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					                                                                                        NURSING (ADN TO BSN)
Last updated 01/13/11. The information in this guide is subject to change. The universities may require
additional lower division courses beyond those listed or articulated. Please review a current catalog of the
campus of your choice and consult with a counselor. The most recent CSU & UC articulation information is
available at

A Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing may be earned by completing an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) at the community
college and then enrolling in a baccalaureate degree completion program at a CSU, UC, or independent college or university.
Students choosing the RN to BSN option should contact the Nursing Department at the campus for more information prior to
applying. There may be special application procedures.
At least 17 CSU campuses offer the ADN to BSN major and are open to CSU-eligible applicants. Most of these majors are
not impacted. Admission criteria to the CSU include sixty semester units of college-transferable credit with at least thirty of
those units meeting CSU GE requirements.

 SONOMA STATE                The RN to BSN two-year upper division option is designed to articulate with community college
 UNIVERSITY                  nursing programs. RN-BSN Admission requirements:
                                 •    60 units of transferable credit: 30 units of nursing classes and 30 units of General
 Required courses:                    Education requirements including Areas A (Speech, English Composition & Critical
 ANAT 1;                              Thinking) and B4 (Statistics) (Per 2010-11 SSU catalog, applicants may be admitted
 PHYSIO 1;                            without having yet completed Critical Thinking and/or Statistics, but must complete them in
 MICRO 5 or 60 or HLC                 their first semester at SSU);
 55;                             •    3 semester units of college level chemistry* with a grade of C or better;
 CHEM 60*;                       •    Human anatomy & physiology within the past 10 years or direct clinical nursing experience
 ENGL 1A;                             within the last two years;
 SPCH 1A or 60;                  •    Current California licensure as an RN.
 Critical thinking
 course;                     LVN-BSN: The SSU Dept. of Nursing no longer offers an LVN-BSN program. The state mandated
 MATH 15                     “LVN-30 unit option” continues to be available at SSU on a “as space is available basis” (particularly
                             clinical space). Over the past several years such space has not been available and does not seem
 Note: *SSU will use CHEM    likely in the near future. LVN’s interested in an LVN-BSN program are encouraged to contact the
 60 to satisfy GE Area B1    Indiana State University program offered in California through a state approved partnership. The
 for nursing students only
                             ISU-California program is a distant education program via the internet which can be done from
                             anywhere in California. Contact Millie Adkins for more information: 800-496-9613 or by email at
                             Pathways option: Registered nurses who wish to earn a Master’s degree in Nursing and who hold
                             a baccalaureate degree in a field other than nursing may be able do so through the Pathways
                             Contact the department at SSU or the college catalog for details about the LVN-BSN, LVN-RN, or
                             Pathways options. SSU Nursing Dept:

 UCLA                        UCLA’s School of Nursing Postlicensure RN-BS Program has been suspended for the 2011-12
                             academic year. It is unknown at this time whether the suspension is temporary or permanent.

 LOMA LINDA                  Admissions requirements include a current California RN licensure, minimum GPA of 2.5 in all
 UNIVERSITY                  college work, and C or better grades in all prerequisites.

 Required courses:           * Prerequisites include a Lifespan Development course (developmental psychology) not offered at
 MICRO 5;                    ** 20 quarter units in Humanities, including foreign language (preferably Spanish), and at least two
 CHEM 60;                    other areas required. Choose from the following areas: Intro to Art or Music, Literature, Applied Art
 ENGL 1A +1B;                or Music, History, Philosophy, Logic.
 PSYCH 1A;                   The program may be completed on a full or part-time basis. For more information, see
 SOC 1;            
                             Articulation information:
 Developmental Psy* ;
 PE (2 activity classes);
 Science elective;
 General elective

NURSING (ADN TO BSN) --- continued

 PACIFIC UNION          Admission requirements: In addition to the requirements for admission to the College, the
 COLLEGE                admission criteria for acceptance into the BSN program include:
                           1. ADN with current RN licensure
 Required courses:         2. Junior academic standing
 ANAT 1;PHYSIO 1;          3. Completion of ENGL 1A and speech
 MICRO 5 or 60 or          4. Required cognates for the AS degree in Nursing
 HLC 55;                   5. Completion of GE for full-time status
 CHEM 42 or 60 or       * Additional requirements include a Human Development course (not offered at SRJC); Any two
 1A or 8;               courses with HIST prefix; Two courses in Humanities (each from a different area) from Art History,
 FDNT 10 or 62;         Music History, Literature, or Philosophy.
 ENGL 1A +1B;
 PSYCH 1A;              File applications for admission both to the College and to the Department of Nursing.
 SPCH 1A or 2 or
 3A;                    See
 MATH 15;
 ANTHRO 2 or SOC        Articulation information:
 1 or 10 or 2 or 30;
 ANTHRO 2 or SOC        Under Pacific Union College, click on General Education and scroll down to Nursing information.
 2 or 30;
 Additional courses*

 SAN                    The RN-MSN accelerated degree program is designed for the registered nurse who holds an
 FRANCISCO              Associate’s Degree in Nursing and has now decided to pursue graduate nursing education. The
                        program is one that builds upon the student’s prior training, provides content and clinical
 North Bay Regional     experiences in community health nursing and leadership/management and moves the student
 Campus in Santa        directly into graduate nursing education. Although students will enter the program without an
 Rosa                   earned bachelor’s degree, as they progress through the course of study, they will meet the
                        program outcomes of the MSN program. The total curriculum requirement is 46 units.
                        Admission Criteria
                        Admission to the program is based on an overall appraisal of the applicant’s ability to undertake
                        master’s study and of their potential contributions to the discipline of nursing as evidenced by the
                             •   Official transcripts from colleges/universities attended
                             •   Grade point average of 3.0 or higher
                             •   Two letters of recommendation
                             •   Personal statement
                             •   Resume
                             •   Documentation of professional licensure
                             •   TOEFL scores if needed
                                         For more information, see
                              Contact Rosa Turner, Director of North Bay Regional Campus at
                                                                or 707-527-9612

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