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									   Calvary Chapel Puerto Vallarta
             “Great is your faithfulness, O God our Father…”
         September/October 2011                            VOL. 1 ISSUE #3

It is hard to believe that three fourths of 2011   When we get bogged down with those things
has passed so quickly! It reminds of               that can trouble, distract, or plain hurt us, we
Psalm 90:12 “So teach us to number our             have to go back to the cross and ask the Lord
days, that we may present to You a heart           to direct our steps in His perfect and favorable
of wisdom.”                                        will no matter the circumstances. Our ways
    How so very important it is to make the        are not His ways which are much higher and
most of the time the Lord has designated for       better than ours!
us on earth for His glory!                             This brings me to reflect as I thumb through
                                                   all the pictures of our activities for this year
                                                   and I have to say overall the Lord has helped
                                                   us to “knit our heart with His” in service to His
                                                   kingdom. Every day I stand in awe of what He
                                                   does when we come to end of ourselves.
                                                   Coming to the end of ourselves being the key
                                                   words here because when we die to “us” we
                                                   will live in “Him” and He will complete His
                                                   work through us.
                                                       As summer has come to an end, as we
                                                   welcome the fresh air of fall in the evening, I
                                                   am grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness to our
                                                   church and to its members. We hosted two
                                                   teams who were a big blessing in the ongoing
                                                   construction at the school. The first team came
                                                   from Atlanta, Georgia with our friends Tom
                                                   and Debra Kent and Randy and Dodie Costales
                                                   CC Golden Springs in southern CA. The rains
                                                   had started and the roof at the school was
                                                   leaking! That meant mold! Well this
                                                   wonderful group of people came and installed
                                                   our upstairs floor which has now sealed it
                                                   completely, saving our adobe walls and floors
                                                   on the first floor!

 Gloria’s Suarez’ Memorial Service at Laguna del
    Some things seem have a bittersweet side to           The youth ministered to the kids in such
them; it was completed at a time that we hadn’t        marvelous ways as they lead them through this
thought would get here so unexpectedly…We              “High-Seas” adventure as their “shipmates”
held a memorial service for our dear friend Gloria     teaching them their memory verses, praying
who passed on to eternal life when she was about       for them, disciplined them, and simply loving
to complete 86 ….It was a very sad time for us         them. This was such a blessing for us to see
because she was to all of us our faithful              how they are putting in action all they are
“Grandma” in church. She was a woman who               learning in their Youth bible study with Miss
always exerted herself to get to church every          Mari on Saturdays. They are really a great
service in spite of her physical disabilities,         bunch of kids!
because she loved the Lord and His word so
much. We miss her greatly as she was such a
faithful friend to all of us and always had an
encouraging word for her family in Christ. The
kids at the school all wrote symbolic letters to her
sharing their love for her, and then tied them to
balloons that we released to the heavens… It was
                                                               “The youth teaching memory verses….”
a beautiful time and we were blessed to be able to     In August we hosted a youth team that visited
have the service on our newly tiled floor upstairs     from Lynn Valley Community Church in
at the school. Who would have known? God is            Vancouver, Canada. We were blessed to have
sovereign….                                            these sweet kids with us that worked tirelessly
    In the middle of July we had our annual VBS        in the morning making block (1608 to be
in a two-day camp format at the school in Laguna       exact), and then had arts and crafts, games and
del Valle. The theme was High Seas. Thanks to          bible stories in the afternoon for all the kids at
our supporting churches at CCLV and Niceville          the school. They made beautiful bonds with
1st Methodist we were able to utilize the materials    the children and once again the kids were
that they had passed on to us from their previous      poured out Jesus’ love. It was fun for our
year’s VBS. We were able to pull our camp              youth at Calvary as they worked alongside
together quite quickly as they supplied all the        them during the whole week and had a chance
adornments we needed! The youth prepared               to do a “missions’ trip” right here in their
materials for the crafts which were all hand-          backyard.
made. The talent and creativity of the Mexican
people certainly inspire us!
     We were able to hold the two-day camp at the
school where the smaller children and the girls
were able to sleep indoors and stay dry! Thank
you Lord for our generous and hard working
brothers from the teams you send down to help
us! The bigger boys slept up stairs and only got
wet from the breeze that blew during a torrential
downpour that is so typical in July!                      “Older Kid’s making a difference in the lives
                                                                of the younger kids for Jesus!”
     The youth grew in their awareness in the area of
how much they are really blessed in what they
themselves have at home compared to the children
at the mission. It definitely focused them on being
“others centered”.
    Serving the Lord is such a privilege and it really
gives you the opportunity to grow in ways you
never imagined as it stretches you to do things you
normally wouldn’t do. Mavi, one of our youth said
to me as she helped clean up a house that we were
prepping for the following teams project: “I felt
wonderful inside when you had me do things I
would never do on my own for someone else”. We
had helped Luz, mother of 6 clean her house, sort
through laundry, and bathed her kids. We were
expecting a team from Niceville, Fl. to arrive the
next week to work in this house.
     I always marvel at how the Lord strengthens us
to do so much more than we thought we were ever
capable of doing even when we are suffering! That
really to me is the beauty of going through trials       Alejandra, Manuel, Marcos, Beto, Carlitos, and Chuy
and seeing Him work in spite of the trial.               have a new roof, a new bathroom, a patio with drains
   This year we have suffered economically,                                and are in school!
physically, sometimes emotionally, but as we
continue to put our faith in the Lord to do great
things. He has come through every time. The
beautiful part of walking in obedience even when
your physical body says, “I can’t walk one more
step”, the Lord is their doing His work through us
and in every circumstance we may face!
    We are starting school today when last week I
said to the Lord, “How?” We are at a very low
point economically speaking in the church. People
are out of work or struggling to pay their rent so
consequently the operating budget of the church is
at its lowest.
                                                                            Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette
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                                                                            newsletter text here.

                                                    God has made a way for these kids to get back
                                                                          Continue them by teaching
                                                    into school and for us to helpnewsletter text here. Continue newslette
                                                    them simple life-skills that they as parents need to
                                                                          here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue new
                                                    give their children a healthy and godly life. The
                                                                            learning disability and the
                                                    eldest son Jesus has atext here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue
                                                                            went to text here. Continue
                                                    director of the schoolnewsletter his classroom to newsletter text her
                                                    introduce him and told the children that they
                                                                           and help him and if here.
                                                    needed to accept himContinue newsletter text they
                                                    fought with him and his brother they would have
                                                    to answer to her.
                                                                          Continue newsletter text here.
                                                         My point being that the Lord is always at Continue newslette
    But guess what? We have beans and rice                                 decide if we want to text here.
                                                    work and we need to here. Continue newsletterbe part Continue new
for today’s meal at the school, material printed    of that work or not. It is making ourselves
                                                                          text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue
for the month, gas in the van, helpers for today,   available in spite of what we humanly see
and above all the presence of our Lord Jesus to
                                                                          newsletter text here. Continue
                                                    possible and falling into the potters hands and newsletter text her
guide the way! He definitely provides our                                  and use us in the way He
                                                    letting Him mold us, Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette
daily bread and loves to put us in a place of       sees fit even if we don’t see it with our own eyes.
                                                    This is the true meaning of a faith that can move
trusting Him literally every day for our
sustenance.                                         mountains.
We are so blessed to see how the Lord takes             It took me awhile to really be able to write you
care of His own because when we committed           this update because of the difficulties we have
to do Luz’s construction in her house we had        been facing physically, economically, and
no money in the “mission” account but I knew        sometimes emotionally…but the Lord has
the Lord would make a way because she               reminded me that he will turn our mourning into
needed the help. She cooks with wood in her         dancing, our tears into rejoicing, our heartache
house, has no refrigerator, and no bathroom!        into worship, and the labor of our hands into
Can you imagine this with 6 children? The           glory for Him because it is pleasing to Him. Be
Lord provided!                                      encouraged to let Him use all things for good in
   1st United Methodist from Niceville, FL          your life today and wait on Him in every difficult
along with other folks who have joined this         circumstance to shine His grace into your life as
team in the past, came for a return visit to help   He uses you to bring others o Him!
with this project! Juan Manuel and Luz now               By the way, Luz’s husband Juan Manuel gave
have drainage in their back patio, bathroom,        His heart to Jesus as He saw the Lord’s love
and kitchen, a shower, a place to do laundry,       poured out into the lives of his wife and children.
and kitchen cabinets made out of cement!            It reminds me of the song by David Crowder
They no longer have to bath inside their living     Band that says,
                                                                   He is jealous for me
room with lack of drainage and the back yard
                                                           Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree,
no longer has grey water accumulating!              Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy,
   Isn’t the Lord awesome! He also made a              When all of a sudden I am unaware of these
way for us to talk to the school so they would                afflictions eclipsed by glory
accept her children with fewer requirements in          And I realize just how beautiful You are
regard to transcripts. Her boys have lost 2            And how great Your affections are for me…
years of school due to their extreme poverty.
                                                           Praise Reports:
                                                              We praise the Lord for His continued sanctifying work in the
                                                              lives of the people that are coming to church and for the new
   Down here when you talk about a hurricane, the             believers coming into the fold!
people know the immensity of the force of the wind            We praise the Lord for His constant provision for our church and
that brings. God’s love truly is like a hurricane and         the congregation.
He pours out his grace and mercy in such an                   We praise the Lord for all the workers he has sent to the harvest
incredible way that when He has your number you               for the fields are ripe and their help makes it easier for us to
can’t resist it!                                              reach many for Christ.
    The families in the church are learning to let the
Lord love them with His incredible affection and they      Prayer Requests:
are working on letting Him lead them into obedience.           Please pray for the new believer’s that come into the fold
Please continue to pray for these families and for             every Sunday. That they will commit to the new believer’s
God’s provision in their physical and spiritual lives as       class and personal bible study.
we know that we face a battle for the saving and               Please pray for the “Hallelujah Party”, that many will come out
maintaining of their souls.                                    of darkness and into His light!
    We thank the Lord for all the help many of you             Please pray for all our discipleships, New believer’s, Men’s
gave through the pouring out of service to the Lord.           meeting, Women’s bible study, and Youth Group. That the
The teams that came in June laid the foundation for            Lord’s Word would be rightly divided and penetrating to bring
the next team from Lynn Valley. Lynn Valley block              change.
making was prep for the work on the mission school             Please pray for our English Women’s bible study that we would
done by 1st United Methodist Church. They laid the             like to start in late November in the book of Revelation by
bricks, painted the classrooms, cleaned out the storage        Cheryl Broderson.
room, washed uniforms which was a tremendous help
                                                               Please pray for our church’s finances, that the Lord will provide
before classes begin today.
                                                               for our basic operating costs, for the food for the kids CCMS,
    The other part of the team provided all that
                                                               and funds for our helps ministry to the people out at the
wonderful work at Juan Manuel and Luz’s home.
                                                               Mission and so that we can hire someone to help work at the
Above all we thank the Lord for the continued work
                                                               church during the week.
that He is doing in the hearts of our congregation as
                                                               Please pray for our personal finances as well as we try to
they learn to love Him more and grow in the
                                                               subsidize the operating costs at the church when
knowledge of His Word.
                                                               necessary…God is faithful and we are still here!
    Thank you so much for your constant love and
support and encouragement by always being “mindful             Please pray for those who have fallen away and have been
of us in your prayers”. We love you and are so happy           caught up in the world and sin as Puerto Vallarta is a very
to be able to share with you all the Lord has done             decadent place. Please pray that they would get tired of the
through your faithfulness of prayer and support!               emptiness and would come back to Jesus!
                                                               Please pray for unity in the body as “body living” can be
    Pastor Bill, Renee’, Estie, Micah, Abby, and               difficult at times when all are not spending time in the Word
   Your Family at Calvary Chapel Puerto Vallarta               and prayer. Pray for God’s grace in the lives of His children.
                                                               Please pray for our youth that they would be single -minded in
                                                               their walks with the Lord and that they would maintain
                                                               holiness, purity of heart, and a desire to share their faith.
                                                                     5555 Street Address
                                                                Please pray for our children, Estie, Micah and Abby in their
                                                                      City, State 55555
                                                                      Ph 555.555.5555 That they
                                                                homeschooling. FX 555.555.5555will be able to fulfill their goals
                                                                      and would not be distracted in what send need
                                                                daily would like to take part in this ministry they your to
                                                              If you
                                                                accomplish. donation to: Global Adventures, Calvary with
                                                              tax-deductible Please pray for their continued walksof
                                                             Albuquerque, 4001 Osuna Rd. NE 87109. If you want to make a
                                                                the Lord.
             Pastor Bill and Litzy on the second floor       contribution to the Martin’s write it in the memo of your check.
                     of CCMS with new tile!                     If you want to donate to our General Ministry Fund write
                                                                    “Building Fund” and Global will take it from there.

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