Junior by liamei12345


									Grade Level: Juniors

Month: August/September

    Topics                                       Issues                                 Resources/Activities
Community Building      Establishing Norms (see sophs)                 Gorman – icebreakers
                        Names                                          Kate/Tom
                        First Class/sportsmanship/Honor society        NHS – Dawn Bryson, Carol Greene
                        Frosh buddy                                    Buddy system by Counselor Frosh/Jr and Soph/Sr.
                        Bulletin Board                                 Birthday calendar
                        Class Photographer (for scrapbook in May)      Show and Tell
                        Open Letter from Last Year’s Juniors (2007)    Goal Setting (revisited over the year – multiple areas)
                        Service Project?
                        Time Capsule
Information             Leadership positions
                        (Exec Bds, WERCS tutor, peer helper, etc.)

                        1st ACT test (registration pre-jr. year)       Maureen Darnaby - testing

                        ACT/SAT registration (Dates)

                        Register for PSAT

                        Parent Night

Discussion             Kick-off Dance                                  Kate

                       “You’re an upper classman”                      Videos
                        Responsibilities, roles, etc.

                       Leadership                                      Sr. Feedback

                       “Honor societies”

Time Management

Concerns/Anxieties of Jr. Year

Being able to say “no”

Night games                          Tom – First Class Comm.

Junior Year Importance

Activity Code

Grade Level: Junior

Month: October

     Topics                               Issues                                          Resources/Activities
Community Building     Community Projects                              Student Council
                        Looking ahead to school chest
                       Homecoming Decorating                           Competitions
                       Religious Holidays – Diversity of Beliefs       Buddy

Information           Pep Rally/Homecoming

                      Community College/Fob Fairs/College Reps.        CCRC
                      (all year long)

                      Red Ribbon Week                                  RRW – work with Reach – L. Williams

                      End of 1st Quarter

Discussion            Introduction to Learning for Life -
                       Responsible Citizens/Responsible Choices
                       Elections/Ethics                               Political Science/social studies – mock elections
                       Investing, taking ownership of decisions and
                         life at DHS                                   Exec. Board?

                      Red Ribbon Week                                  RRW – work with Reach – L. Williams

                      Homecoming /Night Game                           Buddy with Freshmen
                      (Awareness of language with “dates” and          Deans – Could upperclassmen deliver this message?

                      Pep Rally/Homecoming as a Junior

Fine Arts – Audience Etiquette

Halloween Experience

Grade Level: Junior

Month: November

     Topics                              Issues                                  Resources/Activities
Community Building    Student Council Food Drive                Thank you notes/adopt-a-soldier/family/
                      Giving Thanks                             Oreo Turkeys/Arts and Crafts – Child Dev.

Information           Post High school Planning                 CCRC
                      Alternative Breaks (Spring, Summer)


Discussion            Post High school Planning

                      Personal Wellness/Balance                 Nutrition – Health teachers, Kolze,

                      Time Management/Stress                    Carol Myers – Yoga
                       Positive ways to manage.

                      Testing – “the game”

                      Giving Thanks

                      Service Projects for 2nd Semester         Earthworks poster contest

Grade Level: Junior

Month: December

     Topics                               Issues                                Resources/Activities
Community Building     School Chest – Sign Up                 Buddy

Information            School Chest

                       Alumni Day?

                       Mr. DHS


Discussion            “Caring and Understanding People”       Constant reminder of what School Chest is really about

                      Holidays for all
                                                              Minority Report

Grade Level: Junior

Month: January

     Topics                                Issues                                       Resources/Activities
Community Building     Study Sessions (for Finals)                 Create Stress ball
                       Pair up Frosh – Finals anxiety

Information            Registration (path to future)               Buddy?
                       Program of study
                       Recs for Registration
                       Four-Year Plan – Revisit/Revise

                       Final Exams
                                                                   A. Johnson
                       Student reflection on Homeroom
                        (1st week of 2nd semester)

Discussion            Personal Wellness (month of ailing health)   Free hand sanitizer for all

                      Course Options                               Social Studies – Connection to US History Activities

Grade Level: Junior

Month: February

     Topics                             Issues                                          Resources/Activities
Community Building     Random Acts of Kindness                        Valentine’s Day activities
                       Service Project?

Information            Junior registration                            Counseling

                       College options

                      Spring Dance

                      Frosh Advisors Recs                             GIMA
                                                                      A. Bricker
                      National Honor Society Application Process      Dawn Bryson
                      Who, What, Where – Recs.

                      AP Exams – Sign Up

Discussion            Effective communication

                      Post high school discussions                    CCRC

                      National girls and women in sports day          SOS

                      Random Acts of Kindness day

                      Spring Dance
                       What’s appropriate/What’s excessive

                      Pre- and Post- All School Assembly Discussion

Grade Level: Junior

Month: March

     Topics                                Issues                                       Resources/Activities
Community Building     Show and Tell
                        Link to art and human spirit

Information            Ethnocenter                                   Niki A., Hilary, Staci

                       Prairie State registration                    Ken Williams

                      Summer plans/jobs/responsibilities             Joe Navickas

Discussion            “Care for the human Spirit”

                      Women’s History Month

                      3rd Quarter “Let Down”

                      Spring Break Choices/Options                   Fine Arts

                      Arts Appreciation -
                        Responsibilities/expectations of audience

Grade Level: Junior

Month: April

     Topics                               Issues                                      Resources/Activities
Community Building    Caring & Understanding People                   Share hobbies
                        Voicing and listening to diverse opinions in
                          a Democracy.

Information            AIDS Quilt

                       Fine Arts Assembly

                       Prairie State Exam

                       College Fair

                       Financial Aid and Scholarship

                       Student Reflection on Homeroom
                       (For Next Year’s Juniors)

Discussion            Caring & Understanding People

                      AIDS Quilt

                      Ability to identify and understand a different   Amy Bricker
                      opinion and mirror it back                       SAGA, AWARE
                      AP tests -

Grade Level: Junior

Month: May

     Topics                               Issues                                        Resources/Activities
Community Building     Celebration and Recognition of each other     Goals from Sept.
                       Letters to Next Year’s Juniors                Buddy
                       Scrapbook – Capture your Junior Year

Information            Prom                                          Jr. Exec bd.
                                                                     WERCS/English Dept.
                       Essay Writing Workshop
                       AP exams

                       Parking rules

Discussion            Complex Thinking                               Jenny Navickas – Logic problems, problem solving -
                                                                     Dan’s chart
                      Prom                                           First Class
                                                                     Elaine Winer
                      Leadership/Transitions into being a “senior”   Jr. Exec Bd.

                      Black T-shirt day

                      Memorial Day

                      Beyond Ravinia                                 CCRC
                      Recs for next year

                      Finishing Strong

Grade Level: Junior

Month: June

     Topics                               Issues                Resources/Activities
Community Building     End of Year Celebration          Buddy

Information            Final Exams

                       Book Buy Back                    PTO

                       Grade pick up

                       3 Men and a Truck

Discussion            Final Exams

                      Homeroom Feedback


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