Furnishings By Andrews. Pink and Collison_ Experts with Motor Cycles by xumiaomaio


									 Furnishings By Andrews.                                                      Pink and Collison, Experts with Motor Cycles.
TK7T.TH over thirty years of tradition behind it, the furnishing busine.<-    TN no business is sound, carefully-acquired personal knowledge and
    of Andrews and Sons, in Rangitikei street, is to-day one of the fore          experience more essential than in a business devoted to the sale,
most emporiums of its kind in the city.'Showing an unfailing regard IV        servicing and repairing of motor-cycles, for so much, not only in the way
the public interest and the trend of fashion in furnishing tastes, the firm   tif safety, but of comfort and reliability, depends on accurate workman-
has moved with the times to occupy its present recognised position            ship and scrupulous thoroughness.
sheerly on merit. The business is one founded about the year 1904 bv
the late Mr. Alfred Andrews, who traded as Andrews and Sons. TJnde:               These essential qualities are characteristic of the work of Pink ant!
Ids control steady progress was made for over twenty years, ant:              Collison, of Cuba street, who can rightly claim that few are more fitted
later was taken over by Mr. F. N. Andrews, a sou, and con-                    than they to carry on such a business. Having served a long experience
tinues to-day to be known as Andrews and Sons. Possessing: their owti         at the trade, both Mr. I \ E. Pink and Mr. D. K. Collison know thai-
factory, Andrews and Sons are in the fortunate position of being nianu        job through and through, having had long experience prior to setting
facturing furnishers supplying direct to the public. They are in >        ,   up in partnership in 1930. Their record since then has been one 01
position, owing to the length of their experience, to gauge the publi••       tonstaut progress. Their workshop has greatly expanded, and their work-
taste and needs to a nicety, as they have full acquaintance with all th-1     shop staff from two seven years ago has increased until it now numbers
branches of the trade and a large staff competent to supply ever;             nine. Two salesmen are also kept on the road.
requirement. Practical advice is given by the firm rather than dogmata
salesmanship in the realisation that many costly mistakes can be avoidei           Having the advantage of the very latest in machinery Messrs.
if homemakers are relieved of the painful necessity of passing through        1'ink and Collison carry out in their premises all manner of repairs and
the experimental stage. However, realising that in some cases, owitu:         !>ave earned the name of having a workshop not excelled for equipment
to the particular need of the moment, it may be more to the advantage         or resource elsewhere in the Dominion. Acetlylene electric welding
cf the public for them to do so, Andrews and Sons never hesitate, when        and cylinder reborhig are among difficult jobs expertly carried out,
they deem it advisable to buy what can be obtained more cheaply i:            while a special valve-seat grinding machine is a great asset.
that way than if manufactured on the spot at any particular timr.
This broadminded policy has resulted in great savings for many Palmei1            The business holds agencies for the principal English motor-cycles,
stonians, who have reaped the benefits of wise counsels in a matter that      including Aerials, B.S.A., Panther^ James and Triumph. This is an im-
may make or mar the pleasantness of a home. Andrews and 8ons, S"              Tortant department of the activities of this motor-cycle shop, the pro-
long as they continue to pursue such a policy, need not fear for tin-         prietors of which, incidentally, are both well-known on the grass tracks
steady advancement of their manufacturing and retail enterprise.              of the Dominion, holding most New Zealand records for 2£ and 3^ clasn
                                                                              Turnbull and Jones, Ltd.
Christmas Land.                                                              TT is a true fact that the progressiveness of a town lies in the handn
                                                                                 of its storekeepers and traders.
The 1937 Cave Attraction at ColUnson and                                          "The Square" in Palmerston North is an excellent example of this,
                                                                             and Turnbull and Jones, Ltd., "The Electrical Firm," are one of the
Cunninghames.                                                                bands of traders who have progressed with the town. Some eight years
                                                                             ago they took over the premises of Messrs Lawrence and Hanson in
TN addition to their reputation for quality and value, built-up durius       King street and occupied that position for six years when, owing to
    thirty-three years of trading, Collinson and Cunninghaine, Ltd., niv     increasing business and a desire for a central position they moved t>
particularly well-known for their annual Christmas -?ave attraction. A       their present position in the Square. Once there, they felt the true pulse
real underground cave—occupying 3000 square feet in the basement-            of Palmerston North business and found it necessary to expand further,
it is one of the largest attractions of its kind in New Zealand. Evei >      take on more staff and extend activities to cover wiring installation
year there is some special new feature, while ten or a dozen other popular   and repairs as well as an excellent showroom service.
ones are retained, so that there is always a whole world of interest for          Amongst the major electrical appliances which have made this busi-
all ages of kiddies and for adults too.                                      ness so pleasant and necessitated expansion are Moffat electric ranges
                                                                             und refrigerators, Washmaster electric washing machines, Royal electric
     Above is illustrated "Christmas Land," an elaborate model witli         vacuum cleaners, Proetor irons and toasters, and many other lines of
over forty different moving figures, specially imported this year from       similar calibre.
London. The fairy waterfall, the Union Pacific streamline train, tlir             Turnbull and Jones would like to have the opportunity of proving
merry-go-round on which rides are free—these are only a few of tli••         their slogan, "Everything Electrical for the Home," to you, and cordially
other popular features.                                                      invite you to inspect the premises illustrated above.
    And, of course, there is Father Christmas himself, with a gift ami                            TUBNBULL and. JONES, LTD.
cheery word for all children under ninety. Good old Santa Claus is at                                  "The Electrical Firm"
home to visitors in the Magic Cave from the end of November to Christ-       The Square                                             Palmerston North.
mas Eve each year, at regular sessions as advertised in the newspaper*.
E. P. Wix, Ltd.                                                               Watchorns, Limited, Quality Stores.
rpHE firm now known as E. P. Wix, Ltd., was founded in 19lifi, Mr. Wix        ]Y/TERIT1XG support in tiiat their business is conducted entirely with
    starting with the help of one boy and operating from his own house            capital subscribed witliin the city, Wat c horn's, Ltd., arc a firm who
in Main street. Three years later he opened a shop in Broadway and            have achieved success not only because that fact makes them deserving
shortly after the linn was formed into a limited liability company. Thus,     of it, but rather out of sheer merit as proven by the shopping public
in little more than a decade, the business has been brought to its present         This popular business was founded late in 1923 as a partnership
position as one of the better known ones in the city. The steady growth       known as Watchom and McNaught. It was started in a shop on the
of the concern during the eleven years of its existence has been reflected    site at present occupied, and strangely enough in premises specially
in the expansion of the staff, which now numbers fourteen.                    built by the Waldegrave estate for the late Mr. J, S. Watchom, in
     Electrical contracting has been the main work in connection with this    business as a draper, and one of the earliest pioneers of the Manawatu.
                                                                                    The partnership was dissolved later, and since that time Mr. G.
firm and some of the contracts handled by it are : C M. Rosco, th;.'          Watchorn has conducted the business, all capital for which is subscribed
Square; P.D.C., Ltd., the Square; Massey College and Dairy Research           by members of his family, all Palmerstonians. Conspicuous success has
Institute; Dairy Building, Massey College; Post Office, Pahiatua; Mana-       attended the business, which lias twice enlarged its premises, until to-day
watu Buildings, George Street; Mayfair Theatre. These names are given         it occupies more than twice the original floor-space, in addition to an
without any reference to the hundreds of homes, farms and factories in         extensive bulk store.
and around Palmerston North in which electrical installation has been               Operated as a high quality departmental store, the business of
carried out by the firm.                                                       Watehorn's, Ltd., specialises in crockery, fancy goods and household
     Among contracts in hand at the present time are some extremely           hardware. Many excellent lines arc stocked in a range which it would
important ones, such as the installation of electricity to forty-five Gov-     be difficult to excell elsewhere.
ernment houses in the city and the wiring of Messrs. Collinson and Cun-             Importing as they do direct from overseas and enjoying the ad-
r.inghame's new block in Kingsway.                                             vantage conferred by experienced buyers, Watehorn's, Ltd.. are aWe
                                                                               to bring their wares to the public at prices which in themselves make
     In addition to contracting, E. P. Wix, Ltd., have specialised in their    the shop attractive. Ninety-nine per cent, of the goods stocked are of
showroom with electrical appliances of all descriptions and an extensive       British origin, a -significant fact. A large staff, forming a decided con-
display of electric- lighting glassware for all purposes.                      trast with the time, thirteen years ago, when the staff numbered only
     They employ a special staff for the servicing of lighting- and heating    five, are available to attend to the needs of customers.
installations, repairs to appliances, maintenance of lifts, etc.
 Martin Bros., Ltd., Fibrous Plasterers.
                                                                            Palmersion North Steam Laundry, Co., Ltd.
/"OPERATING what is. possibly the largest factory of its type between       C                  a business that is absolutely essential to a modern
   Auckland and Wellington, Martin Bros., Ltd., fibrous plasterers, ar-^        community of any considerable proportions, the Palmerston North
one of Palmerston North's important industrial units, and an outline of     Steam Laundry, Co., Ltd., has won by diligent service to an ever-growing
what they have achieved mar be something of a revelation to those not       public a high reputation for the standard of its workmanship. It is by
acquainted with it.                                                         far the oldest-established busine.*s of its kind in the city, and admittedly
                                                                            One of the most progressive.
     The business was founded in Palmerston North some twelve years              The company has greatly enhanced its reputation with householders
ago, and since then has expanded rapidly both in its productive capacity    pince inaugurating the up-to-date bag-wash system. This is a great-
and in its reputation in the city and district.                             service to the modern housewife, and, effif-ient.lv conducted as it is, is
                                                                            fully availed of. Vans call at the home, collect the weekly bag anil
    As manufacturers of fibrous plaster, Martin Bros, produce a com-        return it washed, ironed, and air?d. Time inarches on. For the more
prehensive range of products, specialising in deeoralive ceilings for       discriminating women of the city, it is a far cry back to the labour of
modern homes and offices, in bathrooms, and in wall linings.                the wa?hboard and the clothes basket. The business has made it a
                                                                            definite policy to cater for all sections of the community, and thus
    Many of the most up-to-date commercial buildings in the city to-day     collect not only from private homes, but from public institutions, hoteK
owe their interior attractiveness partly to the artistic and accomplished   etc.
work of Ma.rtin Bros.' large staff of skilled craftsmen.                         With a competent staff, under the direction of Messrs Kainford
                                                                            and Ward, the Palmerston North Steam Laundry in Broadway has thr
     The firm does not, however, confine its activity to manufacturing.
                                                                            benefit of some of the most modern machinery of its kind in the
It is winning an increasingly high reputation, not only in the city, but
                                                                            Dominion. Mr. Rainford, who has controlled the activities of the laundrv
in towns as far distant as Levin, Otaki, Pahiatua, Dannevirke, Wood-
                                                                            for the past twelve years, has had a long experience in the installation
ville, etc., as plastering furnishers. Martin Bros, undertake the proper
                                                                            and operation of laundry plant, and his knowledge is reflected in the
erection of fibrous plaster products in all types of building, and for
                                                                            unfailing care with which all commissions are carried out.
this work their clientele is steadily increasing. Finding employment as
they do for highly skilled labour, and pursuing an activity closely asso-        There is no doubt that, enjoying the popularity it does at the
ciated witli the direct expansion of the business, Martin Bros, have        present time, the Palmerston North Steam Laundry will continue to
every cause for satisfaction at the part they are playing in the progress   make advances in keeping with the progressive community which it
of Palmerston North and the Manawatu.                                       serves.
Para Rubber Co., Ltd.
 A BLE to claim that they are the pioneer rubber retailing organisation
     in New Zealand, the Para Rubber Co., Ltd.,' have a convincing ra        Millar and Giorgi.
cord of expansion to their credit. The shop in Palmerston North is a         pONNECTED with the earliest history of Palmerston North, the firm
branch of the well-known company which to-day operates sixteen store?            of Millar anil Giorgi has progressed with the progress of the city
in New Zealand, and was founded by Mr. G. W. Skellerup, of Christ-           until to-day its name is a household word. Mr. Maurice Millar arrived
church. To this very day the firm is entirely'owned in the Dominion.         in Palmers ton North 49 years ago and joined the staff of the Reaciy
      It is nineteen years since the Para Rubber Co., Ltd., opened their     Money Store, one of the first businesses to be opened in the embryo
first shop in Palmerston North, nearly opposite the Empire Hotel. From       city. Later to be known as the U.F.C.A., this business played a large
tliere they went to Kungitikei street, and after occupying three different   part in the early development of the district, and Mr. Millar's intro-
premises there owing to the uninterrupted expansion of the trade, they       duction to the store was in the capacity of cashier. After nine years'
moved nearly three years ago to their present shop in the Square. They       service with that firm he transferred to Leopold Simmons for whom he
have been fortunate in that Mr. G. D. Prattle, who opened up the             worked for four years. Then he returned to the XJ.F.C.A. and went over
branch, remains to-day as manager and is a well-known figure in the          to Victoria House (now the P.D.C.) when that firm took over the cloth-
community.                                                                   ing department of the U.F.C.A. In 1902 the firm of Millar and Giorgi
      Among agencies carried by the Para Rubber Co., is one for the          was established and it is interesting to know that these two enterprising
woiId-famous Seiberlin«- tyres, while Palmer tyres and Minor Rubber          young men were the first to realise the need for a store specialising
Co's. summer footwear and gumboots are among other distinguished lines,      exclusively in men's and boys' ware. In those days such a decision needed
as is Latex waterproof clothing. The firm, the largest in New Zealand        courage and faith in the city's future, but time showed the wisdom of
engaged in retailing tyres and rubber goods, has for its motto: "We          the step taken, for to-day the firm has two of the most up-to-date stores
stock it, will get it, or it's not made in rubber." To enter the shop and    in the Dominion, having 31 years ago opened a branch in Hastings
realise what comprehensive stocks are carried brings home the fact that      under Mr. Louis Millar, which is now personally supervised by Mr.
that is no idle boast. The firm specialises, among other things, in rubber   Arthur Giorgi, one of the partners, and which is housed in a handsome
floorings, while the supply of milking machine rubbers is a business in      modern block of buildings belonging to flie firm. At both stores all
itself.                                                                      varieties of clothing and mercery are stocked, also men's and women'3
       Repair work of all kinds for rubber products is also undertaken.      footwear.
and the enterprise shown by the Para Rubber Co. in this and other                 Mr. Maurice Millar has recently shown his faith in the future of
avenues is justified by the steady record of progress which it can lay       Palmerston North by erecting the Meteor Theatre, one of the most
claim to. This is the age of skilfully-made secondary products, and i;i      modern cinemas in the Dominion.
their distribution the firm plays a vital part.
                                                       1883—1937                                                        Stan Napier.
                                                           The                                                           rpHE up-to-date business of
                                                                                                                             IStan Napier in FitzherbeM
                                                       C. M. Ross,                                                       avenue, just off the Square, is
                                                                                                                         one of the oldest in the -city,
                                                        Co., Ltd.                                                        being established in 'li>12, ;iu<l
                                                                                                                         has steadily progressed be-
                                                       Fashion Leaders                                                   cause of the quality of tin
                                                           for over                                                      goods sold. Distributors for
                                                       half a Century.                                                   B.S.A., Royal Enficld and Her-
                                                                                                                         cules cycles. The children are
                                                                                                                         well catered for; full stocks
                                                                                                                         of Joy Cycles, Junior Cycles
          The First Tiny Shop.                                                                                           and Juveniles of all sizes arj
fpHE foundation for the 1937 shopper's unalterable confidence in tin'                                                    carried.
    C. M. Ross Go's, reputation for quality and service was modestly
established exactly 54 years ago, when Mr. 0. M. Ross, young and am-
bitious, opened the above small shop with an announcement in the Mansi-
watu Daily Times of June 14, ISS.'i, assuring customers of "every ser-
vice and attention possible.'' Through every phase of the 0. M. Ross
Co., Ltd's., development, as storey upon storey towers above the memory
of the tiny shop that was its beginning, the policy of honesty, qualitv
and service tliat was set up by Mr. C. M. Rosri has remained the key       189/ — G. H. Bennett and Co., Booksellers — 1931.
tradition of this .store's enterprise—a tradition which has its roots in
the good earth of Manawatu; a tradition of 54 years' standing.              TJAVING the distinction of being one of the very oldest business
                                                                                houses in the city of Palmerston North, Messrs. G. H. Bennett and
                                                                            Co., Ltd., date back to 1891, and ever since that time have been eater-
                                                                           ing as booksellers for the needs of Palmerstonians and residents of
                                                                            the Manawatu.
                                                                                 The original shop was in the Square, next to the Post Office, where
                                                                            u building was shared with a Mr. Lissaman, a chemist. Later, both these
                                                                            shops were occupied owing to the expansion of the business, but they
                                                                            too proved inadequate with the passing years, and in 191S a move was
                                                                           wade to Broadway. That it was a judicious move none can doubt who
                                                                           take cognisance of the fine frontages and businesses situated on Broad-
                                                                           way to-day.
                                                                                 The business owes much of the esteem in which it is still held to
                                                                           the fact that Mr. G. H. Bennett, the founder, is still active in It, sup-
                                                                           ported by his two sons, Messrs. E. G. and H. B. Bennett. The reputation
                                                                           of G. H. Bennett and Co. as booksellers is well known, and they have
                                                                           a range of literature possibly not excelled in New Zealand. All tli€
                                                                           latest books are procured direct from overseas, while New Zealand pub-
                                                                           lishing houses are also represented on the shelves. Text-books, children's
                                                                           :uid religious volumes, all fiction, poetry, biography, scientific and tech-
                                                                           nical writings, etc., are stoeked.
                                                                                Other avenues have suggested themselves to a progressive business.
                                                                           Not only is the periodical department of the business an ever-growing
                                                                           one, but upstairs is situated a circulating library with many thousand'
                                                                           of books available. Country subscribers particularly appreciate this. An
                                                                           up-to-date sports depot is also maintained where requisites for all sports
                                                                           may be obtained. In every branch of this modern store there are assist-
                                                                           ants of long experience in their particular sphere, enabling G. H. Bennett
                                                                           and Co. to give full and efficient service to an increasingly large public.
              The Beautiful Store To-day.
P.D.C.—History of Progress.
O t Y1CARS of continuous .service, in the Drapery trade, and on the
       same business site, is the worthy record of Mr. N. A. 'fily, of the
Premier Drapery Company. With. P.D.C. since its inception 22 years ago,
and for 13 years with its predecessors, it is fitting that Mr. Tily, with his
personal first-hand knowledge, should tell the story of P.D.C. history and
   "Sixty years ago, the south-eastern corner of the Square, the present
     site of P.D.C, was known a.s 'the flat' and covered with fern, tutu
     and toi toi. Old photographs reveal a small shed where to-day
     stands Tucker's Hotel, but the real progenitor of P.D.C. was Nelson's
    'Little Wonder,' standing unpretentiously in 1877, where the Meteor
     Theatre is now. Later we find on the site of the 'Little Wonder'
     and the Paimerston Beady Money Store, the U.F.C.A, operating as
     Ironmongers, Grocers, Drapers and Soft Furnishers, arid Wine and
     Spirit Merchants. Many will remember the exciting and amusing
     incidents arising through the combination oF a 'bottle licence' with
                                                                                Helped to Develop Primary Industry.
    the other departments—verily the 'good old days!' One of the first          Joseph Nathan and Company (N.Z.), Ltd.
     businesses on the present P.D.C. site was the pioneer O. M. -Snelson's     rpHE name of Nathan has l>ecn connected with Paimerston North
     Auction Mart, but Mr. Wolirnmn bought the site from Mr. Snelson                since the early 'seventies, the late Mr. J. E. Nathan having large
     and later resold it 'to Mr. W. Pogtlen who built new premises for J. S.    interests in Jand in Paimerston North and district. He was one or ths
    "Watchorn and Co. 's Victoria House Drapery, whieh was later                prime movers in the building of the Wellington and Manawatn Rai'way,
    acquired by Mr. William Gruar but resold1 after a few months to the         Co., Ltd., and for many years v.-as chairman of that company. His eldest
     U.F.C.A., who combined their drapery and furnishings departments           son, the late Mr. I). .T. Nathan, took up this position when Mr. J. F.
    "with the newly acquired 'business and traded as Victoria House Drap-       Nathan left New Zealand to live in England.
     ery—U.F.C.A. This business later became the property of W. F.                   Nathans have been connected with the dairying business in this
     Durward and Co., but in 1915, W. F. Durward and Co. was re-                district since its inception. After having acted as selling agents for the
    constructed into the Premier Drapery Company Limited, the first             New Zealand Farmers' Dairy Union they commenced operations on their
                                                                                own account by the establishment of creameries in the district, with a
    •managing director being Mr. James Wallace (now of Plinimerton and          butter factory in Wellington on the site now occupied by the State Fire
     father of the present managing director), and under his administra-        Insurance building.
    tion the business steadily flourished. In 1929-30 the present modern              In the early days of this century, Nathans becume interested in tiiu
     premises of the company were constructed and in March, 1934, a             manufacture of dried milk. In the first instance a single machine was
    change in management was announced, Mr. Jas. Wallace retiring               installed and operated at the butter factory at Makino. Subsequently a
    from active business but acting as chainnan of directors, and Mr. M.        factory was established at Bunnythorpe and after passing through
    N. "Wallace succeeding as managing director."                               \nrious vicissiturte-s is still being operated to-day in a large modem
                                                                                factory. As a result of this enterprise there emerged the manufacture of
     And so the P.D.C. has grown—forging ahead with the years, main-            (-'axo—the world's famous baby food
taining and enhancing a reputation for sound business in all their rela-             Nathans were also the pioneers in maturing cheese in London i:i
tionships, both with wholesalers and customers alike—weathering the             order to try to secure a sharo for New Ze-iHnd of the trade in matured
"stormy years," riding on the boom years—onwards always, with an                cheese. They were also one of the pioneers in the casein industry in
idealistic loyalty to "straight dealing" and the motto of "Quality Mer-         New Ueahmd.
chandise at a Lower Price."                                                          The_ firm of Joseph Nathan and Co. (N.Z.), Ltd., have also been
     And while we at P.D.C. individually look bark over the years with          closely identified with the merchandise business in Paimerston North.
                                                                                Ir. the early days the late Messrs D. J. and P. J. Nathan were directors
reverence to the pioneers at this time of celebration, we, collectively, arc    of the United Farmers' Co-operative Association, Ltd., which was
not looking back but into the future, striding resolutely forward so that       managed by the late Mr. Maurice Cohen, who married one of Mr. J. E.
when the city celebrates its centenary we may look back and say " I t is        Nathan's daughters. The merchandise business is still being carried on
 Good."                                                                         by the company in Queen Street, PaJmetsfon North.

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