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									      Accelerated BSN Application Information and Checklist
      This information and checklist sheet is provided for the applicant to organize their application packet.
                                        Please remove before submitting.

                                  Only completed packets will be considered
                               Please submit between June 1 and October 15
                             The Accelerated BSN has a once-a-year start date, May

Please return or mail your completed application packet to:
Accelerated BSN Application
Sinclair School of Nursing /S235
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
Steps to apply:
   • You must have a 3.000 cumulative GPA or greater to apply. Your GPA will be verified through MU Admissions upon
     acceptance. Official transcripts must be submitted to the MU Admission Office.
         • A copy of all pertinent unofficial transcripts must be submitted with your School of Nursing application; highlight
            any prerequisite course(s) for reviewers
   • You must have a non-nursing bachelor’s (at minimum) degree, either completed or in progress to complete before
     the May start date.
   • There are seven prerequisite courses. You must have completed five of the seven prerequisites or have them in
     progress to complete in the fall semester prior to the start date. (If you have not taken the Pharmacology prerequisite,
     it is highly suggested you wait for the spring semester if accepted.)
   • Complete MU School of Nursing (SSON) application (Some items may require handwritten information.)
   • Complete University of Missouri application (Make sure MU Admissions has received all necessary official transcripts.
     You will be applying as a pre-nursing student. If you are taking, or may plan to take, any prerequisite courses at MU
     please apply for the correct semester; for instance, if you might take Pharmacology in the spring semester apply for
     spring, not summer.)
   • Two reference forms are required (see Accelerated Reference Forms on the SSON website) prepared and sent back to
     you. These must be professional references. (Other letters of support may be included in your packet.)
         • Prepare a personal statement, no more than two pages, must be double-spaced. The statement should include
            career goals and views of nursing as a profession.
         • All applications undergo an initial screening. Only selected candidates will progress to a personal interview and
            possible admission.
Application packet must contain the following items:
   • Completed SSON application (Application to MU Admissions is completed or in progress)
   • Unofficial transcript(s) (All prerequisite coursework must be highlighted on transcripts for the reviewers)
   • Completed Personal Statement
   • Professional resume
    • Two Accelerated Reference Forms (You may include any additional letter(s) of support)
After you have reviewed (or completed) the application and have further questions or concerns please contact the
MUSSON Student Advising office at 573-882-0277.
Please note: Applicants to any option or area of study of the MU Sinclair School of Nursing are considered on a competitive
and space-available basis.
                                                                                                                Date: ____________

                       Sinclair School of Nursing
                                                          University of Missouri
                                                             May Admission

                               ACCELERATED BSN APPLICATION FORM
     Please Type or Print

     Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________
                           Last                                                  First                                                MI

     Email: (In addition to MU email) _______________________ MyZou Student # (If applicable): _____________________

     Address: (All correspondence will be to address given)
     Street                                    City                                               State / Zip

     Phone Number: ____________________ (cell): _____________________

     Date of Birth:________________                       Gender (check one)      □ male □ female
     ACT/SAT Composite score (if available) _____________________________

     County and State of permanent residence: ________________________

     What is (or will be) your prior degree(s)? (Please list all degrees) _________________________________

     What university/college(s) is your degree from? _________________________________________
     Ethnic Origin (check one - optional) □ Asian or Pacific Islander □ Ame. Indian or Native Alaskan □ Black/African-Ame.
     □ Hispanic/Latino □ White Non-Hispanic □ Other (specify): ______________________________________
  International Students admitted to MU, MU Students with English as a Second Language, or MU Students required to
               take the TOEFL or Intensive English Program (IEP), please submit the following information:

Have you taken the TOEFL examination: Yes / No

If yes, list TOEFL score(s): ______________________________________________________
Have you ever successfully completed an MU Intensive English Program (IEP): Yes / No
If yes, give date of successful program completion: ____________________________________________
Individuals with English as a Second Language and/or International Students and/or students who have been informed that the TOEFL and/or IEP will be
required must take the TOEFL and successfully pass according to nursing minimum score requirements and/or take and successfully complete an Intensive
English Program (IEP) course prior to application for clinical admission. (600-PB, 250-CB, 100-IB)

     Have you ever attended any other schools of nursing and/or completed any clinical nursing coursework?
     Yes / No (If yes, please list school) __________________________________________________________
     If yes, you must also attach a letter of support and recommendation from your previous dean/director to this
     Have you applied to any MU Sinclair School of Nursing Clinical major before? Yes / No
     (If yes, please list the semester/year and BSN option) ___________________________________________
     Have you ever submitted a special request to the SSON Student Admissions and Progression Committee (SAP)?
     Yes / No (If yes, please submit copy of letter received)
 	 Use your transcript(s) to fill out the information required below
 	 All courses listed below MUST be highlighted on your transcripts
      (This will ensure we review the correct coursework)
 	 List below all courses you have already taken, are currently enrolled in, or plan to enroll in. If course is in
    progress, write “IP” and the semester.
 	 Five of the seven prerequisites must be completed before the spring semester. All pre-nursing
    prerequisites (listed below, with the exception of Biology) must be successfully completed before
    starting clinical major coursework, if accepted. Should you be accepted into the clinical nursing program,
    failure to successfully complete all the pre-nursing prerequisites listed below will result in forfeiture of
    your admission.
 	 A ‘C’ or higher (C- is not acceptable) is required for all prerequisite courses. A student is allowed one
    chance to repeat a course in which an unsatisfactory grade has been received. A student who earns
    less than a ‘C’ upon repetition of a course is ineligible to apply for admission in the School of Nursing
    (see the MUSSON Student Handbook, Progression Criteria). The course information will be verified
    for applicant’s eligibility. All courses listed must be completed successfully prior to beginning clinical
    coursework, if accepted.

               COURSE                                                                             SEMESTER
                                         COURSE                     CREDIT                     COMPLETED OR
                                                        GRADE                    COLLEGE
     ALL fields that pertain to you      NUMBER                     HOURS                      SEMESTER TO BE
           MUST be filled in                                                                     COMPLETED

(MU: Stats 1200/1300 or ESC PS

Chemistry (General) (2 or 3 credit
hours, no lab required)
(MU: Chem 1100 or 1310)

Nutrition or Diet Therapy (for
Health Professionals)
(MU: NUTR S 2380)

Human Anatomy (Lab & Lec.)
(MU:PTH AS 2201 and 2203)

Human Physiology (Lab & Lec)
(MU: MPP 3202)

Microbiology (Lab & Lec)
(MU: Med Micro 2800 or 3200)

Pharmacology (3 to 4 credit hours)
(MU: N 3100/online, Spring or
N 3300/on-campus, Fall)

Pathophysiology (3 to 4 credit
(MU: Pathophysiology &
Therapeutics, N3200) Not a

Biology (General) Not a prerequisite
(MU: Bio.1010 or 1500)
      Please review the MU Sinclair School of Nursing Undergraduate Student Handbook
     u Functional abilities
     u Required immunizations

     u Licensure by the Missouri State Board of Nursing

     u Drug Screening

     u Background Check

     u Please see information regarding fees and tuition:

If accepted into the Accelerated BSN, I will be financially liable for obtaining all immunizations, a drug
screen, CPR certification, student uniforms and other items required for the clinical portion of this
I understand that there may be off-campus rotations and that I will be responsible for making
arrangements to attend. The clinical nursing major is time-intensive and course/clinical times will
vary. I understand that I may be placed into a nursing clinical course section that may conflict with
other activities or a job I previously had been involved with and that I may need to rearrange these
commitments to allow myself the opportunity and time to do well as an MU clinical nursing student.
The following are a few examples of violations of the student code of conduct. This is just a
summarized list; it is advisable to read through the entire Standard of Conduct (link provided below) to
inform you of all the possible violations:
   • Hazing
   • Disorderly conduct
   • Obstruction or disruption of teaching
   • Disorderly or disruptive conduct in and outside of the classroom (including use of cell phones/Facebook/
     Twitter and/or texting during clinical/nursing courses)

Failure to abide by these guidelines can result in disciplinary action taken by the University and/or the
School of Nursing. These actions can vary from a warning to expulsion from the University. Please take a
minute to look over the Standard of Conduct.
I have reviewed and understand University and School of Nursing rules on student conduct: http:// I am aware that as a nursing student at the
University of Missouri I have an obligation to behave in a manner compatible with the University’s and
School of Nursing’s functions as an education institute.
If I am an international student now and/or English is my second language and/or was told that
the TOEFL or IEP would be required of me, I am required to take the TOEFL examination and pass
successfully with a minimum score as outlined on this application and in our student handbook. If I am
not required to take the TOEFL examination but English is my second language, I am required to take the
Intensive English Program (IEP) and must successfully pass that course program to be eligible for clinical
admission consideration, or I may take and pass the TOEFL as outlined in the nursing student handbook.
Passing the TOEFL exam and/or IEP course does not guarantee eligibility or admission.
Additional information on the University of Missouri (Columbia, Mo. campus) can be found online: www.

I, ___________________________acknowledge that all information I have provided on this
application is accurate. I have reviewed and understand all application materials submitted.

Print Name ___________________________________________________________________________

myZou Student Number ______________________________________________
                         (if applicable)

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