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					       For the thirty rows below, read the statement in column B and mark the one option that you most
          agree with from columns C, D, and E. At the end, add up your scores in each column and your
                                          percentages will be computed.

     When putting something                                 listen to or ask for an
1                                 read the instructions
     together, I prefer to…                                       explanation

                                                            stop and ask for verbal
2 If I'm lost, I'd rather...          look at a map
  When cooking a new                                           call someone for
3                                    follow a recipe
  dish, I...                                                     explanation
  To teach someone
4                                   write instructions         explain verbally
  something, I…
                                                             I hear what you are
5 I more often say…               I see what you mean
6 I more often say…                     show me                     tell me
7 I more often say...               watch how I do it        listen to me explain
  If I have a complaint
8 about something, I tend         write a letter about it   call someone about it
     I'd rather spend my          visiting museums or        listening to music or
     day…                                galleries          having a conversation
     When shopping, I         look at labels, compare,
10                                                       ask staff for assistance
     generally tend to..               and decide
     When planning a            read the brochures or            listen to
     vacation, I...                      reviews            recommendations
     To choose a new car, I      read the reviews and     discuss options with
     would most want to…           consumer reports               friends
     In class learning            want the teacher to      want the teacher to
     something new, I…                demonstrate        explain it step-by-step
     When I read a             imagine what the food talk through the options
     restaurant menu, I…              will look like           in my head
     When listening to music, sing along (in my head focus on the words and
     I…                               or out loud!)             the beats
                                                        discuss the problem and
     When concentrating on      focus on the words or
16                                                      possible solutions in my
     work, I..                  pictures in front of me
                                                             head or out loud
                                 writing new notes or    saying things aloud or
     I remember things best
17                                   rewriting key      repeating words and key
                                      information           points in my head
                               look at pictures, maps,    listen to the teacher
18   In school, I prefer to…
                                            etc                talk/explain
                              visualize the worst-case    talk over in my head
19   When I am nervous, I...
                                        scenarios        what worries me most
     I form opinions of
20                                   how they look        what they say to me
     others based on…
                                                      read my notes out loud,
                                  write a lot of notes,
     When I study for a test,
21                               sometimes using color  to myself or to other
                                         coding                 people
   When explaining                                        explain to them in
22 something to someone,        show them what I mean different ways until they
   I tend to…                                                understand
                                 photography, watching      listening to music or
23 My main interests are…
                                films or people-watching       talking to friends

     Most of my free time is
24                                watching television         talking to friends
   When I first contact a       I arrange a face to face    I talk to them on the
   new person, I...                     meeting                   telephone
   When I meet new
26 people, I usually                 look and dress           sound and speak
   remember how they…
                                 keep replaying in my
                                                           yell and tell people how
27 If I am very angry, I...     mind what it is that has
                                                                     I feel
                                       upset me
   I find it easiest to
28                                        faces                    names
   I can tell someone is
29                              they avoid looking at me     their voice changes
   lying when…
   When I run into an old
   friend I haven't seen in       say "it's great to see    say "it's great to hear
   a while, I'm more likely                you!"                your voice!"

            totals                         12                         8
                                       VISUAL %:               AUDITORY %:
                                          40%                      27%
rk the one option that you most
 cores in each column and your

            jump in and learn by
               'trial and error'

          drive until I figure it out,
          or maybe use a compass
              follow my instinct,
               tasting as I cook
             demonstrate and let
                them have a go
             I know how you feel
                 let me try
                  just try it
           go back to the store, or
           send the faulty item to
               the head office
          playing sports or making
           something (craft, etc)

           handle or test the item

           imagine the experience

               test-drive a few
             just want to do it and
               figure it out as I go
            imagine what the food
                  will taste like
            can't help but to move
                     or dance
               move around a lot,
             fiddle with my pen or
                    pencil, etc
           doing and practicing the

           do a science experiment
           can't sit still, fidget, and
                 move around
           how they make me feel
  imagine making the
 movement or creating
     the formula
encourage them to try it
    for themselves
  activities, crafts, or
being physical, crafting,
or playing video games
I try to get together to
    share an activity

    stand and move

stomp, slam doors and
    throw things

  things I have done
 I just get a "vibe" or
 feeling that they are

 give them a hug or a


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