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									                                        FY09 APPROVED GRANTS
                                       (July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009)

                                                                          APPROVED APPROVA Grant
TF number COUNTRY REGION                NAME OF GRANT                      AMOUNT     L DATE Type
TF092787 Madagascar AFR   Sustainable Health Systems Development             $660,000  8/8/2008 PP
                          Project II
TF092821 Mozambique AFR   Water Resources Development Project I              $750,000    8/8/2008 PP
TF092822 Regional     AFR West Africa Regional Fisheries Project             $975,000    8/8/2008 PP
TF092899, Regional    EAP Mekong Integrated Water Resources                $1,000,000    8/8/2008 PP
TF092900,                 Management Project
TF092823 Azerbaijan   ECA Higher Education Project                           $460,000    8/8/2008 PP
TF092824 Yemen        MNA Integrated Urban Development                       $950,000    8/8/2008 PP
TF092827 Morocco      MNA Strengthening capacity to adapt to climate       $1,000,000    8/8/2008 CC
                          change impacts on water management in the
                          Oum Er Rbia Basin of Morocco
TF092825 India        SAR Bihar Panchayat Strengthening Project              $565,000    8/8/2008 PP
TF092826 Bosnia and   ECA Municipal Development Project                      $480,000   8/12/2008 PP
TF093090 Madagascar AFR   Education for Growth                               $800,000   10/6/2008 PP
TF093091 Madagascar AFR   Environmental Swap Support                         $600,000   10/6/2008 PP
TF093106 Papua New EAP    Rural Communications Project                       $420,000   10/6/2008 PP
TF093085 Vietnam      EAP Financial Sector Modernization and                 $830,000   10/6/2008 COF
                          Information System Project
TF093092 Indonesia    EAP Strengthening the National Statistical System    $1,000,000   10/6/2008 PP
                          of Indonesia
TF093093 Papua New EAP    Productive Partnerships in Agriculture             $775,000   10/6/2008 PP
TF093094 Vietnam      EAP Social Security Administration Modernization       $585,000   10/6/2008 PP
TF093083 Lao PDR      EAP Transport Sector Project                         $1,000,000   10/6/2008 COF
TF093086 Mexico       LCR Support to the Implementation of the National      $995,000   10/6/2008 CC
                          Climate Change Strategy
TF093087 Colombia     LCR Jepirachi Wind Farm Carbon Offset Project          $675,000   10/6/2008 CC
TF093095 Nicaragua    LCR Public Sector Technical Assistance II              $800,000   10/6/2008 PP
    TF093104   Pakistan     SAR     Technical Assistance National Environment         $500,000    10/6/2008 PP
    TF093105   India        SAR     Haryana Power System Improvement Project         $1,000,000   10/6/2008 PP

    TF093096   Albania      ECA     Municipal Finance, Governance and Services        $980,000    10/6/2008 PP
    TF093097   Armenia      ECA     Technology Competitiveness Enhancement            $990,000    10/6/2008 PP
    TF093098   Armenia      ECA     Public Financial Management and Corporate         $950,000    10/6/2008 PP
                                    Accounting and Auditing Project
    TF093099   Bosnia and   ECA     Enhancing Competitiveness, Private Sector         $700,000    10/6/2008 PP
               Herzegovina,         Development & Reducing Business Regulatory
    TF093088   Moldova      ECA     Community Support Program for Sustainable         $975,900    10/6/2008 CC
                                    and Integrated Forest Management and
                                    Carbon Sequestration through Forestation

    TF093100   Uzbekistan   ECA     Municipal Infrastructure and Services Project1    $935,000    10/6/2008 PP

    TF093089   Tunisia      MNA     Addressing Climate Change Impacts in the          $999,710    10/6/2008 CC
                                    Oak Forest Ecosystem
    TF093101   West Bank    MNA     Municipal Infrastructure and Services Delivery    $495,000    10/6/2008 PP
               Gaza                 Project
    TF093084   Yemen        MNA     Port Cities Development Project Phase II          $340,000    10/6/2008 COF
    TF093102   Yemen        MNA     Second Higher Education Project                   $570,000    10/6/2008 PP
    TF093103   Yemen        MNA     Population Project                                $350,000    10/6/2008 PP

 Name changed to "Syr Darya Water Supply Project" in October 2008

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