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					                                                           Syllabus/Classroom Procedures
                                                                               Mrs. Good
                                                                                Room 214
                                                                            Pre-AP Chemistry

Contact Information
Instructor:     Deserae Good
Tutorials:      Mon/Wed 7:45- 8:15 and Tues 3:45 – 4:15, other times available by appointment
Textbook:       Chemistry: Matter & Change (book is available online – link is provided below)

Course Description
The pre-advanced placement chemistry course is a first year chemistry program that is college preparatory in nature and
is designed to provide the advanced science student with an enriched and expanded chemistry curriculum. All
fundamental chemistry topics found in the regular level course are covered in greater depth. In addition, several topics
are added to give the AP-bound student a broader chemistry experience. The emphasis of the course is on preparing the
student to take Advanced Placement Chemistry. This is accomplished through a rigorous curriculum involving critical
thinking, mathematical application, and chemical laboratory investigations. Generally, the successful student will have
received 90% or higher in Algebra I and Biology I.

It is expected that students will spend a minimum of 20 minutes daily completing assigned work from the class,
reviewing, or reading ahead.

Grading Percentages
5%    Journal Checks
10%   Daily Work – most homework activities, quizzes, some lab activities
30%   Laboratory Work – labs and performance tasks
55%   Evaluation – unit exams and major projects

Lab/Computer Activities
Labs will be scheduled as appropriate during the week. You will be assigned a partner or team to work with for most
activities. You and your team are responsible for the lab and computer equipment you are using and will be required to
pay the current price for damaged or missing equipment. Because of safety considerations, careless behavior will not be

Units of Study
        1st cycle: measurement, properties of matter, structure of matter
        2nd cycle: structure of matter, periodicity, chemical bonding
        3rd cycle: nomenclature, molecular structure
        4th cycle: chemical quantities, chemical reactions
        5th cycle: stoichiometry, phases of matter
        6th cycle: solutions, acids & bases, kinetics & equilibrium
Spiral notebook (may need more as year progresses)
Scientific or graphing calculator
         Select “Texas”, “student/parent”, “science”, “enter”
         Choose “chemistry: matter and change 2002” – note the enrichment options available
         Select “online student edition – full version” for the entire online book
         User name “CM&C” (case matters)
         Password “bRanuC7uvA” (case matters)

Expected Behaviors
        1.   Show respect and courtesy to everyone at all times.
        2.   Bring necessary materials to class; be seated and ready to begin when the tardy bell rings.
        3.   Follow safety procedures in lab at all times.
        4.   Follow the student code of conduct.
        5.   Always do your personal best!

        Consequences for not meeting expected behaviors:
        1st offense – verbal warning/reprimand
        2nd offense – reprimand, teacher conference and/or teacher intervention
        3rd offense – detention and parent contact
        4th offense – office referral
        *These steps will be modified based on the severity of the incident

Late Work and Make-up Work
The absence work policy is in the handbook. Students are required to be prepared for class (tests, etc.) upon returning
from a scheduled absence (UIL, vacation, etc.) Work is late if not submitted when called for by the teacher. A maximum
of 70% can be earned on work that is one day late. No grade will be given for work received over one day late.
Alternative scales will be set for major projects that are received late involving a declining credit scale.

Parent Contacts
Grades are available through the parent portal. It is expected that students enrolled in advanced course work will be
responsible and dedicated to producing quality product. Parents and students are encouraged to bring concerns to me
promptly. Contact may be by email or phone. I will attempt to respond by the next school day after receiving the

I am looking forward to a very productive and enjoyable year!

I have read the rules and procedures for this course and I understand my responsibilities.

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