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					Publications In review 2011

  Poulton SW, Bekker A, Farquhar J, Zerkle AL, Johnston DT, Canfield DE (In review) The anatomy of the
   great oxidation event. Nature Geoscience.
  Middelboe M, Glud RN, Filippini M(In review) Viral abundance and activity in the deep sub-seafloor
   biosphere. Aquatic Microbial Ecology.
  Larsen M, Borisov SM, Gunwald B, Klimant I, Glud RN (In review) A new simple and cheap, high-
   resolution planar optode imaging system: Application to oxgen and pH sensing. Limnology and
   Oceanography Methods.
  Inoue T, Glud RN, Stahl H, Hume A (In review) Assessment of shear velocity determinations using in situ
   measurements of turbulence characteristics and O2 microprofiles: A case study from Loch Etive, Scotland.
   Limnology and Oceanography Methods.
  Nordi G, Glud RN, Gaard E, Simonsen K (In review) Large scale experiment on benthic impact and
   recovery from fish farming activity (Rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus): Case study from Kaldbacksfjord,
   Faroe Islands. Marine Ecology Progress Series
  Sejr MK, Kause-Jensen D, Rysgaard S, Sørensen LL, Christensen PB, Glud RN (In review) Air-sea flux
   of CO2 in arctic coastal waters influenced by glacial melt water and sea ice. Tellus.
  Elberling B, Askaer L, Jørgensen CJ, Joensen HP, Kuhl M, Glud RN, Lauritsen F (In review) Linking O2,
   CO2 and CH4 dynamics in a wetland at contrasting water tables. Environmental Science and Technology.
  Polat A, Frei R, Appel PWU, Dilik Y, Ordóñez-Calderón JC (in review) Lithological and geochemical
   characteristics of the Mesoarchean ( 3075 Ma) Ivisaartoq greenstone belt, SW Greenland. GSA Special
  Dahl TW, Canfield DE, Rosing MT, Frei RE, Gordon GW, Knoll A, Anbar AD (In review) Molybdenum
   abundance and isotopic evidence for expansive sulfidic water masses in ~750 Ma oceans, Earth and
   Planetary Science Letters

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