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					Resource Recommendations from the RET 2010 Teacher Workshop

                     Additional Climate Change Resources

Climate Literacy – The Essentials Principals of Climate Sciences
This guide presents information that is deemed important for individuals and
communities to know and understand about Earth’s climate, impacts of climate
change, and approaches to adaptations or mitigation. Written by NOAA and AAAS
(the American Association for the Advancement of Science).

A Sea Change
Imagine a world without fish. This powerful documentary on climate change and the
oceans proposes just that. This film is a documentary about ocean acidification from
the perspective of a retired high school history teacher who seeks to understand
complex processes from a layman’s point of view. For more information:

Climate Central
Climate Central is a new nonprofit science and media organization created to
provide clear and objective information about climate change and it potential

The New York Times Op-Ed Contributor – Al Gore
“We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change” article appeared 2/28/2010 in NY Times

The Dangers of Ocean Acidification
Dr. Scott C. Doney authored and published this paper in 2006 in Scientific American.
It stands as a clear and brief review of the history and basics of climate change as it
relates of ocean acidification.

USGS – Ice Shelves Disappearing on Antarctic Peninsula
This is a report of the retreating of ice shelves in the southern section of the
Antarctic Peninsula due to climate change.

Ocean Acidification short film make by young English students
This ocean acidification animation was made by children ages 11 – 15 from Plymouth, England. It
explains the basics of OA in a very accessible manner. +

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 2007 Report
This is an excerpt of the summary of the IPCC’s report as it addresses
greenhouse gases.

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