Anticipated NLN meeting and Individual Conference Attendees by liamei12345


									Individual Conference Attendees

Welcome Meeting

Ms. Katherine Christian, R.N., M.S.N./ED, C.N.E,
Director of Health Education Programs

Ms. Kara Garrett, M.A. T.E.S.O.L.,
Dean of Education, Health, and Language Skills

President’s Meeting

Dr. William Bonaudi, Ed.D.
President, Big Bend Community College

Group Conference Attendees

Faculty Meeting

Ms. Marsha Asay, RN, BSN, Instructor, Division Chair
Ms. Danielle Alvarado, RN, MSN, Instructor
Ms. Mercedes Gonzalez-Aller, RN, MSN, Instructor
Ms. Jennifer Brooks, RN, MSN (MSN in progress), Instructor
Ms. Marguerite (Miki) Miers-Toftness, RN, BSN (MSN in progress) Clinical Instructor
Ms. Donna Warner, RN, B.S.N., Lab Skills Coordinator

Board of Trustees Meeting

Chair Mr. Felix Ramon, B.A., Appointed February 1994, Reappointed 1996, 2002. Retired Grant
County Sheriff, former community corrections officer.
Mr. Mike Blakely, B.S., Appointed January 2005. Retired Vocational Agriculture and Diversified
Occupations Teacher.
Ms. Katherine Kenison, J.D., Appointed January 1999. Reappointed 2003 and October 2008.
Attorney and partner with Lemargie, Kenison, Wyman and Whitaker Law Firm.
Ms. Angela Pixton, B.S.Nursing, Appointed October 2008, farms potatoes, grain corn, wheat,
beans and hay. Executive Director of Hearthstone Retirement Home.
Mr. Mike Wren, BS, Appointed October 2008, Port Manager, Ephrata Port District.
Ms. Melinda Dourte, Executive Secretary to the President of BBCC
BBCC Administrators Meeting

Dr. William C. Bonaudi, Ed.D., President
Ms. Valerie Kirkwood, M.Ed., Dean of Research and Planning and Special Assistant to the
Ms. Kara Garrett, M.A. T.E.S.O.L., Dean of Education, Health, and Language Skills
Dr. Mike Lang, Ph.D., Vice President of Instruction/Student Services
Ms. Candy Lacher, M.S., Assistant Vice President of Student Services
Ms. Gail Hamburg, M.Ed., Vice President of Administrative Services
Dr. Clyde Rasmussen, Ed.D., Dean of Professional and Technical Education

Student Services Staff Meeting

Mr. Max Heinzmann, M. ED, Counselor,
Mr. Andre Guzman, M.P.A., Director of Financial Aid;
Ms. Marsha Nelson, M.A., Counselor,
Ms. MariaAnita Zavala- Lopez, Ed.M. Counselor
Ms. Mary Shannon, BBA, MBA, Director, Career Advising and Outreach, Tech Prep
Ms. Loralyn Allen, B.A., Disability Services Coordinator/Student Advisor

Library and Information Technology Staff Meeting

Mr. Tim Fuhrman, M.A., Dean of Information Technology
Mr. Russ Beard, Director of Information and Communication Services

Human Resources Meeting

Ms. Holly Moos, Vice President of Human Resources and Labor

Nursing/Medical Staff Meeting

Mr. Jim Thorn, R.N., Samaritan Healthcare (graduate)
Mr. Daniel Guzman, R.N. Community Health (graduate/advisory committee)
Ms. Colleen Canfield, RN, BSN, CNOR, Quincy Valley Medical Center (advisory committee)
Mr. Ted Jolley, R.N., Othello Community Hospital (graduate)
Ms. Tiarnna Bone, R.N., Samaritan Healthcare (graduate)
Ms. Jodi Mauseth, R.N. Samaritan Healthcare (graduate)
Mr. Bruce Haase, R.N. Odessa Memorial Hospital (graduate)
Ms. Jody Ulrich, R.N., C.N.O., Othello Community Hospital (administrator/advisory committee)
Ms. Heather Schuller, R.N., Columbia Crest Care Center (graduate)
Ms. Janet Hurd, R.N., Samaritan Healthcare
Ms. Lana Hurd, R.N., Samaritan Healthcare
Ms. Penny Mayo, R.N., Samaritan Healthcare (graduate)
Ms. Michelle Chambers, R.N., Samaritan Healthcare (graduate)
Ms. Marissa Villela, R.N., Quincy Valley Medical Center (graduate)
Ms. Janet Konshuk, R.N., Columbia Basin Hospital (graduate)
Ms. Cindy Zayas, R.N., Samaritan Healthcare (graduate)
Ms. Serina Fahrner, R.N., C.N.O., Quincy Valley Medical Center (administrator/advisory
committee )
Ms. Jenny Folan, R.N., C.N.O., Columbia Basin Hospital (administrator/advisory committee)
Ms. Kathryn Trumbull, R.N., C.N.O., Samaritan Healthcare (administrator/advisory committee)
Ms. Joyce Spencer, R.N., Nursing & Clinical Services Area Manager -
         Wenatchee Valley Medical Center / Moses Lake Clinic (graduate/advisory committee)
Mr. Bruce Buckles, R.N., JD, Aging and Adult Care (community)
Dr. Jill Dudik-Bross, M.D., Parkview Pediatrics (community)
Dr. David L. Curnel, M.D. Moses Lake Branch of the Wenatchee Valley Clinic
 Home Health and Hospice (community)
Ms. Peggy Grigg, R.N., Grant County Health Department (community)
Ms. Laura Crommer, R.N., Moses Lake School District, School Nurse (community)
Dr. Jeff Evans, D.O., Samaritan Healthcare
Dr. James Irwin, M.D., Samaritan Healthcare
Ms. Melanie Moody, R.N. Samaritan Healthcare
Dr. John Wheaton, Moses Lake Clinic
Mr. Brooks Kling, R.N., Samaritan Healthcare
Mr. Chris Hansen, R.N., Samaritan Healthcare

Public Meeting

Ms. Mary Mayo, SkillSource
Mr. Doug Sly, Big Bend Community College Foundation
Ms. Marilyn Bertram led the Foundation Board’s nursing campaign (SimMan)
Ms. Sherry Keeler-Hull (Foundation Board) former Financial Aid Director
Mr. Howard Skaug (Foundation Board Chair) also led the nursing campaign
Mr. Paul Hirai (BBCC Foundation)
Mr. David Olson, administrator of Moses Lake Clinic
Ms. Lee Lihou, founder of a nursing scholarship
Mr. Tommy Kauffman, Leah Layne Foundation, Othello
Mr. Sam Garza, Leah Layne Foundation, Othello

Exit Interview
Dr. Mike Lang, Vice President of Instruction/Student Services
Ms. Gail Hamburg, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services
Ms. Holly Moos, Vice President of Human Resources and Labor
Ms. Candy Lacher, Associate Vice President of Student Services
Ms. Kara Garrett, Dean of Education, Health, and Language
Dr. Clyde Rasmussen, Dean of Professional and Technical Education
Mr. Tim Fuhrman, Dean of Information Resources
Ms. Valerie Kirkwood, Dean of Research and Planning and Special Assistant to the President

Meeting with General Education faculty

Biology Dept-Ms. Kathleen Duvall, M.S., Instructor Ms. Gale Haley, DPM, Instructor
Psychology Dept. Dr. Ryann Leonard, Ph.D., Instructor Ms. Julia Berry, Instructor
Math Dept- Ms. Barbara Whitney, M.Ed., Instructor
English/Speech Dept. Mr. John Carpenter, M.A., Instructor Dr. Steve Close, Ph.D., Instructor

Individual Meeting with General Education Faculty : Ms. Barb Jacobs, M.S., Instructor

Nursing Students, n= 42
24 Level 1 students
18 Level 2 students

Classes Attended
NUR 120       Beginning Nursing Concepts I, Danielle Alvarado, M.S.N., R.N., Instructor
NUR 220       Advanced Nursing Concepts II, Jennifer Brooks, B.S.N., R.N., Instructor
NUR 136       Nursing Skills Laboratory, Donna Warner, B.S.N., R.N., Instructor
              Marsha Asay, B.S.N., R.N., Instructor
NUR 221       Advanced Nursing Practicum II, Mercedes Gonzalez-Aller, M.S.N., A.R.N.P.,

Clinical Agencies and Facilities
Samaritan Healthcare, 801 E. Wheeler Rd. Moses Lake, WA 98837

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