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									                                            IRS-SPEC Partner Coalition FY-11
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Coalition Website:
Key Coalition City/State: Wilmington, Delaware
Coalition Chair's Name and Organization: Victor Valentine
Coalition Chair's e-mail address/Phone #: (302) 655-0803

Date Coalition Started and Geographical Area Covered:          2002 - Delaware statewide
Strategies - briefly define each strategy, if applicable
          Outreach Strategy: Provide information about EITC to those eligible to receive it, including those having limited English
h         proficiency. Also provide information on the Child Tax Credit and other benefits for low- to moderate-income taxpayers.

          Tax Preparation Strategy: Provide free tax preparation to the low- to moderate-income community at strategically located
h         sites in areas with a high density of people who are within the targeted demographic sectors.

          Asset-Building Strategy: To provide individuals with the tools necessary to adequately manage their finances and savings.
          These tools include credit reports with scores, establishing bank accounts, bond purchases, financial counseling, and others.

Partners: (List Core Planning Group, then Sub-Committee Members, then others if applicable)
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                                                          Core Planning Group
          Governor of Delaware
          Nehemiah Gateway Community Development Corporation
          Shiloh Baptist Church
          United Way of Delaware
          Wilmington Mayor's Office

                                                     Other Coalition Members
          Boys and Girls Clubs
          Delaware Department of Health & Human Services
          First State Community Action
          Goodwill - DE
          State of Delaware Chamber of Commerce
          University of Delaware, Delaware State University, and Delaware Technical College.

Significant Coalition Activities: (List major items only, using bulleted style)
          Providing free credit reports with scores and offering a full credit counseling program through additional partnerships.
          Developed an accredited accounting course with university coalition members whereby interested students can receive three
          college accounting credits by completing the tax law training, passing the IRS certification test, and volunteering an agreed-
          upon number of hours at VITA sites.
          Partnered with United Way of Delaware and other Delaware non-profit agencies to establish a coalition to promote the
          Disability Initiative in Delaware
          Coalition offered a free debit card for interested clients to use. They partnered with Artisan's Bank to provide a debit card for
          the coalition to offer clients who wanted quick access to refunds, but were not interested in a formal direct deposit to a bank
          account. There was no fee to receive the card and the up to $2,000 in federal income tax refund was available within 10 days
          (similar to the formal direct deposit refund timeframe).

Planned Future Activities: ( Summarize major plans, using bulleted style)
         Continue to develop Super Sites throughout Delaware to concentrate the asset-building/tax return preparation activities.
         Continue working with Delaware Department of Labor, United Way and other nonprofit organizations to reach the disabled
         individuals and families with disabled persons to disseminate asset-building and tax information.

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