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									Augusta SHAB

9/23/08 Valley Vocational Technical Center

Attending: Debby Austin, Eric Bond, Ginny Newman, Kara Meeks, Doran Stegura, Susan Schuldt, Sandy
Neff, Chris Appl-Walsh, Marc Shields, Ron Abernathy, Mary Albert

Doran Stegura, chair called the meeting to order.

Introductions were made. Kara Meeks, nutritionist at AMC was a new participant. She has a special
interest in childhood obesity and works with inpatient pediatrics at the hospital.

Minutes were approved without corrections or additions.

Discussion was held concerning goals and objectives for SHAB. The following topics were included in the

    1. Involving more community members. A larger cross section of the community population,
       parents and other agencies that are involved in child health issues is needed.
       a. Kara and Ginny will invite resources from the local YMCAs.
       b. Eric will contact parks and recreation about participation.
       c. Ernie Landis will be contacted about inviting mentorship students interested in health issues
           to participate.
       d. Marc will contact Dr. Costello.
    2. Recognizing members of the community who advocate for children’s health by nominating
       someone for a Dawbarn award. Several suggestions were made for this year and the process
       was started.
    3. Encouraging safe drivers. Ginny reported on the special programs that Office on Youth
       sponsors. Ron explained the drivers’ education program currently used and the availability of
       grant money for extra programs. Eric mentioned additional programs such as Students Against
       Drunk Driving, seat belt and safe driving signs that are posted in high school areas.
    4. Focusing on division concerns. Ginny shared information on rising teen pregnancy rate and
       increased gang activity.

       Health and PE

        Ron Abernathy reported on Health and PE programs throughout the county. A goal for each
        school this year is to have a wellness committee for students and staff. Stewart Middle has had
        one for several years now. Sue will invite Jackie Hartley to share with the committee about their
        program at our next meeting.
Elementary students are to get 35 minutes of recess time (including 5 minutes of transition
time). The push is to provide meaningful activity during recess, that is, activities to supplement
PE skills.
Students will also begin using activity grams in some schools.

SHAB web page
SHAB web site is currently linked from the wellness page. Sandy will contact Mark Lotts to see
if the SHAB site can be linked from the nutrition page.

Nutritional analysis of school menus is now on line. Monthly articles about nutrition are
currently on line as well. Debby expressed a concern that web access is not easily accessible to
a portion of our population.

Food Service
Sandy shared some new cafeteria products with members. The milk in plastic containers is
being piloted in the middle schools.
There will be Point of Sale nutrition information available later this year.
Cafeterias are currently using up inventory that contains transfats but will then be transfat free.

Health Care
Sue reported that a 5th RN has been added to the staff. The schools now employ 10 nurses,
including her.
Flu vaccines will be available to staff by the end of Oct. Health staff will continue BMI,
cholesterol and blood pressure monitoring for staff as well.
Nursing staff will be working with hygiene in 2nd grade, nutrition in 4th grade and nutrition in 7th
Students will continue to receive vision, hearing and BMI screening in K, 3, 7th and 10th grades.

Next meeting
Nov. 18th.
11:30 Verona Government Center

Chris Appl-Walsh

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