; Wilmslow high school students have been feeling_ for sometime now
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Wilmslow high school students have been feeling_ for sometime now


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									          Working Together to Change the Rule Once And For all.

Wilmslow High School students have been feeling discrimated
against, by some of our local community because of the behaviour of a very
small number of pupils in a local supermarket. These actions can have a
damaging impact on the rest of us who always behave properly.

Mr Gibbs, Director of Student Services, stated that, “we as a school try hard
to foster a good relationship with the local business community.” Many of us
do try to act appropriately, the school could be doing 99 good things, but
one person does one wrong thing, and it affects us all. Is it fair to punish the
whole school based on the conduct of just a few?
With school Head Teacher, Mrs Bremner stating that “I wasn’t actually
aware that the ban still existrf; it was only there for a very short period 4 or 5
years ago.” Mrs Bremner has already arranged to speak to the local store
manager about changing it once and for all.
We went ourselves and spoke to Steve Morris local store manager from
Sainsbury’s, who’s very keen on changing the rule of no Wilmslow High
students in the store, unless accompanied by an adult. Mr Morris told us “I
wasn’t here at the time of the event, so just kept the same rule as the
previous manager. There are at least 134 colleagues in the store, and it is
obvious that they can’t keep up with 2000 school student’s actions.”
Being the manager, he was fairly worried about the shrink in the store.
Shrink in stores is like theft, usually the shipping comes in and the store pays
for it, the customers then buy it; which returns the money the store has given
for the product. “I would know if there was shrink, as there would be a loss
of money.” This is the main reasons for the rule against us. “So far we at
Sainsbury’s see your school as high achieving and very active.” This is what
he thinks of us as a school. So it’s obvious, the main issue is just the loss of
money in his store.
Our story has been successful in achieving the chance to change the
discrimination we have been feeling and the rules against us at Wilmslow
High School, as we are “a slice of society” as spoken by Mrs Bremner, we are
focusing on working together as a whole community to achieve peace
within Cheshire.

Clara and Megan.

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