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									                              PERSONAL DETAILS
             Name: Jennie Nelle G. Chua
             Address: 4/F, Flat 10 Al Faisal Building, Abu Muslim St., Al Mansoura, Doha, Qatar
             Telephone no. +974 33951088
             Email address:jenniechua12@yahoo.com
             Date of birth: September 10, 1985 Age: 25 y/o
             Gender: Female
             Nationality: Filipino
             Marital status: Single
             Religion/Sect: Roman Catholic
             Passport No.:WWW0161450 valid thru August 2012
              Issued by: Dept. of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines
              Date Issued: August 30, 2008
 Complete address of Licensing Body:          Professional   Regulation     Commission     of      the
 Professional Status:                         Registered Nurse
 License/Registration Number:                 0466786
 Registration Date:                           04/04/2008
 Validity/Expiry Date:                        10/09/11

 Qualification Attained:                      Bachelor of Science in Nursing
 Date Course Completed:                       31/03/07
 Name of Institute:                           Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing
 Complete Address:                            1357 G. Masangkayst. Sta. Cruz, Manila, Phils.
                                              Telephone No. 022515724
                                              Mr. JurgenRushell
1.St. Luke’s Medical center- Global City Inc.: Staff Nurse ( Geriatric Unit )
#32 st. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig city, Phils. Telephone no. 02-789-7700
Email address: www.info@stluke.com.ph
2.Samuel D. Ricarte: St.Luke’s Medical Center: Nurse Unit Manager
( Geriatric Unit ) Telephone No.+639209101270
3. Marie Celyne Argos: St. Luke’s Medical Center: Assistant Nurse Unit Manager
( Geriatric Unit ) Telephone no. +639179182201
4. Rodel S. Santiago: St. Luke’s Medical Center: Assistant Nurse Unit Manager
( Geriatric Unit ) Telephone no. +639053249050
5. Maria SaharahCasuga: : St. Luke’s Medical Center: Assistant Nurse Unit Manager ( Geriatric
Unit ) Telephone no. +639175199152

     Duration of position: May 18, 2009- present: Comprehensive Geriatric Nurse (staff nurse)
     Brief description of hospital: Number of beds: 645 bed capacity; Private Hospital; Medical
      center; Tertiary Hospital; Member of Joint Commission International Accreditation, Inc
     Description of unit/ward – Geriatric Unit: 33 bed capacity, complicated and multiple
      diagnosis, patients for transfer and trans-out from ICU; patient ages 60 and above; 1
      nurse to 5 patients; 8 hours duty- Regular Employee
     Your duties/responsibilities – Staff Nurse, manage by our Nursing Unit Manager under
      the institution’s Department of Nursing; Full time Nurse. The following are the trainings
      and equipment that I can use/perform:

                               1.Intravenous infusion pump
                               3.Cardiac monitor
                               4.Mechanical ventilator
                               5.Enteral pump tube feeding
                               6.Suction machine
                               7.ECG machine
                               8.Vein viewer for intravenous insertion
                               9.Pneumatic compressor
                               10.Pulse oximeter
                               11.Oxygen inhalation/Nebulizer
                               12.Familiarization on emergency cart
                               13.Intravenous insertion/care/monitoring
                               14.Foley/ straight catheter insertion/care/monitoring
                               15.Capillary blood glucose machine/monitoring
                               16.Central venous pressure line monitoring
                               17.Cystoclysis care/monitoring
                               18.Vital signs and Neurovital signs monitoring
                               19.Cardio pulmonary resuscitation procedures
                               20.Can assist patient for intubation/extubation
                               21.Can perform chestphysiotherapy
                               22.Can perform comprehensive geriatric assessment
                               23.Can perform bed making and complete bed bath
                               24.Can perform postmortem care
                              25. Can perform simple dressing of wound
                              26. Can perform tracheostomy care


Education:             PamantasanngLungsodngMaynila
                       Gen. Luna St. Intramuros , Manila
                       Bachelor of Science in Nursing
                       June 2002- March 2004
                       Secondary Education:
                       Quezon City Science Highschool    Bago-Bantay, Quezon City
                       1st to 4th year Highschool
                       June 1998-March 2002
                       Primary Education:
                       Sto. Niño de Novaliches School     Novaliches, Quezon City
                       Grade 4-6
                       June 1995-March1998
                        Our Lady of Lourdes School of Novaliches         Nova, Quezon City
                        Kinder – Grade 3
                        June 1991- March 1995

Seminar and
Trainings:            Philippine Red Cross
                      Basic Life Support & First Aid Training
                      September 20-24, 2004
                      Lifeline Arrows Medical Specialists Inc.
                      Basic Life Support & First Aid Training
                       June 15-19, 2007
                      “Career Path: A life After Graduation”
                      By: Professor Joey Dee, BSN,RN,CNS,MAEd,DSD
                      February 19, 2007
                      Adult Basic Life Support Seminar
                      By: Philippine Heart Center of the Philippines
                      June 16, 2008
                      Basic ECG course and Arrhythmia Recognition
                      By: Philippine Heart Center of the Philippines
                      June 12-13, 2008
                      Basic IV Training seminar
                      By: Martinez Memorial Hospital
                      Accredited by: Association of Nursing Practice of the Phils.
                      July 8-10, 2008

               TRAININGS and SEMINARS of Year 2009 at ST LUKE’S MEDICAL

              February 2 – May 18, 2009          NSET(nurse staff effectiveness training)
              February 6, 2009               Safety Medication Program

              February 12, 2009              Infection Control Seminar

             February 25, 2009            Bio-safety, Emergency Preparedness
Disaster Control Team seminar

              February 26- 27, 2009           BLS (Basic Life Support)

               March 3-5, 2009                BEP (Basic English Proficiency)

               March 6-9, 2009                Personal Enhancement Program

                March 10-13, 2009              Introduction to St. Luke’s Family

                March 16- 20, 2009             Customer Service Training Program

                May 18, 2009                   Joint Commission International Accreditation

                June 2- 4, 2009                Intravenous Training Program

                June 29, 2009                  Handling Difficult Patient

                July 10, 2009                  Health Care System part 1

                August 12, 2009                Safe Quality Nursing
August 20, 2009             Time Management Seminar

September 11, 2009          Health Care system part 2

September 24, 2009         Infection Control II Seminar

October 1, 2009             Best Practices in Preventive Geriatrics
                            ( 19th Annual Postgraduate Course)

November, 23, 2009         Hospira Gemstar infusion pump seminar

December 3, 2009            Baxter Colleague infusion pump seminar

     Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment lecture
     By: St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City
      February 2, 2010

       Geriatric Syndrome lecture
       Care for elderly with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
       By: St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City
       February 3, 2010

       Philips Mechanical Ventilator lecture
       By: St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City
       February 3, 2010

      Philippine Heath Association Accrediation seminar
      By: St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City
       February 12, 2010
       Acute Stroke Attack Prevention seminar
       By: St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City
       March 16, 2010

       Use Of Vein Viewer Machine seminar
       By: St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City
       March 23, 2010

       Mechanical Ventilation and Pulmonary care Training
       By: St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City
       March 29, 2010

     20th Post graduate Course “LONG TERM CARE”
     By: St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City
     October 1, 2010
Clinical Internship:    June 2003
                       Community Based Care: Sta. Ana Health Center
                       Antipolo city

                       June 2004- March 2007
                       Medical-Surgical Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing, Pediatric Nursing,
                       Emergency Room Nursing:
                       Metropolitan Medical Center

                       August 2005
                       Care of Clients with Communicable Diseases:
                       San Lazaro Hospital

                       October 2005
                       Care of Clients with Musculoskeletal Impairment, Orthopedic Nursing,
                       Emergency Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing:
                       Phil. Orthopedic Center

                       February 2006
                       Psychiatric Care: National Center for Mental Health

                       April 2006
                       Community Based Care: Exposure Immersion
                       Antipolo City

                       August 2005- February 2007
                       Maternity Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Out Patient Department:
                       Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, Feliza Lying-in Clinic, Maria-
                       Clara Lying-in Clinic, Antipolo District Hospital .

                       March 2009
                       Medical Surgical Unit (General Nursing Complex)
                       St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City
                       E.Rodriguez, QC, Phils

                       April-May 2009
                       Geriatric Center (Geriatric Unit)
                       St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City
                       E.Rodriguez, QC, Phils
Other Work Experience:

                       Physical Education and Health Teacher
                       Highschool Department
                        September 2007
                         Sto. Nino De Novaliches School
                         Novaliches, QC, Phils.

                        Best Buy Inc.
                       Customer Service Representative
                        November 2007
                        Teletech company, Bus. Product Outsourcing
                        Fairview, QC, Phils.

                        Expedia Travel Company
                       Telesales Agent
                        January 2008
                        Skyes Asia, INC
                        Quezon Avenue, QC, Phils

                        Intuit Accounting Software
                        Customer Service Representative
                       November 2008
                        Etelecare Global Solutions
                        Eastwood Libis, QC, Phils

Intravenous Therapy Lic no.: 08-017303 valid thru August 30, 2011
                   Issued by: Association of Nusring Service Administrators
of the Phils.
                   Issuance date: August 30, 2008

Certificate of Eligibility: Career Service Professional Eligibilty
                        Issued by: Civil Service Commission of the Philippines
                        Issued date: October 28, 2007

Tax Identification No.: 307-365-702-000

Social Security No.:     34-0744503-2

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