Paramedic to RN Curriculum Meeting8_24_10 by liamei12345


									                            Paramedic to RN Curriculum Meeting8/24/2010

Present : Dave Laton, Linda Cater, Linda North, Bret McGill, Stacey Powell, Jennifer Louden, Connie
Meloun, Rhonda Davis, Lisa Shiver( after class), and Sandy Spann

Issue                              Discussion                          Decisions/Actions Planned
Minutes from 8-10-10                Dr. North asked for corrections    The minutes were approved with
                                   or additions to minutes. Jennifer   the date corrected.
                                   Louden noted the date was
                                   wrong on the minutes from the
                                   previous meeting.
Linda Cater Update on possible     Linda reported that DPE would       The group decided not to try to
approval for 3 courses             support the change to courses       make the change to 3 courses
                                   for the paramedic but this would    but to develop NUR 111 for
                                   bring challenges that might not     spring 2010. The group will
                                   be possible to address by next      review the 3 course option at a
                                   summer. The change would have       later date. The course number
                                   to be approved as a new             will not be changed .
                                   program. This might demand
                                   more resources.
Make NUR 104 module or course      The group discussed the pros     The group decided to accept
                                   and cons of developing a module  EMP 104, a 2 hour EMP Pharm
                                   or course. Sandy Spann           course for NUR 104. The
                                   suggested that EMP 194 could     required medication
                                   be counted as NUR 104.           administration competencies will
                                                                    be conducted as a check off in
                                                                    NUR 111. Appropriate teaching
                                                                    and demonstrations will be
Make NUR 103 module or leave       The group had a spirited         The group decided to make the
as a course                        discussion concerning teaching   course a module in NUR 111 and
                                   health assessment as a module    to pattern the content after the
                                   or course. Several pros and cons health assessment content in
                                   were discussed including the     NUR 200. In addition the group
                                   need to address the paramedic’s decided that EMP 193 could be
                                   need to develop interview skills transferred from the paramedic
                                   and a more in depth coverage of program for NUR 103. In
                                   some body systems .              addition the group decided that
                                                                    students most do a Head to Toe
                                                                    skills check off.
NUR 111 POI                        The members worked with Dave The group developed a POI for
                                   Laton to develop a NUR 111 POI NUR 111. A copy was emailed to
                                   for the state. The course        everyone for their review.
                                   description was reviewed for     Faculty members will review
                                   content and accuracy from the    course content outline for simple
                                   syllabus developed by Sandy      to complex for students and for
                                   Spann. The course ontent outline accuracy. Issues will be mailed to
                                   was reviewed and compared to     Linda Cater. The credit hours will
Issue                     Discussion                          Decisions/Actions Planned
                          the content in the respective       be 8 theory 1 lab and 3 clinical.
                          nursing course such as NUR 102,     120 theory hours
                          NUR 105, NUR 106, and NUR           45 lab hours
                          201.                                135 clinical hours
Partnership               Connie Meloun asked if we could     The members present decided to
                          still do the partnership even       pursue the partnership for spring
                          thought we were not doing the 3     2010. If approved , the course
                          courses. The group discussed the    will be taught spring 2010 via
                          advantages of sharing resources     Tandberg and Tegrity or
                          how using content experts in        Camtasia recorded lectures if
                          the field would help to improve     technology fails.
                          student learning outcomes .
Partnership approval      The committee discussed the         The design will decide the design
                          approval process for partnership.   of the course and seek approval
                                                              from DPE and additional
                                                              required parties.
Next meeting              Tandberg Meeting                    September 24 , 2010 10:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda North

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