ages. Call 631 321-7070 for more information.

• Mission Cataract USA has offered free cataract surgery to residents who
are not covered by medical insurance and who are unable to pay for the
surgery themselves. Call 866 733-6254 for more info.

• Seventh-Day Adventist Church hosted a series of 10 health seminars at
the South Bay Junior academy, located at 150 Fire Island Avenue, Babylon
Village. The lectures were free and topics discussed included: steps to
wellness; cancer and foods to heal and prevent; depression, stress, nutrition
and vegetarian cooking. Call 631 422-5207 for information on any future

 • Southside Hospital, at 301 East Main Street, Bay Shore, NY offered free
PSA prostate cancer screenings for men 40+ years old. This free
community health program was provided as a service by the Department of
Professional and Public Health Education, 516 465-2500.

• The Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation helps lighten the burden and
improve the quality of life for those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and
related dementias, as well as their caregivers and families. Services include:
a resource and referral center, a toll-
free hotline at 866 789-5423, counseling, educational workshops and
conferences, a state-of-the-art social-model adult day services program, and
Alzheimer’s Companions, an in-home respite care with a cognitive
stimulation component. For more information, call 516 767-6856.
• The web site of the American Geriatrics Society’s Foundation for
Health in Aging,, offers easy-to-understand
information about health in aging. Topics include high blood pressure, heart
disease, back pain, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, anemia, nutrition, pain
relief, sexuality, hearing, vision, incontinence and medication.

• Advance Care Plans - Protect your loved ones from having to make life
and death decisions on your behalf by developing an advance care plan. The
Heart Failure Society of America has put together a brochure that will take
you through the various steps you’ll need to consider. Log on to, to request a copy.

• Senior Citizen Centers offer a variety of health services such as health
screening, flu shots, medication management, nutrition counseling and
physical fitness. Recent health related offerings also include:

— Town of Babylon Senior Center, 438 Spangle Drive, North Babylon, NY
631 422-7610 recently offered:
     Range of Motion Chair Exercise Program
     Tai Chi

— Town of Islip Senior Citizen Center, 90 Higbie Lane, West Islip, NY
631-893-8932 recently offered:
     Arthritis Exercise Class
     Arthritis Foundation and Support Group
     Wii Bowling

— Town of Islip Brief Respite Program – This limited respite service for
family caregivers provides ―time-off‖ for brief periods, generally 4 hours.
Call 631 224-5540 for more info.

— Discounted gym memberships for seniors – Silver Sneakers at YMCA,
for example, check at your neighborhood gym for any senior membership
discounts offered

• Poison Control Hotline – 516 542-2323

• Other popular health related web sites include:,,,,,,,
• Mental Health

— Emotions Anonymous, meets at Our Lady of Grace, West Babylon, Fri.
7:30pm, room 114 and Mon. 7:30pm, room 115

— The Federation of Organizations for the New York State Mentally
Disabled, Inc, 1 Farmingdale Road, West Babylon, has a respite program for
those caring for relatives with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, day social
programs, evening drop in program. Call 631 321- 8229 or 631 669-5355 for
more information.

— Recovery, Inc. – Community Mental Health Organization – meets at the
West Islip Public Library, West Islip, Mon. 7pm

— Suffolk County Mental Health Dept. 631 853-3105

— Mental Health Association of Suffolk County, 631 226-3900, provides
information and referrals to connect resources for people living with mental
illness, their families and service providers. They also provide advocacy and
consumer training to develop the skills necessary to work and/or volunteer
as peer recovery and wellness specialists

— Suffolk County Psychiatric Hotline 631 952-3333

— The Long Island Veterans Center , 116 West Main Street, Babylon –
provides psychological counseling for all veterans suffering from war
trauma. Call 631 661-3930 for more information.

— The Wellness Project provides older persons with in-home counseling
under the professional supervision of the Suffolk County Dept. of Health
Services, Division of Community Mental Hygiene. Under supervision of a
certified social worker, student interns meet with individuals, couples, and
two-and-three generation families, providing mental health counseling. The
interns also conduct weekly wellness workshops at senior nutrition sites.
For more information, call 631 853-7300.

— County Wide Mental Health Services offers counseling services via
Family Service League, 1444 5th Avenue, Bayshore, NY. Call 631 647-
3100, ext. 103 (diagnosis and treatment for issues such as bereavement,
financial distress, aging issues, personal, interpersonal and social
adjustments, etc.)
— Medicare reimburses qualified licensed clinical social workers and/or
licensed psychologists in private practice for mental health services rendered
in your area.


[―For my part now, I consider supper as a turnpike through which we must
pass, in order to get to bed.‖ Oliver Edwards, 1711 –91: in James Boswell’s
Life of Samuel Johnson ]

• A number of local houses of worship provide food pantry’s, soup
kitchens and discounted used clothing. Some examples are:

— Church of Saint Joseph’s of Babylon, 39 North Carll Ave., Babylon
631 669-0068
 Clothing thrift shop – Mon., Wed., Thurs.
 Food Pantry: Mon. 9:30 to noon; Tues., Wed., Thurs. 9:30 - 1:30pm (no
Thurs. in Aug.)
 (or call Mary Jane at 669-0068, ext. 128 for an appt.)

— Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 576 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon
631 7245
 Food Pantry - Tues. 4:45 to 5:30pm
 Soup Kitchen – Tues. 5:00pm

— First Presbyterian Church of Babylon, 79 East Main Street, Babylon
631 587-5838
 Food Pantry – Mon., Fri. 10:00am – 1:00pm
 Soup Kitchen – Thurs. 6:00 – 7:00pm (closed for summer)

— United Methodist Church of Babylon, 21 James Street, Babylon 631
 Food Pantry – Tues., Thurs l0:00 – 12 noon
 Soup Kitchen – Sundays 12 noon – 1:30pm (closed in August)

— Bread of Life Outreach, 325 Wyandanch Avenue, North Babylon 631
 Food Pantry – Mon., Thurs. 11:00 – 1:00pm, 2nd Sat. of month, 10:00 –
— Mt. Carmel Full Gospel Church, 420-A Wyandanch Ave., N. Babylon 631
 Food Pantry – Wed. – 7:00 – 9:00pm; Sat. 12:00 – 5:00pm

— Church of God of Prophecy, 196 Little East Neck Rd., West Babylon
631 482-1804
 or 631 376-0103; Food Pantry – Sat. 10:00 – 2:00pm

— Our Lady of Grace, 700 Albin Avenue, West Babylon 631 661-9354;
Food Pantry – Tues., Thurs. 10:00 – noon or by appt.

— Our Lady of Lourdes, 455 Hunter Avenue, West Islip 631 661-9262,
option 4;
 Food Pantry - Mon. – Fri. 7:30am – 3:30pm, also on Sun. evening,
volunteers make up washing kits for the military and the area’s homeless.

— West Islip Church of Christ, 600 Montauk Highway, West Islip 631
 Food Pantry (call first)

— Westminster United Presbyterian Church, 109 Udall Road, West Islip 631
 Rummage sales and ―Grandma’s Attic‖ held periodically, call for
 Food Pantry – Tues., Wed., Thurs. 10:00 – noon
 Soup Kitchen – occasional Sundays 4:00pm., call for information

— Our Lady of Consolation, 111 Beach Drive, West Islip, 631 587-1762;
Soup Supper – daily (including weekends) 4:30pm, $3.00

• Free food for seniors: The Commodity Supplemental Food Program
(funded by USDA, NYSDOH and administered by Catholic Charities) is
offering free food for seniors age 60 and over, who meet income guidelines.
The food package includes cheese, milk, starches, cereals, juices, canned
fish, meats, vegetables and more. Income guidelines for seniors are: gross
monthly income for a single senior is $1,127 or less and for a senior couple
is $1,517 or less. For further information in Nassau or Suffolk, call 631 491-
4169 or 631 491-4156

• The Interfaith Nutrition Network has 19 soup kitchen locations and
other programs to assist people in need throughout Nassau and Suffolk. For
more information and eligibility inquiries call: 516 486-8506
 • The Salvation Army will help out with a one time emergency situation
re. food, medicine, utilities, etc on a case by case basis. Call 631 363-6100
for more info.

• Town Food Programs

— Town of Babylon, Spangle Drive Senior Center, 631 422-7610, offers
nutritional lunches which must be ordered by 11:00am of the same day or a
day ahead of time. Donation is $2.00 per meal. Transportation to the Senior
Center is available.
 R.S.V.P food coupons are available at the Senior Center for farmer’s
market purchases.
 Transportation to and from Pathmark is provided from the Senior Center
(every other week). Call Madeline at 631 422-7618 for more information.

 — Town of Islip, Higbie Lane Senior Center, 631 893-8932 provides a
nutritious lunch Monday through Friday. Reservations must be made in
advance. A voluntary contribution of $2.00 per meal is suggested.
Transportation to the Senior Center is available. For more info. call 631
  A home delivery meal program delivers a daily meal, Mon. through Fri. to
seniors who are unable to prepare meals, and have no one available to assist
them while recuperating or incapacitated. An in-home evaluation process is
necessary and a voluntary contribution of $2.00 per meal is suggested. For
further information call 631 224-5540.
 R.S.V.P food coupons are available at the Senior Center for farmer’s
market purchases, and transportation to and from Pathmark is provided from
the Senior Center twice a month. Call 631 224-5686 for more info.


[―Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand like stone, kindness in
another’s trouble, courage in your own.‖ Adam Lindsay Gordon, 1883-90,
Ye Wearle Wayfarer, 1866]

• Houses of worship often offer some social services to those living in their
geographic area, in addition to food and clothing. Examples include:
— Church of Saint Joseph, Babylon, 631 669-0068 offers bereavement and
widowed groups, economic assistance, housing and utility assistance and
basic needs of living assistance. Call 631 669-0068, ext. 128 for more info.

— Babylon Christ Episcopal, 12 Prospect Street, Babylon, 631 661-5757,
sponsors needy families throughout the year. .

 — Our Lady of Grace, West Babylon, 631 661-9354 offers bereavement
and widowed groups and the outreach office provides services which
include: gift cards, transportation, housing assistance, utilities assistance,
plus information and referrals.

— Our Lady of Lourdes, West Islip, 631 661 9262, option 4 offers ―The
Beginning Experience,‖ which addresses the heartache of divorce,
separation and widowhood. ―A weekend away for a lifetime of change.‖
The latest weekend was August 21 through August 23. For more
information, call Connie at 516 735 1720 or Carmen at
516 739-0973.

• Local Libraries occasionally host social service workshops - recent
workshops included::

— Babylon Public Library, 631 669-1624: - Senior Advocacy Workshop,
The Ponzi Scheme – Avoid Becoming a Victim, Wills and Estates, AARP
Drivers Safety Class

— North Babylon Public Library, 631 669-4020 – Defensive Driving,
Computer Training With a Teen, Alzheimer’s & Caregiving

— West Babylon Public Library, 631 669-5445 – Senior Advocacy
Workshop, Epic Information Program, Elder Law, Legal Issues Affecting
All of Us, AARP Driver Safety Program, Project Lifesaver

— West Islip Public Library, 631 661-7080 – Homebound Services, Senior
Financial Workshops, AARP 55 Alive Driver Safety Program, AARP Tax
Help, Senior Mentoring for Computers, St. Monica’s Guild Bereavement

• Other Local Organizations Providing Social Services:

— American Red Cross – Babylon/Islip Regional Office, P.O. Box 1442,
West Babylon, NY631 924-6700 ; 24 hour emergency – 631 924-6911
— Babylon Breast Care Coalition, 200 West Main Street, Babylon, 631
893-4110, Debbie Basile. (Provides education, referrals and direct patient
services to all Babylon township residents coping with breast or
gynecological cancers.)

— St. Vincent de Paul Society, 631 669-4544 offers material assistance
(food, clothing, furniture), financial assistance (for travel, legal, medical and
dental aid, rent, utilities), and special assistance (housing, home visits, prison
visits, hospital visits, eldercare visits, daycare visits, telephone contacts) for
those eligible and in need.

— Bereavement Groups are offered by Our Lady of Consolation, 111
Beach Drive, West Islip 631 587-1600, ext. 8297

— Family Service League supports the CAIR program (Community
Advocacy, Information and Referral program) which provides emergency
aid to the most needy individuals and families for basics such as food,
clothing, heat, housing, and medicine. For more information, call 631 427-

— Family Service League helps home seekers through the Home Share
Program. This is a program that links older homeowners who have available
bedrooms with other adults who need affordable housing. Minimum age of
qualified homeowner is 60 years old. Qualified home seekers must be at
least 18 years old, and be employed or in school. Each homeowner and
home-sharer pays a fee of $100 upon completion of interview and an
additional $100 when the parties agree to establish a match.. Program hours
are 9:00am – 2:00pm, Call 631 427-3700, ext. 305 or 301 for more

— Grandparents Classes are offered at Good Samaritan Hospital, West Islip, 631

— Islip Hotline – 631 277-4700, Referral Services and Crisis Intervention

— Jr./Sr. Companion Program is offered by The Federation of
Organizations for the New York State Mentally Disabled, Inc. 1
Farmingdale Road., West Babylon 631 447-6460

— Long Island Crisis Center, 516 826-0244 is a 24 hour crisis
intervention/suicide prevention hotline
— North Babylon Community Youth Services for Seniors 213 Phelps Lane,
North Babylon, 631 422-0333

— Response Hotline – 631 751-7500 at a 24 hour crisis intervention/suicide
prevention hotline offering telephone counseling and a computerized
information and referral program

— Salvation Army – one time emergency help, call 631 563-6100

 — ―Smart and Safe Seniors Workshop,‖ by Boyd-Spencer Funeral Home,
448 Main Street, Babylon, 631 669-2400, Charles Spencer, (safety around
the house, personal safety, cons and scams).

— For Elder Fraud Guide, ―Recognizing Con Games That Target Seniors,‖
write to:
Consumer Action, 221 Main St., Suite 480, San Francisco, Ca. 94105 or
415 777-9635 or write to Consumer Action, 523 West Sixth St., Suite 1105,
Los Angeles, Ca. 90014 or call 213 624-8327, email info@consumer-

— Telephone Lifeline – Income eligible households can receive a reduced
rate for telephone service and installation charges. Call your local telephone
service provider.

— United Way of Long Island Senior Access to Home Program (SATH) –
Under this program, home adaptations and alterations will be made to enable
frail and elderly persons and senior citizens with disabilities to remain or
return to their homes. United Way will provide home retrofits, such as
ramps, grab rails, wheelchair accessible bathrooms and kitchens, and any
other necessary modifications that will promote the activities of daily living
and improve physical and mental health. Call 631 940-3700, Christine
Anderson, for more info.

— Pet Service – The Babylon Beacon, 65 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon, 631
587-5612 offers free classified ads for lost or found pets.. Call with the

— Discount Pet Vaccines – call ―Luv My Pet‖, at 516 249-2482 in
connection with Petco, for details

— Rentals that Accept Pets – The Humane Society of the United States
program ―Pets for Life‖ has information to help you find pet friendly rental
housing along with solving problems that threaten house pet relationships,
such as unwelcome pet behaviors and allergies to pets.               Visit
www.humanesociety/org/petsforlife to find the solutions you need to keep
your pet.

— Pet Poison Control – 1 888 426-4435

• Town Social Services:

— Town of Babylon Senior Services Residential Repair Program offers
needy residents (aged 60 and over) minor home repairs. Residents must be
incapable of maintaining their homes because of illness, incapacity,
handicap or absence of a caretaker. Repairs are meant to remediate
substandard, unsuitable or unsafe residences. Recipients are expected to pay
for the necessary supplies and materials. Repairs may include: handicapped
modifications, crime prevention modification, clean gutters, install hand
rails, installation/repair of grab bar, rake leaves, paint, minor plumbing. Call
JoAnn Labonte, 631 422-7680

— Town of Babylon Spangle Drive Senior Center has recently offered
workshops such as:
Basic Computer Class
SCOFA Senior Advocacy Workshop
AARP Tax Assistance

— Town of Babylon Housing Assistance – Section 8 Applications, 281
Phelps Lane, North Babylon, NY 631 893-1040, Mo – Fri., 9:00am to

— Town of Islip Adult Day Care Services, call 631 436-6046 for info.

— Town of Islip Brief Respite Care – for Islip Town residents who are
responsible caregivers to frail or disabled persons aged 60 or older. This
service will provide up to four hours of relief for the caregiver in a single
visit. Call 631 224-5540 for more info.

— Town Residential Repair – Various household maintenance and repair
tasks are performed by senior craftsmen for the frail elderly. Participants are
required to pay for the cost of materials. For Islip residents, call Darlene at
631 224-5686. Appointments are made Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to
4:00pm. For larger housing rehabilitation needs, beyond the scope of the
residential repair program, inquire at your town Community Development
Office. .Repairs may include: install window or door locks; safety rails for
tubs & toilets; shades or curtain robs; smoke or carbon monoxide detectors;
air conditioner installation or removal, insert and/or remove screens, minor
painting and repairs, clean gutters.

— Town of Islip Community Development Agency Housing Rehabilitation
Program – Funds are available for no-interest loans for low income
homeowners who have homes in need of repair, including seniors, who live
within the Town of Islip. Repairs might include: roof and/or window
replacement, plumbing and electrical repairs or upgrading, carpentry repairs,
heating system replacement, energy saving repairs, siding repairs or
replacement. For an application, call Terry Toth at 631 665-1185, ext. 22.

— AARP, 90 Higbie Lane, West Islip, 631 661-6040


[―Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use
of the other
five.‖ Somerset Maughan, 1874-1965, Of Human Bondage, 1915]

• Local libraries occasionally host workshops for seniors on finances such

— Babylon Public Library – Wills and Estates; the Ponzi Scheme, Avoid
Becoming a Victim

— North Babylon Library – Wills and Estates

— West Babylon Library – Legal Issues Affecting All of Us, Financial
Options for Long Term Care, Elder Law.

— West Islip Library – Protecting Your Retirement Image and Planning
Your Future

• Town Financial Resources

— Town of Babylon Senior Center, Spangle Drive – offers an AARP Tax
Assistance Workshop

— For property tax exemption applications, contact Wyandanch
Community Development Corp, 59 Cumberbach St., Wyandanch, NY. For
appt. call 631 253-0139, no cost. WCDC – Wyandanch Community
Development Corp. - is a HUD certified based organization serving
residents of the Babylon Township with comprehensive housing counseling

 — For a copy of a booklet entitled ― Do You Qualify for a Real Property
Tax Exemption in the Town of Babylon,― contact the Assessor’s Office at
631 957-3014. The booklet outlines exemptions and their respective
eligibility criteria that are available for Town of Babylon Real Property

— Islip Town offers free foreclosure and homebuyer counseling by the Long
Island Housing Partnership. If it appears that the account can be brought
current, the counselor works with the client and the mortgager to arrange a
mutually agreeable and realistic payment plan. Counseling is available by
appt. at the Town of Islip Community Development Agency office in Bay
Shore. For details, and to schedule an appt., call 631 435-471

— A Foreclosure Prevention Seminar was held at the West Islip Community
Center, 90 Higbie Lane in West Islip.

— Counseling regarding programs and services for people 60 and over as
well as assistance in securing entitlements is available from senior
advocates at senior citizens centers, nutrition sites, and other community
locations. For schedule, call 853-8200

• Other Financial Resources

— Energy Efficiency Programs – KeySpan’s On-Track program is offered
to people who have difficulty paying their KeySpan energy bill, or for those
who just want to save energy and money. For more information and
eligibility inquiries contact: On-Track Representatives, KeySpan Energy
Delivery 1800 298-7715 from 9:00 am – 4:30pm

— LIPA’s REAP free program is offered to low-income families in order to
save energy and money. For more information and eligibility inquiries
contact: Home Energy Audits, LIPA/REAP 1 800 263-6786

— Assistance with Utility Emergencies – The American Red Cross operates
assistance programs with various electric and gas utilities around the state.
These programs help persons over 60 years of age with utility emergencies.
They also assist disabled persons and those with certain medical conditions.
Contact the nearest Red Cross office for more info.
— United Way of Long Island helps qualifying residents with emergency
heating assistance through its Project Warmth program. This program
provides qualifying families with heating emergencies with a one-time grant
to pay for fuel services to keep their homes habitable. Eligible applicants
include those who have exhausted their HEAP grants for the year or those
ineligible for federal HEAP. For details, call United Way of Long Island at
631 940-3700.

— Foster Grandparent program provides a tax-free wage for income eligible
volunteers. This program helps children learn to read, cares for children
with special needs and offers mentoring to those who need it, all in school
settings. Volunteers also receive a meal and transportation assistance. For
more information, or to volunteer, call 321 8229, ext. 224.

— Free Tax Return Preparation – The IRS Volunteer Income Tax
Assistance Program (VITA) offers free tax preparation help for those with
low to moderate income and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly Program
offers free help to those aged 60 or older. To locate your nearest TAX-Aide
site, call SILO at 631 880-7929

[―No man is an island, entire of itself,‖ John Donne, 1572-1631, Devotions
Upon Emergent Occasions, 1624]

• Houses of Worship and Public Libraries offer a variety of socialization
options; some recent examples include:

— Christ Episcopal Church, Babylon – National Railway Historical
Society, Inc., 631 661-3463

— Church of St. Joseph, Babylon - Golden Age Club, Social Single
Seniors, Saint Joseph’s Choir, Book Club

— Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Babylon – Prime Time for Seniors,
fellowship and occasional speakers, coffee and cake served

— Our Lady of Grace, West Babylon – Supermarket Bingo, Concerts,
Young at Heart Seniors, Periodic Senior socials and ministry, Quarterly
Bible Class Groups
— St. Paul’s Reformed Church, North Babylon – Church Book
Discussions, ―Christopher, The Music Man.‖

— Our Lady of Lourdes, West Islip – Single Senior Trips, Prayer Shawl
Ministry, Senior Advocates for Growth and Enrichment, Men’s Group,
Senior Circle

— Westminster United Presbyterian Church hosts Suffolk County
Homemakers, West Islip

— Babylon Public Library – The Joel Sikowitz Orchestra, Creative Clay,
Broadway Comes to the Library, Afternoon at the Movies, Adult Games in
the Afternoon, Seascape Painting, Something Old, Something New (bygone
days with music and song), Book Discussion Club

— North Babylon Public Library – Adult Summer Reading Club Tea Party,
Adult Summer Reading Club, Crochet Club, Knitting Club, Friday Movies
for Adults, English as a Second Language, Songs of the Silver Screen,
Scenic Tours

— West Babylon Public Library – Rock & Roll; Country, Doo-Wop and
Pop Show; Comedy Production; Seascape, Acrylic Painting Workshop;
Friends of West Babylon (refreshments served); Sinatra Tribute; Fun and
Games at the Library; Homegrown String Band; Monday Night and Friday
Afternoon at the Movies; Banjo Bob and Crazy Henry; Flower Basket
Craft; Shake Your Soul (yoga and dance); bus trips to Atlantic City

— West Islip Public Library - Gray Panthers of Suffolk County, Better
Flower Photography, Friday Afternoon Movies, Sumpwams Garden Club
Meetings, Senior Artists, Knitting Club, Red River Ramblers, Gourmet
Getaways Within Driving Distance, Book Discussion, Intrepid Sea, Air &
Space Museum Bus Trip, International film Festival, Painted Sunflower

• Babylon Village, Town of Babylon and Town of Islip - all support Senior
Citizen Center socialization in addition to ongoing community events that may
appeal to seniorsr; recent examples are:

— The Livingston Senior Center 117 West Main Street, Babylon (currently
meeting last Friday of the month at 11:00am at Babylon Village Hall, 153
West Main Street, Babylon). For more information call 631 661-3637
— The Conklin House 280 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon
 recently hosted Sumpwams Garden Club floral workshop, summer
concerts, poetry . .readings, and upcoming Apples & Art

— Summer concerts have been held at the Gazebo in Argyle Park, Babylon
Village Friday nights in July & August. At 8:00pm. Admission free.

— Babylon Beautification Society Annual Country Fair – Argyle Park,
second Sunday in Sept., (Arts and crafts, music, a variety of food vendors,
home made goodies at spectacular Argyle Park setting.)

— Babylon Village Historical and Preservation Society, corner of West
Main Street and N. Carll Avenue, open Wednesdays and Saturdays from
2:00 to 4:00pm. Call
631 669-1756 for more info. (Hosts a variety of historical events, ex., ―old
timer’s day.‖).

— Annual Babylon Tuna Tournament is held the end of July each summer
at the Babylon Village dock. . Lively festivities include music; nautical
vendors; dockside fresh caught fish; invitational fishing tournament; prizes
for tuna, shark, make and released marlin, fluke and striped bass; blessing of
the fleet; weigh-in’s as boats return; National Anthem by the Marine Corps
Color Guard. Babylon Tuna Club, P.O. Box `23, Babylon< NY 631 842-

— Annual Babylon Bayfest is held immediately after the Tuna Tournament
each summer. Sponsored by the Babylon Village Arts Council, the Bayfest,
held at the Babylon Village pool, provides local families with ongoing
music, seafood and landlubber food vendors, children’s activities, in an
idyllic setting on the Great South Bay, all for a nominal fee

— The Babylon Village Arts Council hosts summer concerts at the
Conklin House, and throughout the year at Astoria Federal Bank, 2nd
Thursday night series, Thompson Avenue, Babylon Village as well as
concerts and art exhibits and workshops at numerous local venues. BVAC
meetings are held 2nd Wed. of the month at Babylon Village Hall, 153 West
Main St., Babylon at 7:30pm. Call 631 842-1579, 631 669-1810 or write to
BVAC at P.O. Box 40 Babylon, NY 11702 for more info.

— The Babylon Village pool at the end of Fire Island Avenue, is open daily
from the end of June through Labor Day
— Southards Pond – A little known oasis, facing the southern end of a
green belt stretching north to Belmont Lake State Park, lies west of Deer
Park Avenue, off Siegal Blvd., at the end of Southards Lane, or enter via
Park Avenue behind the tennis courts. Stroll by foot, bike or fish. ( Dog
walking is encouraged).

 — Town of Babylon Senior Center, Spangle Drive, N. Babylon offers: line
dancing, afternoon dance, horse racing, ceramics, evening dance, mother’s
day center party, musical performances, dance lessons, computer club,
computer classes, trips, card playing, bingo, billiards, arts and crafts.

— BACCA (Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts) – arts, music, classes,
Old Town Hall, 47 West Main Street, Babylon Village, call 631 661-7558 or
631 587-3696 for more information.

— Phelps Lane Pool, 101 Phelps Lane, North Babylon, open daily from the
end of June through Labor Day.

— Sawyer Avenue Pool, Sawyer Avenue, West Babylon, NY, open daily
from the end of June through Labor Day.

— Suffolk County Homemakers, (all manner of arts and crafts), Babylon
Town Hall Annex, Phelps Lane, N. Babylon, 631 957-3000, (Meets Wed.,
10:00am, starting again in Sept.)

— Twin Shores Chorus (4 Part Barbershop Style) Babylon Town Hall
Annex, Phelps Lane, North Babylon, Tuesdays 7:45pm – 10:10pm. Call
Gerry 631 842-9050 or Bill 631 226-1814 for information and directions.

— West Babylon Beautification Society, P.O. Box 1526, West Babylon,
NY 1170,
631 587-2911 OR 631 587-1702

— West Islip Senior Center, Higbie Lane, West Islip offers: calligraphy, art,
exercise, walking, ceramics, dancing, bridge, scrabble, Mah-Jongg,
grandparents reading program, sing-a-longs, oil painting, knit and crochet
class, arts and crafts class, bingo, line dance class, mother’s day tea, father’s
day celebration, mock wedding celebration

— Anthony Casamento Park, Muncey Road, West Islip, pool open daily
from the end of June through Labor Day.

— West Islip Historical Society, email
— West Islip Beach & Marina Park, end of Beach Street on Great South
Bay, West Islip

— West Islip Beautification Society, P.O.. Box 66, West Islip, NY 11795

— West Islip Museum, 90 Higbie Lane, West Islip

• Additional Groups Fostering Socialization in the Babylon and West
Islip areas

Babylon and N. Babylon:
        — American Legion, 22 Grove Place, Babylon 631 669-0094
        — Ancient Order of Hibernians 631 661-9649 or 631 661-8934
         — Babylon VillageWomen’s Club 516 297-7730
         — James Street Players 631 661-5151 or 631 661-3585
         — Sumpwams Garden Club 631 422-2901
         — Travelers Club of Babylon 631 661-5038

West Babylon:
         — American Legion, Post 1634, 10 Bruce Street, W. Babylon
631 422-9353
         — Babylon Town Historical Society 631 586-7879
         — Centro Culturale Italiano, Inc., 606 Sunrise Highway, W.
Babylon 11704
         — Sons of Italy – William Paca Lodge No. 2189 631 669-9394
         — Sunrise Square Club 631 669-8403 (Masonic org.)

West Islip:
          — American Legion, 340 Union Blvd., W. Islip 631 422-1738
          — Babylon Chorale, Captree Elementary School, W. Islip, 516
             631-581-0581 or 631 587-3620
         — Catholic Daughters of America 631 669-4728
          — Music Lovers Club 631 665-4255
          — Sons of Italy, Lodge 2616, 631 587-2601
          — West Islip Concert Orchestra 631 661-8348 or 631 661-2987
          — West Islip Historical Society –
          — West Islip Symphony Orchestra 631 661-8348

[―My design is to make what haste I can to be gone.‖ Oliver Cromwell, 1599
in J. Marley’s Oliver Cromwell, 1900]

• FISH (Friends in Service Helping) – provides transportation for seniors in
Babylon, North Babylon, West Babylon and West Islip for doctor appts.,
dentists, labs and hospitals. Call 631 669-3733

• Houses of Worship occasionally provide transportation through their
parish outreach offices, such as: Church of St. Joseph in Babylon – 631 669-
0068, ext. 128, and Our Lady of Grace in West Babylon – 631 661-9354
(check with the outreach office at your local house of worship).

• St. Vincent de Paul volunteers occasionally provide necessary
transportation, 631 669-4544

• Essential Transportation provides transportation for seniors who have no other
means of transportation to a variety of essential services such as medical appoints.,
social services, Town Hall and shopping. In general, these vehicles do not cross
town boundaries and medical appointments have priority. This service is heavily
used, so please make your reservation two weeks in advance. For Town of
Babylon : 631 422-7618, for Town of Islip: 631 224-5686

• For food shopping every other week, transportation is provided at the
Town Senior Citizen Centers to Pathmark and, occasionally, a farmers
market. (Transportation is also provided to and from the Senior Citizen
Centers for those in need, as indicated previously.) Call your local Senior
Citizen Center for details.

• Transportation Discounts – Many public transportation systems offer
discounts for elders. To determine if you can get discounts, contact your
local office for the aging – 631 853-8200 – or local transportation system.

• Bus service throughout Suffolk County is provided on 52 main and feeder
lines. Reduced fares are available to seniors and the disabled with a valid
I.D. Card. For additional information, call the Public Transportation
Information Center at 631 852-5200

[―How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a
naughty world,‖ William Shakespeare 1564 – 1616,The Merchant of Venice,

• The Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition provides education, referrals and
direct patient services to all Babylon Township residents coping with breast
or gynecological cancer treatment. They seek volunteers with expertise in
grant writing, fundraising, volunteer and outreach coordination. Call 631

• Family Service League’s Ombudservice Program (trained volunteers visit
nursing home, adult home and assisted living facility residents once weekly
to help improve the quality of their lives and ensure that their rights are
protected.) Call 631 427-3700, ext. 273 or ext. 240 for more info.

• FISH (Friends in Service Helping) serves Babylon and West Islip and
seeks volunteers to drive citizens to doctor’s appts. Write to FISH, P.O. box
5, Babylon, NY 11702 or call 631 669-3733 for more information.

• Islip Hotline Volunteers – Call 631 277-4700 or write: Islip Hotline,
Town Hall, Islip, NY 11751

• Library Literacy Programs – Learn how to teach others to speak English.
Contact your local library for info.

• Long Island Crisis Center (LIC) – 24 hour crisis and suicide prevention
hotline. Call 516 826-0244 to schedule an interview.

• Retired Senior Volunteer Program – placements range from environmental
gardening, tour guides, soup kitchens, hospitals, mentoring and more. Call
631 979-9490 for more info. (Training, a small travel reimbursement and
liability insurance are included with your RSVP volunteerism.)

• Response of Suffolk County, Inc. – a 24 hour hotline staffed by trained
volunteer counselors. Call 631 751-7500 for more information

• Suffolk County Helen Keller Services for the blind seeks volunteers to
spend one or two hours a week visiting blind elderly people who are
homebound. For more information on volunteering, call 631 424-0022
• The Federation of Organizations in West Babylon trains volunteers for the
Foster Grandparent Program (working with children in school settings) as
well as the Senior Companion Program (offering friendship and
companionship to seniors who are in need of assistance to maintain
independence in the home.) Call 631 321-8229, ext. 1224 for Foster
Grandparent Program and 631 321-8229 for Senior Companion Program.

• West Islip Breast Care Coalition for Long Island, P.O. Box 247, 729
Montauk Highway, West Islip, NY 11795. 631 669-7770

• Local arts organizations are always happy to welcome new volunteers
such as:

— BACCA, Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts, 721 Sawyer Avenue,
West Babylon, NY 631 661-7558 and 47 West Main Street, Babylon, NY
631 587-3696

— Babylon Village Arts Council, P.O. Box 40, Babylon NY 11702 –
meetings are held 7:00-9:00pm, first Wed. of the month, at Babylon Village
Hall, 153 West Main St., Babylon, NY, Call 631 661-1278 for more info.

For county, state and/or federal resources in the above listed
categories, contact your county, state and federal offices of the

Additional Resources? If you are aware of any additional local
resources which should be considered for inclusion in the next
Senior Resource Guide, please send your suggestions to:
Stanis Beck, LCSW, % Babylon Rotary, P.O. Box 672,
Babylon, New York 11702

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