14 April mins 2011

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					                          PARTICK COMMUNITY COUNCIL
        Email - Phone:0141 339 4356
           C/o JimMcNeil 62 White Street Partick Glasgow G11 5EB

       Minutes of Meeting on 14th April 2011 from 7.30pm - 9.30pm
J McNeil (Chair), E Bolander (V/C), J Ferguson (Sec) W Mc Laughlan, W McLean,
G. Pearson, M.Burke.
APOLOGIES: N.Burrows, H Brennan (Tres) J Reid, A Reid, S Reid, Cllr K McLean.

The Chairman reported that the City councillors were busy with election hustings but
would try and get them to keep to their rota after the elections. He would try to get CC
information into the spring edition of PHA News. We have been getting more mentions
into the local media thanks to the secretary but not any enquiries for membership.
The Area Management Committee has given grants to the GAMA at Keith Court, 79th
Girl Guides, Glasgow Wood Recycling, and Friends of Dyce Park to help and improve
facilities and provide bus hire and training. A report on the Partick Area drink and drug
misuse and help in Partick was discussed at the WAMC Meeting.
Two new shops opening in Partick a Home Bargains store and a Save the Children shop.

No reports. No police attending.

Pre May elections, no correspondence

Cllr McLean emailed information from LES regarding fly topping signage and bulk items
removal and inspection of fly tipping. He also emailed message from LES regarding
carriageway investment 2011/12 and asked for local priorities to be submitted.

  1) GCC Partick West Area Committee minutes and agenda.
  2) GCC Partick West Area Committee change of time letter.
  3) CCRC letter re hustings events.
  4) CCRC Administration Grant for Partick Community Council.
  5) Glasgow Life: Hall Lets from April until March 2012.
  6) GCC Public Notice: consultation: Community Councils review
  7) Scottish National Heritage: Spring magazine.
  8) GCC Fossil Grove Open Day 16th May; leaflets and posters.

HMO Licence Renewals.
Nine were submitted and checked. No objections to continuing use.

    Next meeting: Thurs 12th May at 7.30 pm
            in Partick Burgh Halls.
HMO Licence Applications.
App: LDC Site: 5 Thurso Street GP1 & GP2 Occ: 373 Rooms: 373 Dec: No Objection.

Variation of Premises License Application.
App: Orchid Pubs Site: Partick Tavern Variation: To allow bar meals and televised
sport outwith core licensed hours. No alcohol will be consumed outwith core licensed
hours. Dec: No objection.

Planning Applications:
No: 11/00508/DC Site: 6 Chancellor St Dev: Use of retail unit as shop for consumption
of beverages/food (no cooking) open 10 until 10 Mon to Sat.
App. Susan Valentino Dec: No objections.
No: 11/00469/DC Site: 2/1 77 White St Dev: Replacement windows installation.
App: K Hall Dec: No objections.
No: 11/00476/DC Site: 0/1 8 Banavie Road Dev: Erection of garden store to rear of
property. App: Brenda Jones Dec: No objections.

Minutes of Last Meeting:
Proposed: W McLaughlan Seconded: E Bolander
Secretary’s Report: Matters dealt with at meeting,
Treasurer’s Report: Accounts paid up to date and grant lodged in bank.

Matters Arising and AOCB
Flytipping: Land and Environmental Services have secured funding to purchase
flytipping signs and will be placing them on known sites. The day for bulk removal on
Fordyce Street is Wednesday. The squad that removes bulk items generally clears all
black bags there also Stewartville Street and other locations. LES officers will be
checking black bags etc to find the culprits and deal with the problem
Carriageway Investment: The following streets were identified as in need of repair:-
Burgh Hall Street; Merkland Street: Vine Street; Gardner Street: North Gardner Street:
Hyndland Street: South Crow Road: Byres Road: Sawmill/Thornwood Roundabout:
Dumbarton Road between Crow Road and Byres Road also its pavement and some
kerbstones which are dangerous to pedestrians.
Mansfield Park: LES have chained a security fence to two trees for twice monthly
banner advertising of the Farmers’ Market the chains are badly damaging the young trees
bark and the fence is being used for illegal flyposting and cable tied notices which the
ground maintenance teams are ignoring. There is no safety fencing between the park and
Hyndland Road and Dumbarton Road could part of the Phase 2 funding be used to
remedy this before young childrens’injuries and fatalities occur. Letter to be sent to
West End Retail Park: Savills have taken over the property from the previous owners
so a letter is to be sent to see if they could sort out the various problems we raised that the
previous owners ignored, including safety for pedestrians at entrances.

The Chair thanked everyone for attending the meeting,

     Next meeting: Thurs 12th May at 7.30 pm
             in Partick Burgh Halls.

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