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									 ICT Standards Board                                                    ICTSB23(01)04
                                                                                    G. Ochel/cb
                                                                                   24 July 2001
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                                    23rd ICT Standards Board meeting
                                            14 November 2001

Source:                 CENELEC

Title:                  Recommendations and Responsibilities for standards for
                        intelligent homes and buildings (Smart Houses)
Agenda item:            8

Document for:           Comments to CENELEC/TC 205 WG 16 prior to 16 October 2001

Contact:                Hans Tempes: hans.tempes@erl13.siemens.de
                        Eric Cornez: ecornez@cenelec.org

ETSI Sekretariat
CEN Management Centre/ISSS
CLC/TC 13, CLC/TC 34X, CLC/TC 79, CLC/TC 205, CLC/SC 205A,
CLC/TC 206, CLC/TC 209, CLC/TC 215, CLC/TC 218
CEN/TSS, CEN/TC 122, CEN/TC 225, CEN/TC 247, CEN/TC 293, CEN/TC 294
IEC/TC 29, IEC/TC 34,
ISO/TC 145/SC 1,
Participants of CLC/TC 205/WG 16

Recommendations and Responsibilities for Smart Houses

The CLC/TC 205 WG16
"ICTSB1 / Standards for intelligent homes and buildings, smart houses"
is established following the ICTSB action A17/7.
The main objective of the WG is to monitor the performance of the ICTSB member organizations
against the identified requirements defined in the following lists.
The group will ensure proper co-ordination of the work done in the respective organizations and
report back to the ICTSB.
These tasks were confirmed by ICTSB and by CENELEC 105BT decision D105/055 and 106BT
decision D106/044

1 ICTSB Information & Communication Technology Standard Board
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The following lists are mapping the suggested responsibilities to identified recommendations and
requirements .
   The WG16 identified the bodies/committees that should be responsible for each of the
   recommendations and requirements listed of the High Level Strategy Group for ICT,
   the ICTSB Consumer Project Team and the ICTSB Project Team on Design for All and
   Assistive Technologies.
   In some of the cases the WG suggested liaisons to be established or reinforced between
   existing bodies.
   In other cases the WG suggested the consideration of the creation of New Work Items
   and CEN/ISSS workshops.

The listed Standardisation Bodies, Organisations and Technical Committees
are kindly asked to
   - comment the enclosed
   - comment on what has been covered, and by which standards
   - describe their corresponding actions, deliverables and timetables
   - correct and/or complete the columns
      "Deliverable", Lead Responsibility", Priority", "Proposed timetable"
The answers should be provided to CLC/TC 205/WG16 by end of October 2001.
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The source of the enclosured List J is Annex J of
Executive Summary Report from the ICTSB Project Team "Design for All" dtd. 15.05.2000]
This report has been developed in response to Commission Mandate 273, ”Design for All and
Assistive Technology” which requests the European Standards bodies to identify standards
needed to make the Information Society accessible to everyone, including elderly people and
people with special needs.

The main goal of this report was to identify the future standardisation needs for ICT in order to
create a society that is accessible to all citizens.

The main result of the report was a proposed work programme for the European Standards bodies
that lists work items to be standardised to achieve the above, goal among other things for Smart

The work programme details work items proposed for standardisation, identifies which
standardisation bodies should be responsible for carrying out the proposed work items, when
(timetable) and with which priority.

The work programme for Smart Houses = Annex J was discussed and modified and is now
mapping the responsibilities to identified recommendations and requirements, see list J on page 3.

The source of the enclosured List A is Annex A of
an ICTSB-ad hoc meeting which was taking account the HLSG 2report #4 and Consumer
requirements for Smart Houses.
The purpose of the meeting was to clarify the standardization activities in the field of smart
houses, home and building electronic systems in relation to access networks (residential
gateways) and to consider consumer standardization requirements.

As for continuation of the work, various possibilities have been mentioned, and the meeting was of
the opinion that it should be up to the ICTSB to decide. On one hand, the meeting considered that
it had fulfilled its goals by facilitating dialogue, collaboration and common understanding between
the parties involved, and that ICTSB members were now in a position to make best use of the
Requirements documents into their work as suggested by the report. On the other hand, it was felt
that some issues may deserve more work before the corresponding requirements can be fully
understood and applied. It was also mentioned that some of the requirements as they currently
stand could not be directly translated into work items due to the lack of an applicable business
case, precise scope and preliminary study of ongoing related activities.

The listed requirements in Annex A was discussed and modified and is now mapping the
responsibilities to identified recommendations and requirements, see list A on page 8.

2 HLSG High Level Strategy Group
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List J, Recommendations for Smart Houses,
[Source: Annex J of Executive Summary Report from the ICTSB Project Team "Design for All" dtd. 15.05.2000]

                          Work Items                     Deliverable         Lead          Priority    Proposed
                                                           (action         Responsi-                   timetable
                                                          required)          bility

 J 1.       Standardise interface between             Co-ordination of    CLC/TC 205
            assistive technologies (e.g. IR           standards
            environmental control systems),           bodies
            consumer and smart house systems                              CEN/TC 293
            through co-ordinated standards work.                          and/or CEN
 J 2.       Standardise the links between smart       Co-ordination of    CLC/TC 205
            house installations, alarm centres and    standards
                                                                          CLC/TC 215
            system for ambulant care.
                                                                          CLC/TC 79
 J 3.       Create consistent user interfaces for     Standards/          CEN/TC 122
            smart house systems                       guidelines

 J 4.       Develop standard to ensure                Standards           CLC/TC 205
            interoperability of smart house
                                                                          CLC/TC 206
 J 5.       Develop standard to ensure flexibility    Standards/          CLC/TC 205
            and modularity of smart house             guidelines          CLC/TC 215
                                                                          CLC/TC 209
 J 6.       Develop standard to ensure upward         Standards           CLC/TC 205
            compatibility of systems
                                                                          CLC/TC 215
 J 7.       Standardise installation aspects          Standards           CLC/TC 205
                                                                          CLC/TC 215
 J 8.       Develop standard to ensure centrally      Standards/          CLC/TC 205
            located and easily accessible             National            CLC/TC 215
            technical centre in the building          guidelines
 J 9.       Develop standard for accessibility of     Standards/          CLC/TC 205
            smart house components in relation to     guidelines
            all physical varieties and mobility
                                                                          CLC/TC 215
            modes, as well as auditory, visual and
            cognitive needs.
 J 10.      Develop standards ensuring that           Standards/          CLC/TC 205
            sufficient room is available for extra    guidelines
            components and extensions for
                                                                          CLC/TC 215
            electricity and ICT in the technical
            centre (related to smart houses).
 J 11.      Standardise hidden conduits to            Standards/          CLC/TC 205
            windows and doors for electricity for     guidelines
            control or alarms                                             CLC/TC 215

 J 12.      Develop a standardised adaptable          Co-operation        CEN/TC 122
            user interface for control and input      between             CLC/TC 205
            devices across smart house and            standards           CLC/TC 206
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                      Work Items                      Deliverable        Lead        Priority    Proposed
                                                        (action        Responsi-                 timetable
                                                       required)         bility
        information systems (e.g. internet,                           ETSI/IETF/
        audio and video).                                             W3C
J 13.   Adapt and develop existing technical        Co-operation of   CLC/TC 205
        standards to facilitate integration and     standards.
        compatibility of information systems                          CLC/TC 206
        (e.g. internet, audio and video             Convergence
        systems) with smart house systems.                            ETSI/IETF/.
J 14.   Create standards on hearing aid             Standard          ETSI/TC HF
        coupling (inductive loops, possibility to                     IEC/TC 29
        plug in hearing aids).
J 15.   Standardised interface to external          Standards         CLC/TC 206
        display system (e.g. TV, large
J 16.   Create standards on interaction             Standards         ISO/TC.145/
        elements (shape, colours, feedback,                           SC 1
        dimensions) for physical and screen
        controls and status feedback.
J 17.   Standardise and user test Smart             Standards/        ISO/TC 145/
        House symbols and terminology.              project           SC 1
J 18.   Develop standard for failsafe features      Standards         CLC/TC 205
        and manual override systems.                                  (TR 12)
J 19.   Create standards on UI symbols for          Standards         ISO/TC
        smart houses, like metaphors, icons,                          145/SC 1
J 20.   Create standards on feedback                Standards         CLC/TC 205
        typology for all major user groups.
J 21.   Standardise requirements for which          Standards/        CLC/TC 205
        basic functions a house must have,          guidelines
        and where they are placed in the                              CLC/TC 215
        building to provide flexibility.
J 22.   Adapt standards for good lighting, (co-     Standards         IEC TC 34
        operate with CENELEC TC on
        lighting)                                                     CLC/TC 34X
J 23.   For social alarm systems. Include           Co-operation      CLC/TC 79
        Design for All issues into CEN TC 79        between           CENELEC
        work.                                       standards         standard
                                                                      prEN 50134
        Standard adaptation to hearing aids.                          1-2, 1993E
J 24.   Co-ordinate CENELEC Mandate 273             Co-operation      CENELEC
        with TC 79, because integrated              between           Mandate 273
        alarms and transmission of these into       standards
        other alarm systems is a main aspect                          CLC/TC 79
        in smart house technology for
        universal design. Assistive technology                        ETSI
        needs to be integrated into the
        requirements so disabled persons can
        send alarms.
J 25.   Revise standards on remote metering         Co-operation of   CLC/TC13
        to take account of smart house and          standards
        design for all issues.                                        IEC TC13

                                                                      CEN/TC 294
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                     Work Items                     Deliverable        Lead          Priority    Proposed
                                                      (action        Responsi-                   timetable
                                                     required)         bility
J 26.   Revise standards for access to            Co-operation of   ISO/IEC
        buildings to include smart house          standards         JTC1/SC 31
        issues.                                                     CEN/TC 225
                                                                    CLC/TC 79
J 27.   Revise technical standards related to                       CEN TC 247
        energy saving to include design for all

J 28.   Identify and manifest quality             Guidelines        Electrical
        guidelines and courses for electrical     development       contractors
        suppliers and installers in order to                        associations
        incorporate procedures for securing       Courses           + other
        user needs into their planning and                          contractors
        installations.                                              associations
J 29.   Develop service contracts with clear      Standard          Electrical
        division of responsibilities.             practice          contractors
                                                  development       associations
J 30.   Develop guidelines and procedures         Legislation       National and
        for ensuring legal issues, informed                         European
        consent and protect against invasion      Procedural        responsibility
        of privacy in connection with cognitive   guidelines
        dysfunction and surveillance.
J 31.   Develop procedures for standard and       Procedural        Electrical
        compulsory quality assurance and          guidelines        contractors +
        testing before being taken into use.                        experts
                                                                    bility except
                                                                    for Mains
                                                                    (CLC/TC 64)
J 32.   Develop standard procedures for           Procedural        Electrical
        testing systems after installation and    guidelines        contractors
        before actual use. This applies to all                      ass.,
        elements and functions of the system,                       installers +
        and the installer as well as the users                      experts
        must be present and go through the                          National
        installation with “hands on”                                Responsi-
        experience.                                                 bility
                                                                    (guidelines in
                                                                    CLC/TC 205
                                                                    draft for prEN
J.33    Develop standard procedures for           Procedural        Electrical
        service and periodic maintenance,         guidelines        contractors
        and clear lines of responsibility                           associations
                                                                    + experts
                                                                    + national
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                     Work Items                      Deliverable       Lead        Priority    Proposed
                                                       (action       Responsi-                 timetable
                                                      required)        bility

J 34.   Identify and ensure universal user         A project to     ANEC
        needs as well as individual user needs     develop          Experts
        and requirements at each step in the       systematic
        process of planning and implementing       guidelines for
        smart house systems. Project must          planners
        build on existing experience with
        implementations. Involvement of user
        is recommended.
J 35.   Create standard visual and auditive        Develop          ETSI, CEN
        displays for feedback of status and        standard         CENELEC
        control messages and standardise           displays/        Human
        trials methods with users                  guidelines       factors,
        representatives. These ideas for                            design and
        standard interfaces and pictograms                          HCI experts
        must be accessible by all suppliers
        and systems.
J 36.   Evaluate how existing, simple light        Project for      Manufacturer
        switches are designed to enable            design
        people who are unfamiliar with ”smart”     development      Experts on
        designs on switches can turn on the                         HCI design
        light manually in a smart house                             and human
        without learning entire new controls                        factors
        and smart fixtures. The results must
        be design recommendations for the
J 37.   In order to raise the safety, security     Project          To be seen
        and efficiency issue of using smart        Workshop         in
        housing alarms to help look after                           conjunction
        people in care housing, sort and                            with
        standardise the user aspects of the                         standards
        connections and interfaces between                          work in
        smart house systems and alarm                               CLC/TC 79
        services.                                                   CEN/ISSS
J 38.   Ethical issues of surveillance must be     Workshop         CEN/ISSS
        discussed in a European workshop.          Project          Workshop
        European project, but needs to be                           + National
        adapted to the legislation issues in                        activities
        each country..
J 39.   Make a list of standard basic              Project          National
        installation of the most frequently used                    organi-
        modes of controlling the smart house,                       sations
        with potential for individual
J 40.   Recommend user tests of new user           Project          Manufacturer
        interfaces before putting them on the
        market.                                                     researchers
                                                                    in 5 FWP IST
        Human centered design of processes                          Programme
        for interactive systems, in conjunction
        with ISO/DIS 13407.
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                     Work Items                    Deliverable         Lead         Priority    Proposed
                                                     (action         Responsi-                  timetable
                                                    required)          bility

J 41.   Recommend co-operation between           Workshops,         Consumer
        consumer organisations and               Regular            reps
        standards organisations.                 meetings           ANEC
J 42.   Require cost transparency upon           Co-operation,      Consumer
        planning and buying smart house          no standard        organisation
        systems.                                 issue              ANEC

J 43.   Standards work to be integrated with     Cross section      CEN
        the developments of codes of             and organisation   CENELEC
        practice, recommended research           work,              ETSI
        projects and consumer involvement.       workshops          ANEC
J 44.   Ensure all user requirements and         Create a           ANEC
        influence in the convergence             strategic plan
        developments within new, wireless        Workshop           CEN/ISSS
        smart house systems and in the                              ICTSB
        communication systems between
        smart house systems and the rest of                         ETSI
J 45.   ICTSB has created a Group on             Emphasise          ICTSB
        standards for intelligent homes and      importance of
        buildings (GSIHB), reporting to ICTSB    inter-standards
        to ensure proper co-ordination of        bodies working
        standards work done in the respective    group – recall
        organisations and report back to         group and give
        ICTSB, but so far very little progress   clear mandate.
        has been made. This is particularly      Establish CWA.     & then CWA
        important in this area, because smart
        house standardisation and
        developments are complex and the                            CLC/TC 205
        concerns of many organisations and                          WG 16
        many related technologies.
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List A, Recommendations for Smart Houses,

HLSG standardization requirements [Source: Annex A of ICTSB-AH02(99)11]

                Work Items                    Deliverable          Lead           Priority   Proposed
                                                (action       Responsibility
2.1.1     Interface between transport                       Logical Interface:
          networks to home busses                           CLC/TC 205
                                                            Physical Interface:
                                                            CLC/TC 215
                                                            CLC/TC 209
2.1.2     To consider questions on                          Functional Safety
security,                                                   Guidelines:
                                                            CLC/TC 205
on ethical questions and privacy                            National
                                                            Responsibility and
on home banking etc.                                        application
2.1.3     Signalling and operation models                   CLC/TC 205 WG 5
          for security and copy
          management                                        application

Consumer report standardization requirements [Source: Annex A of ICTSB-AH02(99)11]

                Work Items                    Deliverable          Lead           Priority   Proposed
                                                (action       Responsibility
2.2.1     Addressing Consumer Issues                        ANEC   Organise consumer feedback                        ANEC

2.2.2     Consistent User Interface                         ANEC

2.2.3     Standardising user interface of                   CEN/ TC 122
          the smart House System

2.2.4     Interoperability between smart                    CLC/TC 205
          house systems

2.2.5     Flexibility and Modularity                        CLC/TC 205
                                                            CLC/TC 215   Requirement for upward
          compatibility of systems
2.2.6     Standards for Installation                        CLC/TC 205
          Aspects of Smart Houses e.g.                      CLC/TC 215   Sufficient capacity on electrical                 CLC/TC 205
          installation and ICT to allow
                                                            CLC/TC 215
          future extensions
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                Work Items                     Deliverable          Lead            Priority   Proposed
                                                 (action       Responsibility
                                                required)   Centrally placed and easily                        CLC/TC 205
          accessible technical centre in the
          house                                              CLC/TC 215   Sufficient room for extra                          CLC/TC 205
          components and extensions for
          electricity and ICT in the                         CLC/TC 215
          technical centre   Hidden conduits for cables from                    CLC/TC 205
          central to each separate room
          which should be wide enough to
          allow for additional cables,                       CLC/TC 215
          circuits or features   Hidden conduits should have                        CLC/TC 215
          standard height, for example 90
          cm above the floor   Extra capacity for lighting,                       National codes of
          heating and plugs                                  practice   Extra capacity for extensions                      CLC/TC 205
          (empty or wide conduits)                           CLC/TC 215
                                                             National codes of
                                                             practice   Hidden conduits to windows and
          doors for electricity and alarms,
          with hidden boxes.   Extra boxes for future possible
          needs. Standards for good lighting (no                     CENELEC
         glare and reflexes, right amount)                   ISO TC 34
                                                             CLC/TC 34X
2.2.7     Training for Installers                            Electrical
                                                             CLC/TC 218
2.2.8     Control Devices   Standard, basic switch design                      CLC/TC 23   Standardised language and            IEC/TC 3      ISO/TC 145/SC 1
          symbols                                            IEC/TC 3
2.2.9     Reliability                                        CLC/TC 205   Recommendation on use of fail-                     CLC/TC 205
          safe and manual override
2.2.10    Standardised and Compulsory                        Electrical
          Quality Assurance Procedures                       contractors, experts
          e.g.                                               + National
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               Work Items                    Deliverable            Lead            Priority   Proposed
                                               (action         Responsibility
                                              required) Standardised procedures for                         Electrical
         testing each function and                           contractors, experts
         component                                           + National
2.2.11   Interface Between Smart House                       CLC/TC 205
         Receptors and Environmental
         Controls Particularly for                           CEN TC 293
         Handicapped People
2.2.12   Control and Metering of Gas,                        CLC/TC 13
         Water and Electricity Supply                        IEC TC 13
                                                             CEN/TC 294
2.2.13   Cost Transparency                   It seem to be   Consumer
                                             not a           organisation
                                             standards       ANEC
                                             issue           Suppliers
2.2.14   Attention to Ethical Issues                         National
                                                             organisations Codes to protect against invasion                   National
         of privacy                                          organisations
2.2.15   Infrastructure for Alarm                            CLC/TC 79
         Messages Connection between smart                            CLC/TC 205
         house standardisation and
         communication systems and
         technology, as well as with
         service provider organisations

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