NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course

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					               NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course
               "Train like Your Life Depends on it Because it Does!"
DATE (S)         Check the Schedule at
LENGTH           20 Hours:
RECOMMENED: Experienced Pistol Shooters
FEE:             $295
REGISTRATION Students must register 4 days before a course start date. Upon registration you will be
             charged a deposit fee of $50.00. If you cancel your course seat 5 days prior to the start
             date, you will be refunded your tuition in full. If you cancel your course seat less 4 days
             weeks prior to the start date, you will lose your deposit.

                 There is a minimum of 4 students needed for this class to begin. You will be notified if
                 the class has been rescheduled due to a non-sufficient amount of attendees

DESCRIPTION: Since 1871, a major objective of the National Rifle Association has been to provide
             education and training in the safe and proper use of firearms. Knowing how to shoot is
             an important requirement for NRA instructors, but you will also need to know how to
             teach others to shoot. NRA Instructor Training Courses help you develop the additional
             knowledge, skills and techniques needed to organize and teach courses in the NRA
             Basic Firearm Training Program.

                 Instructor training courses are conducted by NRA Training Counselors. Training
                 Counselors are active and experienced instructors who have been appointed by NRA to
                 train experienced shooters to teach others to shoot. To qualify as an NRA Instructor:

                     •   Candidates must possess and demonstrate a solid background in firearm safety
                         and shooting skills acquired through previous firearm training and/or previous
                         shooting experience. Instructor candidates must be intimately familiar with each
                         action type in the discipline they wish to be certified.
                     •   Candidates will be required to demonstrate solid and safe firearms handling skills
                         required to be successful during an instructor training course by completing pre-
                         course questionnaires and assessment exercises administered by the NRA
                         Appointed Training Counselor.

                 Candidates must satisfactorily complete the NRA Basic Pistol Course, and receive the
                 endorsement of the NRA Training Counselor conducting that training.

                 NRA Instructor courses are discipline specific. The first 6 hours of an NRA instructor
                 course is NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT), utilizing the NRA Trainer’s Guide. During
                 this portion, candidates will learn NRA policies and procedures, basic public speaking
                 skills, training methodology, use of a training team and training aids, organizing a
                 course, building a budget, and finally preparing to teach. The BIT is followed by Basic
                 Pistol Instructor specific training and will be 12 additional hours. During this portion,
                 candidates will be provided the appropriate lesson plans and basic course student
                 packets. Role-playing is a major part of an instructor course; therefore, the minimum

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                class size should be at least four candidates, with 10-12 candidates being ideal.
                Candidates take turns working in teams, actually conducting portions of the course to
                other candidates who portray basic students.

                Training Counselors will evaluate candidates’ performance based on their ability to
                handle the firearms with confidence, use of appropriate training aids, following the
                lesson plans and meeting all learning objectives, while utilizing the teaching philosophies
                learned during the BIT. Candidates can also expect to learn the NRA discipline specific
                instructional methods and evaluating and improving the performance of beginning
                shooters. Candidates will be provided with the NRA Trainer’s Guide, appropriate Lesson
                Plans and Outlines, Basic Course Student handbooks, certificates, basic student
                examinations, Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program booklet, Basic
                Firearm Training Programs Brochure, Gun Safety Rules brochure, NRA Trainer’s
                Examination and NRA discipline specific instructor examination (minimum passing grade
                is 90%).

LOCATION        Classroom – See Page 3

                TDSA Range - Driving directions: TDSA's range is located approximately 30 minutes
                south of downtown Dallas. From Dallas, travel south on Interstate 45, and take the
                Malloy Bridge Road exit (Exit 268). Turn left (east) on Malloy Bridge and travel for 3.2
                miles until you reach Parkinson Road. Hint: It's easy to miss the Parkinson Road sign
                when driving towards the morning sun. Go slowly and watch carefully. Turn right (south)
                on Parkinson Road and drive approximately 2.5 miles, until it dead ends into Wolf
                Springs Road. Turn left onto Wolf Springs and follow it for approximately 2 miles,
                watching for the range on your right.

INSTRUTOR (S) Michael S. Dikovitsky (469) 222-8740
EQUIPMENT       Required Equipment:
                   • Handgun, Pistol, Revolver or both
                   • A Basic Cleaning Kit
                   • Eye protection
                   • Hearing protection
                   • Billed cap (ball cap, boonie hat, etc)
                   •   50 rounds of ammunition for handgun

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              2020 Shield Parkway, Waxahachie, Texas 75165

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