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									                                      California State University, Los Angeles
                                   School of Social Work Major Advisement Guide
          BASW Office: (323) 343-4680                         MSW Office: (323) 343-4684                         Field Education Office: (323) 343-4679
            Simpson Tower 816                                  Simpson Tower 815                                          Simpson Tower 811

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work
                A total of 180 quarter units is required for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work (BASW). This includes a minimum
                of 86-87 units for the Social Work major.

Prerequisite Courses (must be completed with a grade of C or higher)
                Take one of the following introductory courses (if equivalent course was not completed at a community college):
                SOC 201                    Principles of Sociology                               4 units
                SOC 202                    Society and Individual Development                    4 units
                PSY 150                    Introduction to Psychology                            4 units
                Take one of the following introductory courses (if equivalent course was not completed at community college):
                HHS 400                    Statistics in Health & Human Services                 4 units
                SOC 210A                   Elementary Statistics                                 3 units
                EDFN 452                   Statistics in Education                               4 units
                ECON/MATH 109              Quantitative Reasoning with Statistics                4 units

Required Upper Division Courses (71 units)
 Course              Title                                                             Units               Prerequisites          Quarter & Yr Taken       Grade

 *SW 301             Writing for Social Work                                              4       *Completion of UNIV 400 WPE
                                                                                                  Completion of prerequisite
 *SW 370             Field of Social Work                                                 4       courses listed above
 *SW 371 A           HBSE: Prenatal Through Early Adolescence                             4        SW 370
 *SW 371 B           HBSE: Late Adolescence Through Old Age                               4       SW 370
 *SW 372             SW Practice I: Communication & Interviewing Skills                   4       SW 370
                                                                                                  HHS400, EDFN 452,
   SW 391            Social Work Research Methods                                         4       SOC 210A or MATH 109
   SW 411            Computer Applications in Social Work                                 4       SW 370
   SW 461            Social Work Practice in Minority Communities                         4       SW 370
   SW 463            Women’s Issues in Social Welfare                                     4       SW 370
   SW 474            S W Practice II: Working with Individuals and Families               4       SW 370 & SW 372
   SW 475            S W Practice III: Working with Groups                                4       SW 370 & SW 372
   SW 476            Child Welfare                                                        4
   SW 478            Social Welfare Policy and Social Services                            4       SW 370
   SW 482            SW Practice IV: Community Organizing                                 4       SW 370 & SW 372
                                                                                                  SW 301, 370, 371A&B,
   SW 495            Directed Fieldwork Internship (12 Units Total)                    4, 4, 4    372, & WPE
   SW 496            Integrated Seminar (3 Units Total)                                1, 1, 1    Concurrently w/ SW 495
Fall 2006: Students must earn a grade of C or higher in SW 301, 370, 372, 474, 475, 478, & 482. Students who earn less than the required C may repeat a course only
*SW 495 Directed Fieldwork - Internship Requirements
To be eligible to start Fieldwork, the above asterisked * courses must be completed, the WPE passed, and students must be in the last
three quarters of their senior year. Students are required to complete 420 hours of an internship in a social service agency. This
generally means two full days (14 hours) per week, and the SW 496 Integrative Seminar is taken concurrently every other Friday
morning. Students must attend the required Fieldwork meeting in Spring Quarter before beginning Field- no exceptions! Inquire at the
Field Education Office as to when the next Fieldwork information meeting will be conducted and plan to attend. Internships begin in
                                                                                                                                                    Revised 11/13/08
Fall or Winter quarter only. Also note that criminal background checks are required by certain social service agencies for field
placement. Details regarding criminal background checks and field internship can be found in the current BASW Fieldwork Manual.

Electives in Social Work and other fields (8 units required)
Select two courses (8 units) from the list below (or from a related field with advance advisor approval):
 Course        Title                                                                   Units        Prerequisites         Quarter & Yr Taken   Grade

 SW 355        Strategies for Preventing & Intervening in Family Violence & Abuse        4
 SW 362        From Institutional Racism to Cultural Competency                          4
 SW 450        Cross Cultural Practice with Aging Population                             4      Upper division status

 SW 456        Multidisciplinary Teams, Child Maltreatment and Family Violence           4      PSY 150 or SOC 201

 SW 462        Institutional Racism and Poverty                                          4      SOC 201

 SW 465        Programs and Policies Related to Older People                             4      Upper division standing

 SW 466        Case Management with Older Adults                                         4      Upper division standing

 SW 480        Social Welfare in the Criminal Justice System                             4
 SW 485        The Homeless in Society                                                   4      SOC 201 or SOC 202

 SW 486        Probation & Parole                                                        4
                                                                                                SW 474 or other upper
 SW 490        Latino Mental Health                                                      4      division courses
                                                                                                16 upper division units
 SW 497        Social Work Proseminar                                                    4      in SW
                                                                                                16 upper division units
 SW 498        Cooperative Education                                                    1-4     in SW
                                                                                                Senior standing, 2.75
 SW 499        Undergraduate Directed Study                                             1-4     GPA & faculty sponsor

General Education Requirements (72 units)
Every California State University, Los Angeles undergraduate social work major must complete 72 units in General Education. Consult
the schedule of classes for G.E. requirements, and confer with your advisor. All students, including transfer students, are required to
complete 12 units in an Upper Division Theme. Please review the themes listed in the schedule of classes. Choose one theme and
take 3 classes from that theme, 1 class from each category: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities. (You cannot count a class
from your major as a theme class).
Note: These requirements remain in effect only if the student maintains continuous attendance. If, for any reason, the student drops out of school for
more than two consecutive quarters, including summers, the student must apply for and be granted an official leave of absence. Otherwise, he or she
will be responsible for requirements in effect at the time of return.

HHS 301 (2 Units) University requirement for all transfer students. HHS 301 must be taken in your first two quarters at CSULA
to avoid a registration hold. For more information please contact the advisement center at (323) 343-5500.

Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) UNIV 400 (For information call the testing center (323) 343-3160)
The WPE must be taken and passed prior to the completion of 135 units to avoid a registration hold. The schedule of classes lists dates
and times for the examination under UNIV 400. Remember that you MUST pass the WPE to enroll in field internship and graduate! A
writing workshop is also available through the University Writing Center on campus: (323) 343-5350.

Graduation Requirements
Writing Skills Requirement………………………Minimum C grade in ENG 101 & ENG 102 (if subject to 1993 Catalog or later)
Math Skills Requirement…..…………………… Math Proficiency Exam, plus Math 100 or Math 102
Bachelor of Arts Degree………………………… A total of 180 units
Grade Point Average…….……………………… Minimum of C average (2.0)

Certificate Programs: Students are encouraged to explore certificate programs available through the College of Health and Human Services. Some
units can be credited toward the major and used as electives for the degree. Please contact the appropriate office for further information. Applied
Gerontology Certificate (323) 343-4724, Child Maltreatment and Family Violence Certificate (323) 343-4696, Youth Agency Administration
Certificate (323) 343-4580, Alcohol and Drug Problems Specialist Certificate (323) 343-4740.

Code of Ethics: Social Workers are expected to adhere to a formal code of ethical behavior as summarized by the National Association of Social
Workers (NASW). This code specifies standards of ethical behavior for social workers in professional relationships with clients, colleagues, employers,
other individuals, and the community and society. Courses of action that social workers choose are expected to be consistent with both the spirit and
letter of this code.

                                                                                                                                        Revised 11/13/08

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