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					Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
           of Cambodia (MPTC)

ICT Standard Framework of

           By Mr. PHUN Bandith, IT Officer of MPTC
            Personal URL:

    Introduction to Cambodia and MPTC

      Telecommunications Services

      National Policy and Regulation

     ICT Development and Future Plan
Kingdom    Cambodia, located in the heart mainland Of
   of      South-East Asia, has so much to offer in term of
           culture heritage particularly the world renowned
Cambodia   Angkor Wat whose images has attracted millions
           of visitors every year. Not only temples of Angkor,
           whereby Cambodia is proud of her presence, but
           also people who are always very friendly to all

           Official Name:  Kingdom of Cambodia
           Long Form:      Preah Reach Chea Nachak
           Population:     14.3 mils (2007 est.)
           Provinces:      21 provinces, 3 municipals
           Capital city:   Phnom Penh
           Languages:      Khmer (Official), English (2nd),
                           others: French, Chinese
           Currency:       Riel (RKH), 4000R=1USD
           GDP:            $6.2Bn (2005)
           GDP per Capita: $439.70 (2005)

                  “ Cambodia, The Kingdom of Wonder"
           Introduction to MPTC
The Telecommunications sector:

 – Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications of
 – Cambodia (MPTC) is the Policy Maker, Regulator
   and used to be a national telecom operator
 – Recently the operator has separated from MPTC
   to be Telecom Cambodia (T.C.) as the Public
   since 01 Jan 2006.
 – Telecom Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) will be
   established after telecom law passed by National
MPTC Structure

                                                       Secretary of State

                                                                                Under Secretary of State

                                                                                  Cabinet & Advisor

                   Directorate General of                                                                  Directorate General of
                    Posts & Telecoms                                                                          Administration

          Directorate          Directorate   Directorate          Directorate                                Directorate        Directorate Planning,
                                                                                          Directorate                              Accounting &
        Radio Frequency         Telecom        Postal                                    Administration     Personal and
                                                              Postal Policy                                   Training                Finance
            Mag. &              Policy &     Operation &
           Licensing           Regulation    Management
                                                                                      Directorate Int’l Cooperation

Directorate Post
  & Telecom
 Province and                                                                                                               Telecom                     MOEF
      City                                                                                                                 Cambodia
                                                                                                                             (TC)                  Inspection

 District Office                              Directorate Posts       Directorate Inspection       Directorate Internal Audit
Telecom Services - Subscribers

  • Total Fixed & Mobile Phone   : 2,926,245 Subs
  •          Mobile Phone        : 2,885,669 Subs
  •          Fixed Phone         : 40,576 Subs
  • Mobile Phone Penetration     : 19.5 per 100
  • Fixed Phone Penetration      : 0.27 per 100
  • Internet                     : 15,950 Subs
  • Internet Penetration         : 0.11 per 100
Telecom Services – Mobile Operators

•   There are 6 mobile operators   (Private)

    - CamGSM 012, 017 & 092 ~ 2 Millions Subs

    - TMIC        015 & 016        ~ 377.072 Subs

    - Camshin     011 & 099        ~ 466.000 Subs

    - Applifone        098         ~ 22.000 Subs

    - CADCOMMS (3G) 013            ~ 20.597 Sub

    - Viettel       097 ( Just launched in Nov-2008)
Telecom Services – Fix Phone Operators

 • There are 03 Operators : 40.576 Subscribers

   – Telecom Cambodia (T.C.): 22.000 Subs.

   – Camintel                  : 13.000 Subs.

   – Camshin (WLL)             : 5.576 Subs.
 • 02 International Gateways
   - 001 Telecom Cambodia (T.C.)
   - 007 Royal Telecam International (RTI)
Internet Service Providers

 • There are 12 Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
    – Camnet        - Online           - ClickNet
    – Telesulf      - Angkor Net       - Viettle
    – WiCAM         - Camshin          - CityLink
    – PPCTV         - Camintel         - TMIC

 • There are 09 VoIP Service Providers
    – 3 Tel (AZ)   - Dialany   - Clicknet
    – Viettel      - Applifone - Latelz
    – Camshin      - WiCAM     - TMIC
Internet Links
Existing Internet Structure
          MPTC provides PSTN
 Users   connection for all ISPs                                                         International Connection
         such as dial-up access,                                                                 Activities
          leased line and ADSL


                                   Camintel          Internet Plaza
                                     ISP                                          MPTC-GW
                  P                                                                                          MPTC-Optical
                                                                                  MPTC Gateway 001           Fiber Port

                                   Camshin                                                              MPTC
                  S                                               WBA      CAMNET
                                                                          Total bandwidth
                                   AngkorNet                             capacity: 22 Mbps
                                                                        Internet Exchange
                  T                                                         IIX & DIX

                                     TMIC                                           007-GW
                                                                                  RTI Gateway
                                                     TELESURF                     007
National Policy
• The Rectangular Strategy: Policy-Based to become a
  “Government of Growth, Employment, Equity, and
• Rehabilitation and Construction of Physical Infrastructure..
  development of “ICT”.
• RS vision shared for: WSIS, ASEAN Community, … and
  Country commitment with the WTO.
• MPTC drafted Telecommunications Law and submitted to
  Council of Ministers since 13.11.2005 and the Council of
  Minister submitted to the National Assembly since
  20.04.2006 (Nowadays, the NA is under discussion).
• Under preparation of Telecommunications competition
• Under preparation of interconnection.
National Regulations

 • Under preparation of Radio Regulations.
 • Under preparation of sub-decree of moving
   postal service to Public Enterprise.
 • Under drafting of Sub-decree of
   interconnection Regulation.
 • Plan to establish Telecommunications
   Regulatory body after Telecommunication
   Laws enacted.
 • Finish Drafted USO Sub-decree.
 • Telecommunications Tariff Reviewing.
 • Telecommunications Numbering Plan
ICT Development and Future Plan
• Toward Digital Network
  - Expanding the commercial in Telecom market
  - Expanding the Nationwide Optical Fiber Network
  - Preparing the Universal Service Obligation (USO) and Refer to
    meeting 7th TELMIN Siem Reap Declaration “ICT Reaching out to the
    Rural” and 8th TELMIN Bali Declaration “High Speed Connection to
    Bridge ASEAN Digital Divide”

• Next Generation Network (NGN)
  - A technology where single network is capable of transporting
    all information and services (voice, data, video).
  - An effective way to deal with future telecom market that
    demands much more capacities and high end user services in a
    efficient way.
ICT Development and Future Plan (cont’)
• Some Success Stories in ICT
  - Established a National ICT Policy (2006)
  - ICT in education policy formulated by Ministry of Education &
  - Established an e-Gov (projected by NiDA*, supported by Korea)
  - Free-Open Source Softwares and Khmer Script Unicode are
    established and widely use
  - Cambodia has just prepared the CAM-CERT** ( Projected by NiDA)
  - Installed an e-Health and e-Education pilot project for rural area
    in Kandal Province (projected by MPTC support by Japan)

                                                   * NiDA, National ICT Development Authority
                                    * CAM-CERT, CAMbodia Computer Emergency Respond Team
Some Activities of the Pilot Project

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