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Addendum DELIVERED BY E MAIL July 21 2010 ADDENDUM 1



July 21, 2010

                                                     ADDENDUM #1

                                             Bid Call #1080-1011/03
                                            Office Cleaning Services
                                        Vancouver Coastal Regional Office

This addendum modifies the Bid Call only as specified.

The square foot of the Vancouver Coastal Regional Office is 15,000 all inclusive.

There are a total of 56 people in this office with 35 offices and 21 workstations.

There are 2 spare offices which will require cleaning on a once per week basis.

There are 3 meeting rooms, 1 Boardroom, 1 file room, and 2 sign up rooms.

The main janitor room is located outside in the hallway and water for cleaning is available from
here. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to clean any spills when carrying water.

No ammonia products are to be used on any surface when cleaning.

The approved cleaning product for the floor is ………….

Scope of Work:

Item 1.4.2 – Remove Washrooms

Item 1.4.3 – Nightly Services:

Add – Remove any noticeable marks that are visible on walls and floors;

Add – All vinyl chairs and sofas to be wiped down nightly;

Add – Garbage containers in lunchroom and boardroom to be cleaned and disinfected nightly;

Add – Sweeping of all floors nightly;

Add – Cardboard to be flattened and removed and placed in the appropriate Cardboard bin
located in the loading bay;

Add – Empty Recycling Receptacles into yellow bins;

Remove – Fabric chairs and sofa to be vacuumed;

Add – Kids play area to be wiped down and any visible marks to be cleaned nightly;

Item 1.4.5 – Monthly Services:

Add – Clean interior of Toaster Oven;

Item 1.5 – Contractor:

Remove item 1.5.6

Enclosed is a copy of the floor plan of the office.

Please acknowledge this addendum on page 3 of 5 of the Bid Form, under Section B Addendum

Yours truly,

Jocelan Torrelli

 cc:        Karen Lidster


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