Student Health Screenings for Clinical Internships by liamei12345


									Health Screening for Clinical Internships.
       TO: Health Science Students
       SUBJECT: Frequently asked question for health screenings for Clinical/Externship/Internships

As a healthcare student you are required to complete several health requirements prior to attending your clinical,
internship or externship program. If the following is not completed you may not attend your clinical rotation.

You need to complete the following check list before going to the clinical sites:
     A physical examination is not required.
     You are required to have TB(PPD) skin test.
              o If you are employed at a facility that provides yearly TB test, you may bring in your record from that
              o All students need to provide 2 dates for TB or the recent TB Gold screening before entry your clinical
                  practice. Dates must be either from a 2 step or 2 consecutive years one being within the recent 12
                  months .
              o A 2 step TB test involves going to the clinic of your choice or the county nursing office to get a TB
                  test. 48-72 hours you must go back and have it read by the staff . Within 7 to 21 days later you must
                  to go back and get a second TB test. And again within 48-72 hours you must to go back and have the
                  second TB test read.
              o A single TB test must be done yearly while in school and attending a clinical program. This must be
                  done prior to the previous year’s expiration date.
              o If you have had a positive TB test do not get the TB test. You will need to contact your doctor and get
                  a chest x-ray this will not be required yearly. However, on a yearly basis you must complete and sign
                  a form stating that you are symptom free.
              o TB Gold test is acceptable.
     2MMR’s (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) are required. We need to have the dates of your MMR’s on a form from
         your MD or the state. The second MMR must be after 1980, if it is not you will need to get another MMR.
              o As a student if you do not have the documentation of the required 2 MMRs immunizations, it is
                  recommended that you have the 2MMRs which would be cheaper than the titer. One immunization is
                  given and the second one can be administered 28 days later. If you don’t get the MMRs you will need
                  to get a Rubella , Rubeola & Mumps screenings. A copy of those screenings should be given to the
                  school. If the screenings come back negative you need to get the immunization.
     A Varicella immunization or screening is necessary ONLY if you have not had the chicken pox. If you had the
         chicken pox, please mark the box on the front sheet of the health records where it says “YES”..
     Hepatitis B vaccination/Titer is not required but is highly recommended. Please read, complete and sign the
         attached form.
     Tetanus & Diphtheria (Td) immunization is not required, but is highly recommended. A Tetanus shot is good
         for 10 years.
You may have your testing done at your own physician or any clinical facility you wish. However, MPTC has a contract
with certain facilities. And this contract allows our students to have testing done at a discounted price if paid at time
of services. Forms with requirements are attached for each of these facilities.

After completing all the required testing, a COPY of each form should be given to:

Michele Duwell, RN BSN
235 N. National Av.
Fond du Lac, WI 54936
E 163 Fond du Lac Campus
Phone: 920-924-3150
Fax: 920-924-6411
Email:                                                                        4/2010

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