Delaware - Howard University by liamei12345


									2009 – 2010 Activity Report for the Howard University Alumni Club of Delaware.

   I.     2009 HUAA Golf Tournament and Silent Auction

          The 2009 HUAA Golf Tournament and Silent Auction was held on June 4,
          2009 in Wilmington, DE. Although this was an HUAA activity, the
          tournament was hosted by the Alumni Club of Delaware. Of the 48 golfers
          who participated in this event, 24 players entered the tournament through the
          Club. This resulted in revenue of over $3,600. (Total revenue was
          $11,571.85. Therefore, 31% of the total income from this event came from
          the HUAC of Delaware members and friends.) 63 persons attended the Golf

   II.    2009 New Student Reception

          The Howard University Alumni Club of Delaware hosted its fourth annual
          New Student Reception on August 4, 2009. The reception was well attended,
          and we welcomed 17 new students to the Howard University family. A total
          of 45 students, family members and HUAC of Delaware members attended
          the reception. A $500.00 scholarship was awarded to one student (Kellan
          Turner) from the Club.

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