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   Mineral Industry
              Research Organisation

                      Delivering Sustainable Solutions
Cover central image courtesy of David Jarvis, all other images courtesy of Rio Tinto
MIRO is a leading international collaborative research facilitator and provider of project
management services to the minerals and related industries

                  Mineral Industry Research Organisation

                  The value of experienced, independent co-ordination        with extensive resources aimed at delivering experience
                  of collaborative research programmes is recognised         and capability in:
                  by MIRO Members and has been proven by the long
                  list of successfully implemented MIRO projects and             ∑ n R&D Project Development
                  programmes. MIRO Project Managers have unrivalled              ∑ n R&D Project Funding
                  experience of multi-partner, multi-national research           ∑ n R&D Project Management
                  project management in the minerals sector.                     ∑ n Technology Transfer
                                                                                 ∑ n Information Dissemination
                  This success is achieved by listening to and acting upon       ∑ n Technical Publications
                  the needs of our members and through the develop-              ∑ n Technical Advisory Services
                  ment of strategic alliances with leading international         ∑ n Industry Networking
                  research providers, funding bodies and regulators. All
                  MIRO’s activities are carried out transparently, safely    MIRO has established a key role in supporting future
                  and ethically with due regard for the environment.         pre-competitive and collaborative technological de-
                                                                             velopment throughout the minerals industry. Since its
                  Our aim is to add value to our members’ businesses         formation in 1974, MIRO has established and managed
                  through the provision of cost efficient and industrially   200 major technical R&D projects with a combined
                  relevant projects. We focus our activities in the mining   value of over £60M.
                  and minerals sectors to highlight industrially relevant
                  science and technology and provide innovative solu-        MIRO has proven experience in R&D related to:
                  tions to the key challenges before us.
                                                                                 ∑ n Mineral Exploration
                  MIRO… works in partnership with industry, government,          ∑ n Mineral Extraction
                  research and service providers.                                ∑ n Mineral Processing
                  MIRO… aims to identify, influence, fund, transfer,             ∑ n Environmental Technologies
                  deliver and communicate information and technology             ∑ n Waste Management
                  development to address the needs of stakeholders in            ∑ n New Materials
                  the sector.                                                    ∑ n Land Reclamation
                  MIRO… is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation which is              ∑ n Information Technologies
                  owned by its members and governed by a Council of
                  senior industry executives.                                MIRO managed research activities deliver industrially
                  MIRO… through its UK Head Office and its network of        relevant, sustainable, technological solutions world-
                  experienced Project Managers, provides its Members         wide.

                                                                                           mineral industry research organisation 3
Benefits of MIRO Membership

Adding Value                                               The expertise of the project team members is matched
MIRO delivers added value to its members by promoting      to the particular technology or activity of each project
the development of collaborative partnerships that         and over 150 technical projects have been successfully
share the cost of R&D initiatives, and by securing co-     completed.
funding where appropriate.
                                                           MIRO personnel provide initial and on-going technical
MIRO managed projects can benefit from substantial         input to development of research proposals, identify
public sector co-funding which significantly reduces the   opportunities to secure project co-funding and
financial commitment for participating organisations,      implement projects through professional delivery of
and leads to exceptional levels of industry research       high quality project management services.
expenditure gearing.
                                                           MIRO members are able to benefit from participation in
Through extensive networks of industry based contacts      world class R&D programmes which may be beyond the
MIRO provides a highly effective means of identifying      reach of individual companies.
beneficial collaborative partnerships which result in:
                                                           New Opportunities
    n increased gearing of corporate spend                 MIRO acts as a central point of contact and
    n increased scale of projects                          information exchange for Members; through technical
    n improved utilisation of company resources            networks, project groups, research advisory panels,
    n stimulation of both research and industrial          newsletters, technical bulletins and direct one-to-one
        personnel through interaction                      communications.
    n more efficient knowledge transfer
    n more effective establishment of technical            MIRO information systems serve to alert Members
        priorities                                         to new technological opportunities; to introduce
                                                           organisations with common technological goals and
Importantly industrial sponsors retain control of the      to promote exchange of ideas between industry and
project direction.                                         technology providers.

Access to Experience                                       For many organisations membership of MIRO
As a specialist research management organisation           has resulted in the development of new business
with extensive experience in the development and           opportunities that have had a direct operational and
management of a wide range of technology based R&D         economic benefit.
initiatives associated with the minerals and related
industries, MIRO provides its members with a valuable
additional technical resource.

                                                                         mineral industry research organisation 5
MIRO managed research and technology programmes are developed with industry and the
research community to ensure that innovation is both industrially relevant and focused on
real business priorities. As a result, MIRO has made a significant contribution to technological
development in the minerals industry at both a national and international level.

                  Responsive to the Research & Technology needs of Industry

                  Strategic Programmes                                             Waste minimisation and recycling:
                  MIRO has established a capability for management                 MIRO managed thematic network covering more
                  and implementation of major strategic research                   than forty industrial recycling technologies in the
                  programmes. Since 2002 MIRO has assumed responsibility           minerals and associated sectors
                  for management of the Mineral Industry Sustainable
                  Technology (MIST) Programme and the Sustainable Land      Dissemination and Publication
                  Won and Marine Dredged Aggregate Minerals Programme.      The output of research projects, proceedings of project
                  Both programmes are funded by UK Government and           meetings etc often have to be disseminated to a wide
                  provide resources to support minerals sector R&D with a   audience as part of the conditions of public sector
                  combined value of around £5m each year.                   co-funding, subject to normal IPR and confidentiality
                                                                            constraints or to support industry wide awareness and
                  European Focus                                            acceptance campaigns for best practice technologies.
                  Development of industrial and environmental               MIRO administrative and support services are
                  legislation at a European level has created a strong      experienced in the preparation and presentation of
                  demand for new technological approaches. MIRO has         formal proceedings and other documents, produced
                  taken a leading role in EU RTD programme activity. In     to a high quality through a range of established
                  recent years major European projects have included:       publication procedures.

                      Mine waste backfill technology:                       MIRONEWS is MIRO’s newsletter distributed to over
                      Development of new technologies for underground       500 individuals worldwide and containing details of
                      disposal of process residues with €2.2m funding       new research projects, Member developments, technical
                      from the EU Life Programme                            issues, policy and regulation, events and conferences
                      Integrated mine water management:
                      In partnership with the coal industry in the UK and   Global Initiatives
                      Romania MIRO led development of new strategies        MIRO has been successful at encouraging new
                      for large scale minewater management                  companies, large and small, located in many different
                                                                            countries to actively participate in technology research
                      Fillers from mine and quarry waste:                   and development.
                      MIRO secured funding of €1.7m to develop new
                      technologies for production of lowcost industrial     The minerals industry is global and MIRO has developed
                      fillers from quarry waste                             many research activities that recognise the need
                                                                            for international transferability and co-ordination.
                      High temperature processing:                          Establishment of new technology development projects
                      Pilot trials using high thermophilic bacteria for     is being co-ordinated through MIRO’s firm links with
                      leaching base metal and gold bearing sulphide         AMIRA, with the aim of learning from and providing
                      minerals                                              benefits to the globally significant extraction industry.

                                                                                             mineral industry research organisation 7

The Application Form and Questionnaire shall be completed by organisations applying for membership of MIRO. Please
complete using BLOCK LETTERS and return to the address below.

All information will be regarded as confidential and will only be used for assessing the appropriate membership
subscription and to compile statistics to be used in ensuring that the organisation is advised of any developments,
project proposals etc., which are appropriate to it. MIRO seeks to encourage its members to participate in projects. It
is therefore essential that the forms are completed correctly in order that the applicant is always informed.

                                MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION RATES
                                            (excluding VAT)

                 Industrial Companies                                         2180
                 SMEs                                                         1595
                 Micro Companies (less than 10 persons)                        800


                 National Associations/Groups                                 2180
                 Research Institutes/Laboratories/ Consultants                1595
                 Universities                                                 1085
                 AFFILIATES                                                   865
We, the undersigned, hereby apply to be admitted as a member of MIRO, subject to the provisions of the
Memorandum and Articles of Association and we declare that the under mentioned particulars are true:
On being admitted to membership, we nominate
in accordance with Article 6 of the Articles of Association to act as our representative at meetings of MIRO and generally
exercise all rights of membership on our behalf. We agree to conform to the requirements of the Memorandum and
Articles, and will ensure that the confidential nature of the research carried out by MIRO is at all times maintained.

Name of Company, Firm, Association or Organisation:


Telephone                                                     Fax



Brief description of activities (not more than 50 words)

Nominated Representative:
Name                                                          Status

Email                                                         Direct Phone

Head of Research:
Name                                                          Status

Chief Executive:
Name                                                          Status

Head of Finance:
Name                                                          Status

Signature                                                     Date

	    1.1 What is the corporate structure of the Organisation?
            1.1.1 Company Limited by Shares - Private / Public
            1.1.2 Company Limited by Guarantee
            1.1.3 Unlimited Company
            1.1.4 Public Corporation
            1.1.5 Partnership
            1.1.6 Other (please state)

            Please cross out those not applicable

     1.2    Name of Parent Company, Holding Company or Company holding more than 25% of equity
            share capital

     1.3    Names and Addresses of any Subsidiaries (excluding dormant companies) in the mining and
            minerals industry (Use separate sheet if necessary)

     1.4    Names and Addresses of any Associate Companies in the mining and minerals industry
            (Use separate sheet if necessary)

.    1.5    Do you publish annual accounts?
            If so please attach latest available and add us to your mailing list.                YES / NO

	    2.1      Turnover
     Please state the turnovers for the last 2 years for which figures are available stating the year ending date.
                                                          Applicant Organisation              Group

     Year ending

     Year ending

     2.2     Capital
             Please state the total capital employed for the last 2 years for which figures are available stating
             the year ending date.
                                                        Applicant Organisation               Group

     Year ending

     Year ending

     2.3     Employees
             Please state the current total number of employees
                                                       Applicant Organisation                Group


     3.1     Do all supplier invoices require an official Purchase Order Number?                      YES / NO

     3.2     Invoicing Details





     3.3     What is your VAT Number incl. Country code (EU applicants)

     3.4     Do you pay suppliers by BACS or similar systems?                                         YES / NO

          4.1       Do you have Web pages?                                                            YES / NO

          4.2       If yes, what is the address?

          4.3       Would you like us to provide a link from our pages                                YES / NO

Unless otherwise specified below, all correspondence between MIRO and the member will be addressed to the above
Nominated Representative. If you would like MIRO information (Reports, Technical Notes, Newsletters etc.) to be sent
to another nominee, please give the name of the appropriate person below:

Alternative recipient of MIRO information:






Please return to:
Concorde House
Trinity Park
B37 7UQ
United Kingdom

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