Everlasting Sunset

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					Everlasting Sunset
By Eclipse

Have you ever witnessed a sunset?
Watch as crimson fingers fail their grasp upon the blue. The whispery peach clouds, all leaving man in their debt. All man you say? Aye that is true. Except this man, for this man has you!

While other men watch as the colour bleeds away,
And must in their solitude brave the stormy night. The woman of my dreams holds onto that day. For I have the never ending sunset before my sight.

Your glistening dark eyes bely a secret depth.
Your rolling hair a welcome shelter. Your luscious full lips an endless breath. The lightest touch and my hearts a skelter.

As you cradle my face in these trusted hands,
I fear for all those who might Never feel this moment as I have. Merely kick the sands Of their private shore, gainst the dwindling light. As for me, you hold sway over my night.

Have you ever witnessed the sunset?
A face so gorgeous it holds the horizon? On paper I could never my love vet, But I have my one, my endless sunset!

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Description: For all the hopeless romantics out there