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									                       Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights
                           National Human Rights Council of Morocco

SIDE EVENT: Implementation of the recommendations of the truth
            and reconciliation commissions
                            Wednesday,     March 2011, from 13.00 to 15.00
                            Palais des Nations ; Room XXIII
                       Several countries across the globe have established truth and reconciliation commissions to
                       deal with gross human rights violations committed in the past.
                       Generally, the work of these commissions ended with the publication of a final report
                       containing not only the results of their findings and work, but also recommendations to
                       guarantee the non repetition of gross human rights violations. Although these commissions
                       have operated in different contexts, their resulting recommendations focus particularly on:
                            - Reparations, including financial compensation, reintegration and healthcare for
                                victims, and community reparation;
                            - Institutional and legal reforms.
                       While individual and community reparation programs aim at repairing damages done to
                       victims and society at whole, the objective of legal and institutional reforms is to reinforce
                       transition to democracy and the rule of law as a guarantee for the respect of human rights.
                       This side event will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about various national
                       experiences and discuss good practices regarding the implementation of truth and
                       reconciliation commissions’ recommendations.

remarks:                 Mr. Vladlen Stefanov, Chief, National Institutions & Regional Mechanisms
                          Section, Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Presentations:           Ms. Priscilla Hayner, Author, Unspeakable Truths; Senior Advisor, Centre for
                          Humanitarian Dialogue; co-founder, International Center for Transitional Justice
                          “ A comparative overview of different experiences related to the
                          implementation of the recommendations of truth commissions”

                         Mr. Jeremy SARKIN, Chairperson, Working Group on Enforced or
                          Involuntary Disappearances
                          “ Criminalization of gross human rights violations, including forced
                          disappearances within the follow up work of truth commission”

                         Mr. Driss El Yazami, President, National Human Rights Council of Morocco
                          “Implementation of the recommendations of the Equity and Reconciliation
                          Commission of Morocco”

                         H. E. Alberto J. Dumont, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of
                          Argentina in Geneva
                          “ The experience of Argentina”

                         H.E. Fernando Rojas Samanez, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of
                          Peru in Geneva
                          “Peruvian Experience”

                         Mr. Juan Pedro Sepulveda, Counselor, Permanent Mission of Chile
                          “ Chilean experience”
Open discussion:

     Moroccan Meal and light refreshments will be provided (12.30)
     Simultaneous interpretation: English, French and Spanish
                 Contact: Ms Katharina Rose, ICC Geneva Representative,
                  Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights:

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