Help My Pet Project Update by liamei12345


									Help My Pet Project Update

A meeting was held in November when it was decided to begin evidence gathering by asking
vets, rescues and sanctuaries in Carmarthenshire if they had been asked to take in pets
because their owners could no longer look after them. The evidence gathering will begin in
January and take place over 6 months.

A pilot project taking place in Carmarthenshire which involves working with ex-offenders
and a new referral process will be including a question regarding pet ownership prior to
custodial sentences being served and any contingency plans that may or may not have been
in place.

A meeting has taken place with the area manager for older people’s services in Amman
Gwendraeth and the accommodation manager for that area. It has been agreed to
investigate the possibility of including a question regarding pet ownership as part of the
Carmarthenshire social services universal assessment process (UAP). However before this
can happen the legal department will need to be contacted to establish whether or not the
Authority will be responsible in any way for a pet in need of emergency care if the question
has been asked and the answer acknowledged on the referral form.

If the question can be included this will be a significant step forward because it will be
addressing the entire ethos of Help My Pet Project at the most important stage – the point
at which a pet owner meets a service provider. Additionally the UAP will be rolled out across
the county and Local Health Board in the future when Joint Commissioning for older peoples
services finally takes place.

Finally I am pleased to announce that an application for Help My Pets Project to become a
member of the Animal Welfare Network Wales has been accepted and is now included on
the Website.

A Facebook page and website will be designed in the next few months.

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