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									                                     Further Details of the Post

                       Deputy Head Teacher of BSN Junior School Vlaskamp

This post becomes available from September 2009 on a permanent basis. The post is currently held
by an Acting Deputy Headteacher following the promotion of the previous post holder to Headship.

The BSN Junior Vlaskamp site was purpose built in 1997 to accommodate children aged 5 to 11. This
architecturally award-winning building is situated in attractively wooded, landscaped grounds in the
quiet residential Mariahoeve area of The Hague.

The school is situated just four minutes walk from BSN Head Office and around 10 minutes walk
from BSN Junior Diamanthorst. During the academic year 2009-2010 BSN will open a third Junior
School on the newly developed campus at Leidschenveen which is about 10 minutes away by car.
The Senior School at Voorschotten (20 minutes by car) completes the family of schools and plans are
also well advanced to provide day care facilities for pre-school children at two sites within The

From September 2009 Junior School Vlaskamp (JSV) will be home to classes from Foundation Stage
One through to Year 6, the facilities within the building are extensive, and designed to meet the
academic, technological and social requirements of each age group. A centrally controlled entry
system and closed circuit television provides parents and children alike with a reassuring sense of
security throughout the school grounds and building. The school is designed to take a four form
entry for each year group with maximum class sizes set at 24. September 2009 sees the return of
Foundation Stage classes to JSV following the planned closure of the central Foundation School from
July 2008. The school has been subject to extensive remodeling to accommodate the new structure.

In addition to the light and airy classrooms there are specialist music facilities, a drama studio, a
developing library resource area and excellent ICT facilities. Specially designed and equipped rooms
are also provided for PE, Design & Technology, Art and Science. The main hall has a multifunctional
role and is also used as a large gymnasium. There is also a fully equipped medical room staffed by
qualified school nurses.

The academic programme at the Junior School Vlaskamp is based on the Early Years Foundation
Stage (EYFS) and Key Stages 1 & 2 of the British National Curriculum - covering the three core
subjects of Mathematics, English and Science together with Information Communication Technology
(ICT) and the foundation subjects of Geography, History, Design Technology, Art, Music and Physical
Education. In addition to these subjects, Dutch is also taught from FS2 with Spanish introduced in Y5
and French from Year 6. The school has specialist teachers for Music, PE, Modern Foreign Languages
as well as EAL teachers and SEN teachers. The school also employs dedicated and trained support
staff to work alongside teachers and provide high quality teaching assistance.

Staff originate from the UK, English speaking countries as well as locally within The Netherlands. The
Senior Leadership Team consists of the Head and two Deputies. The school is reorganizing
Responsibility Allowances from September 2009 to put greater emphasis on Team Leadership across
FS, KS1, Y3/ Y4 and Y5/Y6. The successful candidate will assist in the leadership across the whole of
Parental involvement is high and the school operates an ‘Open Door’ policy. There are good
communication links between home and school. The school operates ParentNet which is an online e
communication system introduced in September 2008. Parents are regularly involved in a wide
variety of ways within the school, including library support, visits and class support. Children attend
BSN for variable lengths of time and come from an international background. Parents of BSN are
professional people who are located close to The Hague and many work for government agencies or
large multi-national companies or private business. The majority of children speak good English, but
we have a significant minority who are learning English for the first time or who require SEN support.
The BSN is a non selective school that aims to meet the needs of all children whose parents chose a
British style education.

Some points are worth making which may be helpful for candidates in considering their application.

The Junior School Vlaskamp is a large and complex school. To be able to enjoy and succeed in this
post requires stamina and the experience to be able to cope with a wide range of educational
matters and issues. Above all the successful candidate will need a thorough and confident grasp of
the primary curriculum and its changes both recent and planned – plus a commitment to affect
desired changes while maintaining the quality of what we do. The qualities of leadership – clear
thinking, good planning, positive motivation of staff and children and careful and considered
communication with all concerned with the school – are equally paramount. This is not just a
management post it is very much about leadership. The school will be subject to a full ISI Inspection
early in the first term and the outcomes of this inspection will help to shape the future direction of
the school at a time of exciting change and development.

The successful candidate will also be working alongside a partner DHT. The current job description is
designed to allow discussion and opportunity to enable the best balance of skill, experience and
interest in the Senior Leadership Team at JSV.

This is an exciting opportunity to make a significant contribution to the future of the BSN - as well as
being a marvellous personal and professional opportunity.

If you are considering an application please feel able to informally contact me by e mail or telephone
to answer any questions you may have. The closing date for applications is 21 November 2008 with a
first round of interviews held in the UK on 27 & 28 November. From this first round a short list of
invited candidates (with partners if appropriate) will be invited to The Hague on 3 & 4 December for
an orientation tour and formal interview. I look forward to hearing from you

Anthony Berwick
(Head of Junior School Vlaskamp)

E mail
T     +31 (0) 70333 8111

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