Calling by liamei12345


									        “Princess Anita!” Someone behind me called.

        I turned around to the brown haired man who called my name and disturbed me while I was on
my to my friends house.”What?! And how many times have I told you not to call me PRINCESS!” I never
liked being called princess. Over the years I had been called princess countless times because of my
royal blood and it just sort of became a pet peeve of mine.

        “My apologize, Anita. It’s time for your training though.” He said bowing his head as a sign of

         Everyone at the village showed me great respect because of me being royal and the portage. To
be honest it bugged me. I hated the special treatment, the constant pestering if I didn’t get something
right the first time or wasn’t lady like- which was a good portion of the time unless I was in front of the
Big Wigs as I referred to them.

       “You may go,” I sighed walking away with the wing blowing my midnight black, mid waist hair in
the wind.

        As I arrived at my training ground I saw my sensei. He had brown hair, brown eyes, about five
inches taller than me, and was a buff but skinny man.

       “Ok Anita, today we’ll start with some easy stuff.” I nodded my head and turned to the bull that
my sensei released.

        Bracing myself for the bull that was charging towards me, I jumped into the air and flipped onto
the bulls back. I grabbed its horns and flipped it onto its side, sliding my leg out of the way so that it
doesn’t get crushed under the weight of the bull.

        “Now do that again, but with your bloodline.”

        “Fine,” I sighed and got off of the bull. I blinked and my eyes turned a dark purple with a ice blue
ring around the iris. I looked over my shoulder at the bull that was running at me again and simply raised
my index finger. Vines wrapped around the bull and subdued it.

        “You went a little over board. Don’t you think?”

       “No. You told me to tame him and I did. Plus I’ve grown bored with going over everything you
taught me when I was five.”

        “Yes, I know, Princess.” I sent him a death glare at the word princess. “I mean Anita,” he
corrected himself hastily. “It’s just… your father wants you to be the best and if you forget the basics
then how are you supposed to be the best.

      “I’m going since we’re done here.” I turned my back to my sensei and walked off to the
compounds garden. I walked through the garden and went deep into the forest.

        I came to a clearing where a small ten foot water fall stood changing into a river about five feet
wide. The area was surrounded by trees, different color flowers, and a couple of bushes. Sighing I sat
down by the river. My eyes changed to I light shade of yellow, tan, and blue. While being here I relaxed,
but I knew I would have to go back home eventually and that lingering thought alone turned me
emotionless. As I began to manipulate the water to float into small water bubbles I sensed someone.

         “You can come out now.” I called to the unknown person without even looking back at them to
see if the person came out or not. “So did my father send-“ As I saw who it was my eyes changed colors.
        “It’s you.”

         “What does green, dark green, and gray mean?” He asked referring to my eyes and out of pure
habit I replied.

         “Green means admiration, dark green represents jealousy, and gray … longing. Why do you
ask?” Itachi didn’t answer; he just looked at me with his Sharigon. “Why are you here?” I asked still in
owe because I was always admired Itachi; he had the guts to do what I wanted so badly to do. I longed
to be like him and was jealous of his freedom.

        He didn’t answer my question; instead he disappeared into the trees. I sighed disappointedly
and got up from my spot and started to head home.

        When I got home it was just before dinner time, around when my father normally expected me.

        “Where have you been? Your sensei told me he let you out over two hours ago!” I hadn’t even
closed the door when he began to yell at me.

        “Can we wait tell after dinner before we began?” I kept my voice calm and level while my eyes
watched my father. This was a trick that I learned to use when I was talking to the Big Wigs. There were
times that I would have to appear to a Clan council and with no one trusting the other clan and
arguments someone had to keep a cool head so I would speak in a calm, even voice and watch for any
suttle movement.

        “Dinner’s already served!” I looked around him to see that dinner was out on the table getting

        “It’s barely even seven,” I pointed out as I kept my voice even.

        “I was hoping to celebrate you learning your last justu today.”

        “I didn’t learn anything.”

        “What?” he demanded as his hand wrapped around my neck.

         The air left my lungs as my body was slammed against the wall. I looked at my father’s eyes
reflecting my emotions; ink black and purple. The only difference was I wasn’t just mad and ready for a
fight my eyes showed emotionless tan.

        “Let me go,” I demanded emotionlessly.

        “No!” He snapped as his fist met with my check.

       I looked at him completely drained of emotion. Inside I wanted to kill him, but I knew the
consequences so instead I cut myself off of emotion. This trick only lasted for so long though. “Let. Me.

         “No! You’re a disgrace to the Higaroshi bloodline!” He raised his fist to hit me again, but this
time I caught his fist and twisted it. I kicked him in the gut and sent him flying across the room then
bolted up stairs to my room before he could even get up.

        “I can’t kill him because if I do I can’t take over his position and my family would all too gladly
hunt me down and kill me. Please if we’re both dead then no one would be able to take over here.” I
talked to myself tell I had convinced myself not to kill my father and had calmed down.
          I grabbed my sketchbook and began to draw.

        “You little bitch! You care more about your drawings than your own village!” He barged into my
room and had ink black eyes tinted with crimson red. His head was bandaged telling me that while I was
trying not to kill him he was healing his head wound from when I kicked him into the wall.

          “No. I care more about my drawings than you.”

          “Let me teach you a lesson before your death!” His hand grabbed a kunai and my eyes shot up
at him.

         “I’ve had it with you! Nine years of you always blaming Mom’s death on me is more than I can
take!” I touched his mind and took control of his body. Sliding off of the bed I walked over to him, I could
see his eyes changed to a swirl of colors. “You won’t be confused long and you never taught me
anything, but how to hate.” I flicked my wrist and my father stabbed himself with his own kunai.

        I turned to my balcony with the only things I cared about; my drawing material and weapons as I
heard the thud of my father’s dead body hitting the floor.

       After a week of running with little breaks I stopped at a hot spring. I stripped down and sunk
down into the hot water for a bit of relaxation and to wash up. I knew I couldn’t stay long and that this
would be short lived with a two day run still ahead of me tell I reached the village where most of my
Clan dwelled, but this was something I truly needed.

        “Are you the one making sure none of the ninjas sent to kill me?” I asked Itachi and he moved
from his hiding spot. I received silence as usual as an answer. “I’ll take that as a yes, but if you don’t
mind can you turn away so I can get dressed.” When I didn’t get an answer and could still sense him I
turned around to see him gone.

          I closed my eyes and made a tree grow in front of me. Stepping out of the water I used my
bloodline to control the water by pulling it off my body and putting it back into the water to dry myself
off. I quickly got changed into my clothes and returned the tree back to into the earth so any ninja
passing by wouldn’t be able to tell that I was here.

        Without saying a word to Itachi I took off knowing he would follow me. The two day trip was
quick and quite without a single attack on me, somehow I know Itachi is the reason no one ever
attacked me, and I didn’t see Itachi the whole nonstop trip to the village. Once I arrived to the village I

       “My last sight before I’m a full blown trader without a place or family member to go to.” I took
the peaceful sight in and sighed. “Let’s go kill the abusive son-of-a-bitches.”

        My family was close knit and loving, to everyone but me. My father and the rest of the family
blamed my mother’s death on me and everyone, but my father hated me because I’m predicted to be
greater than the First Hokage. They were jealous and tried to destroy me by discouraging me. Little did
they know that their tries had the opposite effect on me and was going to be the death of them.

       I infiltrated the castle like home of my cousins, aunt and uncle, and my grandparents. I walked
down the halls taking out all of the guards when I stumbled across my cousin Bloom. I called her name
and she turned around to look at who call for her. As her eyes saw that it was me they changed to gold
and dark green reflecting her surprise and jealousy she felt towards me. I took advantage of this
moment to make I contact and gained control over her.

          “You always were the stupid one. Why do you think grandfather would always make you wear
pink if it represents when we’re feeling stupid?” I chuckled darkly then headed off farther down the hall.

        “God damn it where is that baka ino Bloom when you need her?” I could hear my cousin Kekio
ask pissed off not that far from us.

        I had my cousin Bloom move from behind the wall where we hid for the moment. Bloom pulled
put a kunai and ran towards her sister with a bit of resistance, but not enough to be a problem. To be
honest I expected this with me making my cousin killing her love ones, but under my influence Bloom
quickly killed Kekio before Kekio could even figure out what was happening.

     “Let’s continue now.” The influenced Bloom and me continued our slaughter fest tell every last
member of our family was killed except for her.

        The two of us stood in the master bedroom with the now dead former mother and father of my
cousins. Bloom stood over their bodies covered in the blood of her love ones and I was standing not that
far away from her panting and exhausted from controlling Bloom for such an extended period of time.

        “Kill yourself!” I had grown so weary that I now had to revert to verbal orders.

         “N-no!” The fact that Bloom was able to speak was not a good sign, but to add to it her words
were defiant this meant that she was on the verge of breaking free of my influence. “You will not control
me!” She turned around and with the kunai that she used to kill the others with was now posed to kill
me. With her eyes the same ink black and tinted with crimson red as my fathers were as he was about to
kill me, she ran towards me with every intention to spill my blood.

        My reaction to her attack was slow from the surprise of her sudden freedom and from the
exhaustion. I side stepped out of the way and hit her wrist before she could counter causing her to drop
the kunai to the ground, but before I could grab the kunai she turned and attacked me again. Blocking
her attack my second hand went to the kunai strapped to my thigh. I stabbed my cousin and watched as
her body fell limp to the ground not feeling the slightest bit of remorse or regret for what I had just

        I walked away from the hose of the dammed and back to the forest. I didn’t know where I was
going only that I was going there as a lost ninja and free to make my own choices. For an hour I ran until
I couldn’t run any more or see straight.

        “Come back with me and join the Akatsuki,” Itachi said appearing before me out of nowhere.

        “No,” I panted.

        “You have nowhere else to go.”

        “I’m not… going,” I said defiantly between pants. “I’ll fight you,” I gasp in one breath, “before I’ll
go with you.”

       “You can barely breathe. You already pushed your bloodline ability by controlling that girl for
two hours and making her kill her family.”

        “So?” I asked forcing my breath back to normal. He sighed as he readied himself for a battle.
         I ran towards him and slipped a kunai into my hand. He quickly deflected my attack and grabbed
my wrist; twisting it behind my back. While it hurt I refused to let him know. He would not have the
satisfactory of knowing how much pain shot through my body as he twisted my arm. I bent over half
way as if bowing, adding to the pain but not flinching once. Turning around quickly I now faced him. My
vision began to close in on me as dark spots obscured my vision, making it hard to see Itachi’s attack. I
jumped back just barely missing the blow.

        I stood before my ideal barely able to stand and see.

        “Just make this easier on both of us and come with me.”

        “No!” I activated my Higaroshi bloodline. I reached my mind out to Itachi’s but was met by walls.

        “You’re too weak.”

       “I’m not weak!” I raised my hand upwards and barely got a vine to move. Itachi sighed and
walked over to me. I braced myself for another hand-to-hand fight, but instead he simply throws me his
shoulder without a hassle.

        “Put me down!” I pounded on his back, but only ended up wearing myself out even more, to the
point that I passed out.

         I rolled over pulling something absent mind and curled into a tighter ball. As my mind sluggishly
began to process this, my eyes shot open and took in the surroundings; it was early in the morning, the
sun was barely rising and facing to my right, I was in the forest sleeping propped up against a tree, and
covered by something black. I rolled back over and saw Itachi sitting a little ways away from me and that
his cloak was missing, leaving him in just his pants and a chain linked shirt. Looking down at myself I saw
that the black cloth covering me was his black cloak that was designed with red clouds.

       I got up and crawled the short distance between us two- still too tired to fully comprehend
anything. Wrapping the cloak around me I looked up at him.

       “Why?” The question was so simple, but so complex. Why did he take me? Why did he need
me? Why does he almost never answer me? Why was I so special, important, or whatever I am to them?
Why did he insist on taking me? And why did he give me his cloak

        I looked up at him for the answer I knew I would never get.

        “We need to get moving.”

         I placed my hand on my knee and began to stand up. It hurt everywhere, my body was so sore
that it hurt to move.

        “Here,” I said handing him back his cloak as a distraction from the pain.

        “You can barely move.” He pointed out after staring at me for a while.

        “Exerting my bloodline for as long as I did and the way I did has a great effect on my body.”

        “Then why do it?”

        “I had, had it. A lot like you, but I could ask you the same. Why risk going blind?”

        “I’ll carry you the rest of the way.” He was trying to avoid my question as he held his arms out
expecting me to just go along with this.
       “I never said I’d go with you.” I defiantly crossed my arms, daring him to just throw me over his
shoulder again.

        “Fine,” he said simply. Before I could even react he had already picked me up and began to carry
me off bridle style.

         “You’re luck I’m too weak to fight against you.”

         “Didn’t stop you last time.”

         “You hadn’t been moving 30 miles an hour and I didn’t have a tracking device on me.”

         “So it’s not the fact that you can barely walk.”

       “It is, but if I go to sleep now I can run away tomorrow.” I closed my eyes and feel asleep
comfortably in his arms.

         “Wake up.” I could hear Itachi’s emotionless, monotone voice pulling me out of my dreamless

        “Huh?” I asked as I opened my eyes to see Itachi’s face looking straight ahead. I turned my head
to see what he was looking at. I saw a cave opening in front of me. Sliding out of his arms I walked to the

        “I still don’t agree with this, but if I run I’d just be killed and I don’t believe in suicide. Suicide is
for the weak.” I abruptly turned around and mumbled the last part to myself and walked into the dark

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