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					                                           SURVIVORS OF INCEST ANONYMOUS
            WORLD SERVICE OFFICE P.O. BOX 190                              BENSON, MD, USA 21018-9998      410-893-3322
            Please visit our website at                          Today's Date: ________________________
                    SIA LITERATURE                                                                        Quantity       Unit Price    TOTAL
Starter Packet - Contents of Starter Packet noted with an * (Includes Postage & Handling)                            $         13.00
Expanded Packet - Contents of Expanded Packet noted with an X (Includes Postage & Handling)                          $         30.00
  *    X   Directory of SIA Meetings                                                                                 FREE
           Newsletter Yearly Subscription (Includes a list of all new groups)                                        $    15.00
             FREE if you provide your email address:                                                                 FREE
       X   Bittersweet: a Pamphlet for Those in Other 12-Step Programs                                               $          1.50
           General Information on Setting Up a Meeting/Includes Official Form                                        FREE
           Group Concerns                                                                                            $          1.00
  *    X   How to Survive Your First SIA Meeting                                                                     $          1.50
  *    X   Is Survivors of Incest Anonymous for You?                                                                 $          0.50
           Survivors Reaching Out to Survivors                                                                       $          0.50
  *    X   The Welcome, Closing, 12 & 12                                                                             $          0.50
                      TWELVE-STEP RECOVERY
           First Step Inventory                                                                                      $          0.50
           First Step Inventory Workbook                                                                             $          3.00
           Fourth Step Inventory                                                                                     $          2.00
           Sponsorship                                                                                               $          0.75
       X   The Slogans of SIA                                                                                        $          3.25
       X   The Twelve Promises                                                                                       $          0.20
  *    X   The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions                                                                    $          3.25
           Tools of Recovery for SIA                                                                                 $          1.00
                      THE ART OF SELF CARE
       X   Criteria to Think About When Choosing a Therapist                                                         $          0.50
       X   Honoring the Child Within                                                                                 $          1.50
           Incest and Eating Disorders                                                                               $          0.50
       X   Medications in Recovery                                                                                   $          1.00
           Reclaiming Our Spirituality: A Pilgrimage Begins                                                          $          1.50
           Self-Injury: Wounds from The Heart                                                                        $          3.00
           Shattered Survivors: Incest and MPD (DID)                                                                 $          1.75
           Signs of Healing on the Road of Recovery                                                                  $          1.75
       X   Suicide Prevention: Rise on Wounded Wings                                                                 $          1.75
           To the Healthcare Professional                                                                            $          0.50
                      UNDERSTANDING OUR PAST
           Autobiography Guide                                                                                       $          1.00
       X   Characteristics of Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse                                                    $          0.50
       X   The Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on the Adult Survivor                                                   $          0.50
       X   Family Dynamics in an Incestuous Family                                                                   $          1.00
           Female Perpetrators                                                                                       $          0.75
           For the Male Survivor - "I was a Victim Too"                                                              $          0.50
           Grieving the Loss of the Ideal Family (formerly "So Long, Norman Rockwell")                               $          1.75
           Incest: A Family Tragedy                                                                                  $          2.00
           Pastoral Sexual Abuse                                                                                     $          1.50
  *    X   Remembering                                                                                               $          0.50
           Sexual Abuse by a Sibling or Another Child (Expanded Version)                                             $          1.75
       X   Stages of Reaction to Trauma                                                                              $          0.50
       X   Ways We Denied/Reasons to Deny Anger                                                                      $          0.50
                      OUR RELATIONSHIPS TODAY
           Building from the Void: Survivors Frustrations with Parenting                                             $          1.00
           The Confrontation                                                                                         $          1.75
       X   Destructive Relationships: A Familiar Trap for Survivors (formerly "Mirror for a Half-Self")              $          1.00
           Encountering the Abuser: Family Occasions                                                                 $          2.00
           For Partners of Survivors: Comrades in Healing                                                            $          1.00
           Hypothetical Letters to My Lover, God and a Friend                                                        $          1.50
                      o the Struggle to Get Love and Aplogies From the Abuser (NEW)
           Letting Go ofof the Struggle to Get Love and Apologies From the Abuser                                    $          2.50
           Love and Sex are Compatible Companions                                                                    $          3.25
           Must We Forgive                                                                                           $          1.00
           Reparenting: Building a Relationship of Trust With Our Inner Child(ren)                                   $          2.00
           When the Abuser Dies or Becomes Debilitated                                                               $          2.50
           SIA LITERATURE                                                              Quantity           Unit Price    TOTAL
The Backlash: Obstacles to Being Believed                                                             $          2.50
Greeting Cards (birthday, holiday, recovery)                                                          $          5.00
Her Story of Sexual Abuse Anonymous                                                                   $          1.00
Recycling Abuse: When the Abused Becomes an Abuser                                                    $          1.50
Victimization and Society                                                                             $          1.50
After-Effects of Repressed Satanic Cult Abuse                                                         $          1.50
Ritual Abuse: A Broad Overview                                                                        $          0.75
Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Survivor's Story                                                              $          0.75
The Domino Effect: From Incest to a Cult and the Road to Recovery                                     $          2.25
Understanding Ritual Abuse                                                                            $          2.50
Inventories                                                                                           $          8.50
Keynote Speech (Linda D., cofounder) Specify: audio or CD                                             $         20.00
Meditation CD                                                                                         $         15.00
Slogans                                                                                               $          8.50
The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions                                                                  $          8.50
To The Newcomer                                                                                       $          8.50
            OTHER PRODUCTS
"Declaration of Innocence" Certificate, blank or with name. Specify                                   $          4.00
Medallions: Never Alone Again                                                                         $          4.00
Medallions: Teddy Bear                                                                                $          4.00
Medallions:Women in Recovery                                                                          $          4.00
Medallions: Freedom To Be Me                                                                          $          4.00
T-Shirt - Royal Blue w "Innocent" and dove                                                            $         15.00

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