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July 19, 2010

                          MOJ to increase and extend
                      training of Lay Magistrates and JPs
The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is embarking on a number of initiatives that will improve the
Jamaican justice system, and as a result, will require greater participation of Justices of the
Peace and Lay Magistrates, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Senator Dorothy
Lightbourne said yesterday.

Senator Lightbourne was speaking at the 25th Anniversary Service of the Lay Magistrates
Association of Jamaica held at the St. Luke’s Anglican Church on Sunday, July 18.

Speaking to the initiatives that are already underway, she said, the Ministry will be increasing
and extending the training of lay magistrates.

“First, to enable them (Lay Magistrates and Justices of the Peace) to try more serious cases, for
example, in the traffic courts. This will ease the burden of the resident magistrates and allow
them to dedicate their time to more serious cases. Second, this will speed up the judicial
process,” Sen. Lightbourne said.

The Restorative and Community Justice Project, she said, is now being piloted in four
communities across Jamaica, namely: Tower Hill, St Andrew; Granville, St James; May Pen,
Clarendon and Spanish Town, St. Catherine.
“Many justices of the peace have already been trained in the practice of restorative justice and
to serve on community justice panels which they will chair. These panels will aid the community
in settling disturbances and other grievances in a manner beneficial to the victim, offender and
the community.”

Another initiative of the Ministry, she highlighted, was Child Diversion which seeks to divert
young offenders from the penal system. “The Child Diversion Policy is now undergoing
consultation and will be submitted to Cabinet shortly for approval.”

The overall aim is to establish Child Diversion Committees throughout Jamaica which will be
responsible, among other things, for monitoring those children who have been diverted from
the penal system as well as assisting in determining the best course of treatment to ensure
their rehabilitation into society, Sen. Lightbourne explained.

Justices of the peace will be called to sit on these committees, she added.

The Attorney General lauded the Justices of the Peace and Lay Magistrates for their invaluable
contribution, the unselfish service they have given, and encouraged them to continue to fulfill
their duties with love, integrity, honesty and dignity.

Lay magistrates, the Minister said, are essential to the Government’s effort to provide to the
Jamaican people a justice system that is accessible, efficient and fair.


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